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Handle Your Pets Waste Discretely With Zippity-Poo-Da!
With Zippity-Poo-Da your dogs waste is carried for you!

About Our Company
The CEO of DogBusiness LLC describes how she invented Zippity-Poo-Da:
My name is Anita Pendleton. I am the owner of DogBusiness LLC.  My new product, Zippity-Poo-Da came out in the summer of 2008 as an answer to the problem of what to do once people picked up after their pets. Instead of being left holding the bag, I created a place to put the waste until you and your pet were through with your walk. I designed and sewed my first bags at home. They are now manufactured here in Colorado. Zippity-Poo-Da does it all! It's the poo pouch with discernment. Bottom of the bag will hold a 50 count rolled set of bags found at your local pet shop, or you can use grocery and newspaper bags from home. My product does not come with the clean sacks. Once you’ve picked up after your pet, the top compartment will hold the waste with a full Velcro opening down the side for easy disposal. Zippity-Poo-Da puts the cool back into walking with your pet and the green in you for picking up after your pet.     
Walking your pet is now more enjoyable for both of you. No more hand carrying or putting doggy bags in your pockets.
With the Zippity-Poo-Da™ your pet's poo is carried for you! Here are some features of Zippity-Poo-Da:

Durable for Everyday Use
Your Pet Carries the Poo
Machine Washable
Flip-Out Bag Disposal
Poo Stays Secured During Exercise
Easy to Load and Dump in Seconds
Never Carry Poo Again!!!
Lightweight Nylon Construction
Bottom Bag Dispenser
Holds Up To 50 Poop Bags
Velcro® Attachment Straps
Conceals Bags with Waste

How Do I Use Zippity-Poo-Da?
Zippity-Poo-Da has an easy to use Velcro fastener that will fit any regular led, retractable leashes, or Dog stroller, (around the push handle). Of course, you can attach the pouch to your belt loop or back pack. It's a user-friendly pouch.
Can I Buy Just The Leash Or The Pouch Separately?
Yes! For your convenience Zippity-Poo-Da comes with a leash or as a pouch only.

What Do Customers Say About Zippity-Poo-Da?
I have a Great Pyrenees Show Dog and when I walk him with other dog owners my " pick up" is clean, classy and I don't have to hold the bag or tie a see through sack to my beautiful dog .Yes, by the way, It does all fit in the pouch.

It's discreet! I don't feel self-conscious walking my dog after I've picked up
his waste. Nobody knows what’s inside the pouch!
Order Your Zippity-Poo-Da Today!
Dealing with your pet’s mess just became an easier chore thanks to Zippity-Poo-Da, which discretely caries your pets mess so you don’t have to! So don’t wait you can order your's today or find more information at our website!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
Phone: 719-659-6673
Email: info@zippitypooda.com
Website: zippitypooda.com

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