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Val Heart, Expert Animal Communicator  & Master Healer - for You & Your Animals!
Val Heart Animal Communicator

Is Your Dog Unhappy?  They Are If They Are Unhealthy, Confused, Aggressive, Shy, or Are Acting Out with Behavior Problems Val works with chronic pain, illness, trauma, training, behavior, euthanasia

What Do People Say About Working With Val?
"I wanted to Thank You for the very beautiful and powerful session you conducted for my wife and her dog, Wendy. You helped both of them clarify the course of the next few months, and in the process helped Nancy bring to the surface and deal with feelings she had been avoiding. I know it was a truly healing experience for both of them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my family." -- Dr Peter McCarthy , ND, Wellness Director, Life Energy Holistic Center

"I am very pleased to report that my horse, Zoie, who had a serious case of EPM has made a full recovery! Her vet is writing her up as a Miracle! She just had a follow up with her chiropractor and he was completely pleased at her progress. He felt she had turned a significant corner, and said he thought he was observing a different horse! I am now riding her again. Thank you for all the great work you have done with her (and Me!). It has made a huge difference for us. My hormones seem to have stabilized, and my weight has gone back to balance since our last session too. Yea!!"
-- Lynne Silver, Austin, TX

"In one session, my dog's behavior changed and I could tell we were working together as a team for the first time. It was like she understood me now where she hadn't before. AND, I was so impressed, that I began working with Val for my own health problems. I am happy to say that I am so much better, life is easier, my relationship with my husband and myself has improved, my business is taking off.... I don't know where I'd be without Val -- don't want to know!! She's a remarkable resource and facilitator for my clients and me too. Thank You, Val!!" -- Patty M, Montana

What If We Simply Asked Our Animals What They Need Or Want, or What's Wrong? Start resolving any problem by inviting their participation – because what they are doing makes perfect sense to them, from their viewpoint!

How many times have you wondered why your horse shies in one area of the barn where you can see nothing wrong? Or why he acts up in the Show Ring, when he performs flawlessly at home? Perhaps your horse was traumatized by an event from the past and you would like to reassure him, help him move on? Val Heart makes this communication possible.

What Sets Val Apart From Others?
What sets Val apart is the fact that she works with you to RESOLVE problems or concerns with you or your dog, she does not just stop at the "communication" of the problem, she works to help RESOLVE the problem!

Because this is such an unusual profession, Val wants to help you get started right with The 10 Most Important Things You Must Know Before Hiring an Animal Communicator.

Animal communication has become really mainstream these days as more folks are aware of telepathic communication between humans and animals. In fact, it is currently practiced by millions of people the world over!! Val is asked all the time about how this works, what to expect, and how to find a good animal communicator. So she created this Free Special Report to help you!

* What telepathic animal communication is and how it works
* When to Be Skeptical
* When to use the services of an animal communicator
* What to look for when you interview prospective animal communicators
* How to select a good animal communicator
* What to expect from your session
* Lost and Missing Animals
* And much more….

Who Is Val and Why Should I Consider Working With Her?
Says Val...
"Since 1993 I have managed a successful practice working with over 6,000 animals and their owners, trainers and even veterinarians all over the nation, helping them accomplish their goals with health, performance, training & behavior modification. I am an empathic animal behaviorist, a professional animal communicator, and I specialize in alternative healing for animals and people. And you may be amazed to learn that more than 90% of my clients achieve results!

A lot of folks come to me after having worked with other communicators… and they'll tell me things like: they only were told what they already knew, it wasn't helpful, nothing changed, or worse, they were told things they knew weren't true… and they were not very happy with their experience.

Some people take this as proof that this doesn't work, that it's just foolishness or worse, a scam or quackery! When in fact, they just had a bad experience, or what happened didn't meet with their expectations in some way.

Others are still hopeful that there might be something to this, and they still need help -- so they are willing to try again. For myself, I always believed that animal communication was the best place to start resolving any problem. After we know what the REAL issues are according to your animal's, THEN we go about working on resolving it.

I differ from many animal communicators in that I specialize in "what's next" . And depending on what's needed, I can also do energetic healing, counseling, negotiating or identify what other modalities are needed. I've always felt that talking with our animal companions is the first step, but that what's really needed and wanted (by you and your animal!) is how to best resolve the problem, whatever it is."

Val guarantees her work. If she is unable to establish clear and accurate communication with your animal within 15 minutes of your consultation, then she won't charge you – and YOU are the judge of that! No animal communicator can guarantee to change your animal's behavior, train or heal them, but Val is prepared to provide counseling, insight and advice to help resolve conflicts, misunderstandings, and training issues, providing appropriate suggestions for problem resolution or relationship repair.

These wonderful beings are in many ways your best friends, the beings who know and love you better than anyone else, the ones who chose to spend their lives with you, helping you in every way they can, helping you heal when you're sad or sick, often showing you what unconditional love means… reminding us of what's important, and what's not! They touch our hearts and help us find our way when we get lost.

Animal Communication is useful for so many things, like:
Performance : How we can help them enhance/improve performance in the show ring by addressing issues, clarifying the rules of the game, identifying learning styles, shorten training time by identifying talents, skills, abilities and purposes.

Health issues : How to detect animals' physical discomforts and correct them through appropriate care taking; help heal trauma, such as from injury, illness, death or grief; understand the animals views and experiences of illness and health problems; prepare an animal for surgery/other medical interventions so they are able to recover with less trauma or complications.

Emotional issues : How to understand/address behavioral problems stemming from handling and management difficulties or emotional issues such as fear, aggression, withdrawal, depression, etc.

Rescue animals : How to help animals to: understand sheltering and fostering; identify what they want in a new home (i.e. kids, other animals, gender preferences); adjust to new family and home; heal from neglect, abuse and abandonment.

Family structures : How to help your animals understand changes: new arrivals of animals or humans; discussing your animals' needs before adding a new animal family member; departures of animals or humans through divorce, separation, etc.

Travel and moving : Discussing changing situations allows them to participate in the process and in their own care, helping animals understand where their humans are going (vacations, business trips, etc.), who will care for them, reducing or preventing separation anxiety; showing them where they are going and what to expect of a new home beforehand, addressing important physical boundary concerns.

Death and dying : How to support/understand your animal's needs and your own through death and the grieving process; help find peace and completion with the death of other family members (animals grieve the death of their friends too!)

What To Expect For Your First Consultation?
Val starts every session by understanding the animal's viewpoint , feelings, perceptions or attitudes by asking them questions and listening to what they think, feel, or visualize. Their feedback can give a whole new outlook on the animal or problems with them and how to handle them or what is needed and wanted. Be SURE to read Val's Special Free Report on The 10 Things You Must Know Before Hiring An Animal Communicator! , if they are in pain, and anything else they want us to know regarding their health and well-being. She also sometimes can advise on nutritional needs, alternative care therapies, and can work to restore body energy balance through energy healing.

Although Val isn't a veterinarian or medical specialist, she is happy to relay how the animal is feeling
Consultations can be kept confidential , or other people can observe and listen if that is comfortable for you and your animal companions. Questions about health, attitudes, behavior, environment, past, present, future, are all welcome. Please consider recording the consultation, so you may refer to it again later.

$200 per Hour  If you have questions, want help for training problems, health issues, behavior concerns, etc., or are ready to schedule an appointment, please see her website for more information, email Val, or call her. She accepts checks or money orders if paid in advance, or credit at the time of your session via Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Val's office hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm Central Texas time. (Please note that she is usually booked well in advance with a waiting list.)

About Consultations:
Prior to your appointment, please be sure to review her preparation guidelines and you can subscribe to receive Val's Happy Pet Tips! Bookings go quickly and often have to be scheduled in advance so please call today to make your appointment!

Contact: Val Heart
1738 Donerail
San Antonio, Texas 78248
Phone: 210-863-7928
Email: askval@valheart.com
Website: www.valheart.com

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