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Tumexal by CanineCare.US
Dog Cancer Treatment

Tumexal™ can help add months- even years-- to a dog's life who is suffering with canine cancer!

About Dr. Nyce (Dr. Nice)
Many of you know and interact frequently with Professor Nice, to the extent that he has become the voice, if not the face of the Tumexal™ project. Dr. Nyce received his Doctorate in Cancer Biology from the Temple University School of Medicine in 1983. His mentors were Professors Peter Magee and Sydney Weinhouse, two stellar figures in the biology of cancer, both of whom were Directors of the Fels Institute of Molecular Biology and Cancer, where Dr. Nyce did his doctoral work. Following postdoctoral fellowships at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and the University of Southern California Comprehensive Cancer Center, Dr. Nyce accepted a professorship at the Brody School of Medicine in North Carolina, part of the University of North Carolina System. While at U.N.C. Professor Nyce obtained a new mentor, (later to be Nobel Laureate) Dr. George Hitchings, the inventor of 6-thioguanine, the first agent active in childhood cancer.

Over the course of his ensuing career, Professor Nyce obtained more than 40 patents on his own medical discoveries; taught more than 1200 medical and graduate students; served as major thesis advisor and mentor for several of his own graduate students; published more than 75 original papers in the medical and scientific literature; was an invited speaker at more than 100 national and international events; took drugs of his own creation into F.D.A.-monitored human clinical trials; and was the recipient of more than $65 million in research funding from such sources as the National Cancer Institute, multinational pharmaceutical companies, and public and private investors. He lives in Worcester, Pennsylvania, with his three children, Alex, Trevor and Samantha— each budding scientists in their own right.

What Is Tumexal™?
Tumexal is an exciting, powerful new natural product for canine cancer based on a new paradigm: the restoration of natural tumor suppressor gene activity that has been lost as part of the cancer process.

Unlike traditional chemo, which is based upon the flawed, now 100 year old paradigm of toxic poisons as cancer medicines, Tumexal™ is the product of  21st century science. Rather than acting as a poison, Tumexal™ works by duplicating critical functions of the p53 tumor suppressor, inhibiting the same enzymes, and activating the same enzymes that the p53 protein would if it had not been disabled as part of the cancer process. The result is induction of programmed cell death (apoptosis) in the tumor. And with Tumexal™ there is virtually no toxicity! In fact, Tumexal™ will almost always restore a cancer-stricken dog’s appetite, spirit and energy! Because it re-activates tumor suppressor pathways that have been inactivated in most canine cancers, Tumexal™ is effective against a wide array of canine cancers.

Tumexal™ is not only a sound treatment choice, but an affordable, economical one as well. Traditional chemotherapy for lymphoma, for example, costs $5000 to $12,500! Treatment with Tumexal™ costs less than 10% of that! And Tumexal™ is available without a prescription, and can be administered in the comfort of your home, the place your dog feels safest and most secure.

Do I Need The Capsule, Transdermal or Liquid Formulation of Tumexal™?
Because the majority of cancers have inactivating mutations in the p53 tumor suppressor gene, and Tumexal™’s mechanism of action is to restore p53 function to the cancer cell, Tumexal™ is active against a wide array of cancer types. Nevertheless, different cancers have differing biologies, and can best be treated with specific formulations of Tumexal™. For example, osteosarcoma (bone cancer) must be treated as two entirely different types of cancer with two entirely different biologies. By the time a primary osteosarcoma can be clinically diagnosed, in virtually 100% of cases it has already spread to the lungs, even if such micrometastases cannot be seen on X-ray.

It is impossible, using one treatment modality, to treat both the primary osteosarcoma and the pulmonary metastases that have spread from it. The capsule formulation of Tumexal™, when used continuously for three months and intermittently after that, has shown a quite remarkable ability to eliminate pulmonary metastases and to prevent new ones from growing in the lung. But the capsule formulation appears to be ineffective in stopping the growth of primary osteosarcoma tumors— probably because they secrete little angiogenesis factor and therefore do not have the well-developed blood supply that other kinds of solid tumors possess. While amputation is the surest way to eliminate a primary osteosarcoma, many dog owners refuse such surgery for their animals, and in other cases amputation is not possible.

To help in such cases, CanineCare.US has created a transdermal formulation of Tumexal™ that is applied, as a cream, directly to the site of the primary tumor. Up to 90% of the Tumexal™ in this formulation passes through the skin and creates a very high local concentration at the site of the primary tumor, where it is needed. Using this formulation, the growth of the primary tumor can generally be stopped.

The transdermal formulation of Tumexal™ can also be used in cases where dogs are not eating or are unable to eat, for example in certain cases of oral or head and neck cancer; in various cancers of the skin including cutaneous T cell lymphoma (mycoses fungoides) and mast cell cancer; in anal gland cancer, etc. If you have questions about application in your dog’s specific case, you may address those questions to our cancer specialist either by telephone (610-833-8136) or email.

What Do Customers Say About Tumexal™?

Good day professor! Billy is doing so much better..she’s more active and playful. Tumor has shrunk,she’s able to defecate and urinate with no problem. She’s on her 2nd month treatment. And we thank you so much!
Jayson A., Daly City, CA

Badner is doing very well on Tumexal. He’s putting on weight and becoming active again. The family is very happy.
Dr. K. H., DVM, Connecticut

Sophie is doing wonderful! We are thrilled with the results! It’s like we have a new dog! Our vet was astonished when he could find no swollen lymph glands anywhere. And the swelling behind Sophie’s eye is completely gone. She has her energy back! We are really thrilled!
Julie K., Cedarville, IL 61013

Thank you for all your help with Pierre. He had his first surgery to remove a grade III mast sell tumor on his right ear the end of February, 2014, and has had two subsequent surgeries as he developed more masses extending down the right side of his neck. The last surgery left a mass that was near the right jugular vein and clean margins were not obtained. This was when CanineCare.US was contacted. The medication was sent out quickly but Pierre had stopped eating by the time we received  the Tumexal. We had to force feed it to him but he took it willingly by the third dose. His incision and skin surrounding it was red and leaking serous fluid. Within days he had a new lump in his ventral right chest, We were concerned that this may be it for Pierre. He kept taking Tumexal three times daily and we noted significant improvement in the surgery site. It healed and there is no more redness or discharge. The lump in the ventral chest is no longer palapable either… He is currently taking walks twice daily and  is eating like a horse. You would not know he had cancer. Thank you, CanineCare.
Dr. C. V., DVM, Arizona

Learn More About Tumexal™ Today!
The time you have with your dog is so precious. Please don't think that there is "nothing I can do" when Tumexal™ is making such a difference to thousands of dogs across the country. Please call Dr. Nice today- to learn more about our product and how it can help you dog. We have experts who are more then happy to help with your dogs specific case and individual needs.

Contact: Dr. Nyce (Dr. Nice)
399 Arcola Road
Collegeville, Pennsylvania 19426
Phone: 610-489-8284
Email: doc@caninecare.us
Website: caninecare.us

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