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Learn To Be A Professional Dog Trainer at Triple Crown Dog Academy

Triple Crown Academy, school for dog trainers is a state approved trade school that offers certification in the science of dog training and will give you a foundation for success!

About Triple Crown Dog Academy
Just minutes outside of Austin, Texas lies the 100,000 square foot training, boarding and event center of Triple Crown Dog Academy. Triple Crown is the world's leading provider of training and behavior solutions for dogs. Located on 350 acres, Triple Crown offers an unmatched facility, with a professional staff of certified trainers, and on-site pet care specialists for the education, care and comfort of your dog. The facility includes a 32,000 square foot climate controlled Event Center, 200 indoor/outdoor runs, grooming center, beach club activity area, clubhouse, pro-shop and more. Our Event Center and grounds are available for dog shows, trials and national specialty events. www.schoolfordogtrainers.com/

What Makes Triple Crown Academy Better Than Other Schools?
Triple Crown Academy offers the most comprehensive hands-on program in the country. No other school will better prepare you for a career in professional dog training than Triple Crown. While attending Triple Crown Academy, you will be training under the supervision of qualified instructors on a daily basis, who will provide you with critical feedback to ensure that you develop your skills to the best of your potential. something for everyone, from the pet owner to the dog sports enthusiast; including training in basic companion obedience, solutions for common behavior problems, agility, police K-9, search and rescue, assisted therapy, bomb and narcotic detection, tracking, Schutzhund, competition obedience, trick training, and retriever training.

Triple Crown Academy is affiliated with Triple Crown Dog Academy, the largest, most comprehensive training, behavior, and event center in the world. With a 100,000 square foot facility situated on 360 acres just outside of Austin, Texas in Hutto, Triple Crown caters to everything from pets to pros. Triple Crown's trained staff of certified training and behavior specialists offer a wide array of techniques and specialties customized to each dog and owner's needs. Triple Crown offers

What Training Methods Are Taught At Triple Crown Academy?
At Triple Crown Academy you will learn how to use a wide spectrum of training tools and techniques that will give you a solid foundation on which to build your dog-training career. Triple Crown will show you how to use a variety of safe, effective, and humane methods to train a wide variety of dogs. Based on their temperament, different dogs can call for different training methods and tools. You will learn how to correctly and safely use many different types of training equipment from the Clicker to the Remote Collar. Our broad curriculum includes both lecture and hands-on training. You will learn the science behind dog training, as well as its practical application. You will have the opportunity to observe and participate in both group and private lessons, as well as work with some additional dogs that are in training. This allows you to work with a variety of Breeds And Temperaments.

Will I Be Able To Instruct People As Well As Dogs Following The Completion Of This Course?
Yes. We feel that you must be able to instruct people as well as dogs. It is important that you can articulate your training methods to your prospective clients so they may maximize what they have learned. You will learn how to instruct private lessons, group classes, in home lessons as well as In-kennel training while attending Triple Crown Academy.

Does Your Academy Offer Financial Aid?
Absolutely! For complete details please visit our website.

What Do Graduates Say About Triple Crown Academy?
"Triple Crown Academy will force you to dig down deep inside and take a look at yourself and your relationship with your dogs. It will challenge you every day. Be prepared to grow and learn as both a person and a dog trainer. If proved to be an excellent experience that I could not have gotten elsewhere. Thank you Triple Crown, for showing me what a great trainer I can become."
Rebecca Henderson- 12 week Canine Training and Behavior Specialist graduate

"The experienced, knowledgeable instructors with endless amounts of information are amazing. I gained tons of information and got the opportunity to work with lots of different training methods and types of dogs." -Rachel Daughn

This School Sounds Great! How Do I Sign Up?
Please visit our website for the necessary forms and pricing guidelines.

Start Your Dog Training Career Today!
If you are serious about joining the lucrative dog training industry, look no further! At Triple Crown Academy we will give you all the skills you will need to become an expert trainer! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Contact: Triple Crown Dog Academy
200 County Road 197
Hutto, Texas 78634
Phone: 512-759-2275
Email: info@triplecrowndogs.com
Website: www.triplecrowndogs.com/

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