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Terrie Douglas Animal Communications
Terrie Douglas Rana Epona

Says Terrie, “My mission is to help the animals, and help them to teach us. I believe that animals are our greatest teachers, if we just listen to them and follow their lead.”

Who Is Terrie Douglas?
Says Terrie, "Hello! My name is Terrie Douglas and I have been speaking with animals all my life. I also do healing or energy work. Whether your animal friend is here or has already crossed the Rainbow Bridge, whether your animal friend is feathered, furry or scaly, I can help you to communicate with him or her.  I have been speaking with animals my whole life.  When I was pushed into this kind of work I embraced it with open arms!  And I was literally pushed into it.  For many years I ignored messages I received from animals.  And then one day I had a sever stomachache, which turned out to be from a horse.  He needed immediate help as he was colicking. He just needed to be sure I got his message in time.  Then I had a lost dog ask me to help her find her way home again.  And then one day I had about 15 horses tell me important pieces of information about things that they needed help with.  I could not ignore this gift any longer.

I prefer to not call myself an Animal, or Pet, Psychic, though my psychic abilities do help me with my communications work. I prefer to call myself a "communicator" because this is what I do.  I talk to the animals, and they talk with me. I do a lot of work with many Equine Rescue Facilities.  They often need help finding out about a horse's past or about a current illness or injury.  I am not a Vet and I will not diagnose, however I can ask the animal what it knows, what it is feeling, where it may be hurting."

What Does Terry Say About Dogs and Horses?
Terrie says,  "Dogs and horses are special.  They are one of the most psychically open animals humans work with. And we all know that they just "know".  Have you ever heard someone say "Don't be afraid cause a horse will know it"?  And true many believe that a horse is so good at reading the subtlest of body languages and this is how they know.  Hmmm, yes this may be true, but I know it's not the entire story, after having spoken to many horses.

They know what you know.  We can approach a horse with a smile on our faces and cheer in our voice and being slow and steady and soft-spoken and they can still react in fear to us.  Why?  Because they know what we think, how we truly feel, they 'hear' our intentions behind what we say or ask, regardless of our outward appearances.  You just cannot fool a horse.  Anyone that has spent any time around many horses understands this all too well.  You just cannot "fake it" with a horse, they always know whether you are friend or foe and if you are afraid or confident." Terrie can help with any animal behavioral issue, any question or any concern.  Whether your friend is here, is getting ready to cross over, or has already crossed.  Terrie will help,she really cares.

Can Anyone Talk With Animals?
Yes! Most of us do it all the time, we just don't believe they can talk back to us,but they do! Terrie can help you learn to open up your communications with your horse, or any animal friend.  It's much easier than you might think. Terrie finds that most everyone actually has been communicating with their animals and they only need someone to point it out to them.

Can Terrie Teach You To Communicate With Animals?
Yes! Terrie holds seminars and teaches workshops.  Even during a normal session Terrie will teach you something to use.  She always try to help people better "speak" with their animals.  It's more rewarding to have someone learn how to do it on their own.

How Can You Talk With Animals? How Does It Work? Do they understand English?
When asked this question Terrie stated, "Well yes, and no. I think what happens is that somewhere in between us the "language" gets translated.  They understand my words perfectly, and I understand theirs; And yes, actually all of our animals understand what we say to them.  Don't for one minute think that all they hear is "blah, blah, blah".  They hear it all, and they are good at selective hearing.  Do you have a dog that gets excited when you say 'walk'?  Ever have a cat completely disappear on you because you are thinking about putting it in the car and taking it to the Vet? Even my own horse chooses to hear his favorite word: "cookie"!  He can be anywhere doing anything, completely ignoring me, but if I say "cookie" I suddenly have his complete attention,  So, yes, do not ever underestimate what your animals understand!  Trust me they understand everything that you say to them."

Misconceptions About Animal Communications
Terrie said, "I am often asked why, if I can speak with an animal, it does not just do as I ask it. Well, because we all have choice.  Would a small child just automatically do what we say?  Have you tried to stop a toddler from opening a cupboard or reaching for a delicate object? Well our children have the ability to choose to ignore you because they are doing what they want. So do our animals.  They may choose to comply with what we ask, or not.  Just because I can speak Spanish doesn't mean a Spanish speaking person will just do as I ask simply because I asked nicely, or even if I make it an order. It is really the same thing.  This is one of the hardest things for people to understand though for some reason.  They believe that if I can talk with their horse he will just stop behaving in whatever manner they are concerned about.  It just does not work this way.

What I can do is ask very plainly what is going on from the animal's point of view.  I can make suggestions for behavior change, and ask them to consider it.  But I can no more promise they will change just because I have asked or discussed the situation than anyone can.  I am an animal communicator and my own dogs do not always do as I ask, let alone my horse.  I have to laugh because sometimes when I ask them to do something the responses I receive are very funny. I find that our animals have a wonderful way of seeing things. We can learn so much from them."

What Do Terrie's Clients Have To Say?

"I highly recommend Terrie Douglas to anyone that needs help. She is absolutely awesome. Not only can she communicate with animals, she can also communicate with other spirits, imparting things that only you would know.  She is the "real thing", a genuine psychic. God has blessed her with a wonderful gift that she so lovingly shares."
- Joan

"To say that Terrie is good at what she does would be a great understatement. Her ability is only superseded by her incredible spirit and integrity as a Divine Connector and Way Shower for people and their blessed pets.  I highly recommend Terrie for you and your pet's special needs. She is a true Heart and Soul Animal "Metaphysician"." - Jan

"I just cannot thank you enough!  I never though my beloved dog would find his way home again.  You helped me learn how to help him find his way home, for this I will be forever grateful!!" - Joy

"Terrie, thanks again ..you were right on the money about everything, you have a great gift." - Mike

"Thank you so much for speaking with my dog.  Now I am able to face what must come. I know it will still hurt, but now we will have some time to be together in love." - Andrea

"I admit I was very skeptical to say the least. You have one convert! I honestly did not believe it would be possible for my cat to be more tame and allow me to handle her. Wow!  What a difference in her already. Thank you SO very much!" - Jeff

"Gee Terrie thank you.  The saddle was a bad fit, it was the withers area that was being pinched just as you described!  I had the saddle fitted and I now have a happy horse! Thank you so much again for your time." - Jerri

The Hardest Part Is Saying Good-bye.
The most difficult thing to face with a beloved animal friend is that time when we have to say good bye to them.  This is the hardest part of life, the separation felt at death.  Often they are taken away from us all too soon, sometimes they linger on past their time, sometimes they just need a little help, either way it is not easy for those of use left behind.  No one can truly help you make the pain any less, no one.  And being prepared still does not make it hurt any less. Terrie understands this.  Each of us must travel our own path especially in this.  Each of us has our own lessons in these times. Terrie can only offer to assist (before, during, or after) as you or your animal friend needs.

Call Terrie Today!
Terrie is available for Talks and Seminars, Animal Communication Sessions,and is frequently a Guest on radio programs.  She also teaches Basic and Advanced workshops for those interested in really learning how to communicate with animals.

Contact: Terrie Douglas
Sunnyvale, California
Phone: 1-408 569 9305
Email: terriedouglas@hughes.net
Website: www.rana-epona.com

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