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Spray-Away Dog Wash By Straight Arrow Products Inc.

Spray-Away Dog Wash is a revolutionary formula designed to eliminate the hassle of washing medium to large size dogs!

About Our Company
In 1970, our family company, Straight Arrow, introduced Mane 'n Tail Conditioner, a product that continues to be leading edge in terms of quality & effectiveness. This product was followed by Hoofmaker, Mineral Ice & Shampoo. Over the years we have been providing these high quality grooming & treatment products to the equine industry and continue to make all of our products with the same concern for quality and performance as we did when they were made on the family farm.

While we don't make the products on the farm today, our goal remains the same, to introduce new items that will fill our customers' needs and meet that same performance challenge. New items added to the equine line include offerings in the medicated treatment and finishing areas. With the latest being the introduction of Spray-Away, the safe, quick body wash solution that horse owners can feel comfortable using as often as needed.

All additions to the line reflect the same high quality and leading edge performance of the Original Mane 'n Tail. I am particularly proud of my family's tradition "Satisfy the Customer". All of our products are designed to stand the test of that tradition. Straight Arrow remains a "hands on" business and I want to thank all of the horse owners who have supported us over the years. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the performance of any of our products, a refund will be provided. You have my guarantee on it.

The NEW-EASY way to wash your dog without scrubbing! A revolutionary formula designed to eliminate the hassle of washing medium to large size dogs!

Spray-Away  Benefits:
Apply product and rinse...it is just that simple
Hose connect metered sprayer
Gentle enough for everyday use
Contains natural plant esters that conditions coat, adding body and shine
PH balanced for sensitive skin allowing use over cuts and scrapes
Up to 24 washes per bottle
Available size: Ready to Use 32 oz.

What Makes Spray-Away Dog Wash Work So Well?
The exclusive combination of natural plant esters and surfactants used in Spray-Away Dog Wash cleans and conditions, giving the best possible results; quickly and easily.

What Other Benefits Come From Using Spray-Away Dog Wash?
The thorough cleaning that you get with Spray-Away Dog Wash eliminates fungal and bacterial food sources which helps maintain healthier skin.

Will Spray-Away Dog Wash Help Enhance The Shine Of My Dog’s Coat?
Spray-Away Dog Wash contains essential oils and proteins that condition and replenish the hair, resulting in a coat that shines.

What Do Customers Say About Spray-Away Dog Wash?
Although Mane ‘n Tail recommends their Spray-Away Dog Wash for medium to large dogs, I found it very easy to use on my two small Bichons.  My Bichons have very dry, sensitive skin.  The Spray-Away Dog Wash left them soft and well conditioned.
C.H., Surprise, AZ

Recently, I came across an ad for the new Mane ‘n Tail Spray-Away Dog Wash.  So when my two Boxers, Argo and Reuben, needed a bath, I decided to try it. Their baths went really quick; the product rinsed cleanly; no residue.  Their coats were left very clean and soft.
K.B., Pinckney, MI

Order Spray-Away from one of our many dealers today!
Why scrub your dog when you don’t have to? With Spray-Away Dog Wash our PH balanced wash system will work even if your dog has sensitive skin! So what are you waiting for? Order Today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff here!
P.O. Box 20350
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania 18002
Phone: 1-800-827-9815
Website: manentailequine.com

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