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Smooth Choice Canine Supplements by Smooth Run Equine

Smooth Choice Canine is a complete supplement including recommended daily dosage of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

About Smooth Run Equine
Allow me to introduce my company and myself. My name is Linda Stenerson and my company is Smooth Run. I have been involved with horses for 43 years and a professional barrel racer for 33 years. Many of those years have been spent learning how to keep a horse sound and healthy to compete in the tough sport of barrel racing. In 2001, I partnered with a well-established company named Cenzone Tech Inc. and their scientist Dr. Jung Fu Wu. Dr. Wu holds bachelors degrees in Animal Science and Zoology; a masters degree in Zoology, Immunology, and Animal Science; and a PhD in Microbiology. His life has been devoted to developing health products for all animals. We are proud to be able to provide such products to you and your horse. Thank you for taking the time to read about our company. We hope that you will let Smooth Run move you into the winners circle.

Can Dogs Suffer From Arthritis Pain?
Reports show there are roughly 60-70 million dogs in the United States and Canada. It is estimated that one in five suffer from arthritis to some degree. Just like humans, dogs become less flexible as they age because of naturally occurring joint changes. You may not even know your dog is in pain because the discomfort is often undetectable at first. Eventually, you’ll notice that he’s a little reluctant to chase the ball or jump up on a chair. Aspirin and Steroids can help reduce the pain but often have unwanted side effects. Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance already found in your dog's body and joints. But it diminishes with age, causing joint cartilage to get stiff and sore.

Smooth Choice Canine
Smooth Choice Canine is a complete supplement including recommended daily dosage of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It also contains 5 major joint support ingredients, colostrum for the immune system, and a proprietary blend of probiotics and digestive enzymes for the digestive tract. The formula helps maintain a beautiful coat and skin, healthy gums and teeth and good energy. Smooth Choice Canine works with the immune system to help your dog fight off the adverse effects of joint pain from deterioration, regular vaccinations and processed pet food. As a trusted member of the family or a working partner, dogs of all ages can benefit from a well balanced diet, regular exercise and a high quality supplement such as Smooth Choice Canine.

What Makes Smooth Choice Canine Different Than Other Products?
As hunters in the wild, dogs seek out enzyme rich raw foods to satisfy their nutritional needs. Nature equipped them with carnivorous teeth for biting and tearing raw meat. They also have powerful jaw muscles that enable them to do this. A lack of raw red meat in a dog’s diet can lead to serious health problems. But today, our canine companions are typically fed the same type and often the same brand of food their whole life. The commercial dried kibbles or sterilized canned foods they are fed often lack live enzymes, probiotics and dozens of other important nutrients that were destroyed by cooking.

What Are You Waiting For, Order Smooth Choice Canine Today!
Give your dog the pain relief and nutrition it deserves and order Smooth Choice Canine today!

Contact: Annie Ryan~DiMeglio- Manager
10115 Covey Lane
Escondido, California 92026
Phone: 888-711-6218 / 760-751-8988
Email: info@smoothrunequine.com
Website: www.smoothrunequine.com/Canine_Supplements.html

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