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Skamper-Ramp Saves Lives!

Would you spend $50-$85 to save your dog's life? How about other animal life? Every year pets and various “critters” like squirrels, possums, frogs etc. drown in pools.

Why Do I Need A Skamper Ramp?
Did you know that inn the US 71% of households own a pet – and it breaks out to almost 75 million dogs, 88+ million cats and 24+ million small pets in those households. Are you aware that the odds of a pet drowning are 1 out of 1,028 each year, in the US alone, and over 53% of pet owners have a pool and/or spa? Yes, most animals can swim, but not forever and they can't necessarily get out of pools or other bodies of water by themselves. Skamper-Ramp enables them to do just that.

Layers of safety protection are as important for pets as it is for humans. So if you don't think there is a need or it is a problem, then know that pet safety was one of the fastest growing segments in the pet industry and that was before the recent pet food scare and now it is an even faster growing segment. These statistics are from the APPMA's 2007/2008 survey and the American Pet Association.

How Does The Skamper Ramp Work?
Skamper-Ramp is a water-escape ramp: a means of preventing animals and pets from drowning. It is a "keep it simple solution" to very major problem. Because it is fabricated entirely of polypropylene (an extremely robust, heavy duty plastic that is box corrugated as well as UV- and chemical-resistant) it is easy to assemble, light weight, strong and inexpensive. It is a deceptively simple-looking product, but behind that simplicity there is a lot of science and testing. The primary science is that ALL living beings - domestic or wild; bugs, animals, or humans; colorblind or not - see at the wavelength that is the color white. Skamper Ramp is the only water rescue device on the market that provides animals with an escape from drowning—allowing them to exit the water on their own!!

When Skamper-Ramp is installed a few inches of the "nose" (curved) end are under water, breaking the water's surface, enabling the animal to see it at eye level. The "open-box-top" end (closest to the pool wall) must be very snug against the vertical wall surface-- whether it's a pool, floating or fixed dock, walled pond, spa, stern of a boat, or water trough in pastures and remote ranchland -- in order to prevent the ramp from "rocking" as an animal "skampers" out of the water. You'll notice the ramp doesn't have a decorative pattern – animals are colorblind and don't see most colors!

Remember, Skamper-Ramp is a water-escape ramp. It is not a "toy" and was not designed as a means for your pet to enter the water. Rather, it provides a less stressful way for them to get out of the water, by themselves. This is especially important when they become panicked or it is night time and a dog can't see his daytime "landmark" that tells him where the steps are (assuming he has been trained to them—remember, animals can not see the steps, they are under the water.) Skamper-Ramp works because animals can see it leading out.

Skamper-Ramp is available in 2 sizes: Regular, for animals up to 45 lbs. and Skamper-Ramp Big Dog, for pets over 45 lbs. in pools/walled ponds or if used (for any size pet) with a boat or dock.

Will The Skamper-Ramp Work For Above Ground Pools?
Either ramp works well for permanent vinyl liner pools - in-ground or aboveground - by making sure that an animal's claws don't puncture the pool liner. Make sure that if you have a deck surface that overhangs the pool wall by 1" or more you follow the installation instructions for deep coping and re-lace the ramp's rope to the set of holes below the Skamper-Ramp logo so that the ramp can be snugged under the overhang, directly against the sidewall. We do not recommend it for soft-sided, non-permanent, aboveground pools. However, you could try to adapt your deck (primarily by affixing a 1x10 board under the deck with a brace behind it holding it perpendicular to the deck and parallel to the pool wall) so that the Skamper-Ramp will have a rigid flat surface to brace against so that animals may escape using it.

How Do I Use Skamper-Ramp® With My Dock or Boat?
Because it was designed for use in pools, a bit of ingenuity is sometimes required to use Skamper-Ramp Big Dog on a dock but even more with a boat. This is primarily because it does need 5-6" of vertical surface to brace against. If you have a swim platform on your boat, it's fairly simple, otherwise "where there's a will, there's a way!" It can be tied off to cleats, rails, etc. but must have the vertical wall surface to brace against and be able to break the water's surface.FAQ's for more information.

The "Big Dog" is longer than the regular ramp (an extension piece is added to what is essentially the regular ramp body), it has longer side wings and is entirely 10mm polypropylene, (vs. the 8mm of the regular Skamper-Ramp).The assembled ramp is 39" rather than 24". Please read our

Do I Need To Train My Dog To Use Skamper-Ramp?
Just a note about pets and animal safety. Although most animals know instinctively how to use Skamper-Ramp in an emergency, our more domesticated pets (e.g dogs, specifically!) need to be shown how the ramp can help them when in peril. We suggest you take your pet into the pool with you and "help" them see how they can climb out of the pool using your Skamper-Ramp. Putting one of their favorite treats on the ramp near the pool edge and another on the pool deck, so they go up the ramp trying to get at the treat facilitates this. It's fun to take them in for a second demonstration and see how well they have learned the "drill" during their first visit.

How Much Does It Cost?
The real question is how much is saving your dog's life worth? The retail price for the Original Skamper-Ramp® in the U.S. ranges from $47.95-59.95 and the new, improved Skamper-Ramp Big Dog™ runs from $65.95-85.95 depending upon where it is purchased. If you have several pets, large and small, purchase the larger size ramp. Any animal can use it; the additional length merely allows larger dogs to get their hind legs on to the ramp sooner and rely less heavily on their upper body strength. Skamper Industries is the manufacturer and does not sell retail. Skamper-Ramp is 100% made in American and Canada product and we list all our resellers (local retail and e-tailers) at our website.

What Pet Owners Say About Skamper Ramp
"Our water-loving Pomeranian has successfully maneuvered the ramp. She acts like the world is her oyster now. Thanks for turning my worry into relief!"— J. Jackson is!" -G. Erickson

"We had a terrible problem with town cats drowning in our community pool--Skamper-Ramp has saved the life of innumerable neighborhood pets since we installed it." -City of Harlem, MT

"We are so happy no more wildlife has drowned in our pool since installing your great product! Thank you and please tell the inventor how clever he/she is! Thank you so much for the peace-of mind, Skamper-Ramp! I no longer worry about my lab, but I'd never realized until now how many dead frogs I'd been having to take out of my pool!— H. Mellore

Find A Skamper-Ramp Dealer Near You Today!

Dealers for Skamper-Ramp can be found across the USA and throughout the world. They are all happy to help you make your pool a safe, happy place to be for all creatures!

Contact: Skamper Industries, LLC
1127 Queensborough Boulevard, Suite 102
Mt Pleasant,, South Carolina 29464
Phone: 1-877-POOLPET (877-766-5738)
Email: contactus@skamper-ramp.com
Website: www.skamper-ramp.com

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