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Cool Champions Canine Vest And Canine Mat, by Silver Eagle Outfitters
Silver Eagle Outfitters

Be cool to your canine friend by helping it stay cool!

About Silver Eagle Outfitter, LLC
Silver Eagle Outfitters, LLC is a privately held company that started as a shared passion among friends to give people a simple, effective solution for beating the heat. We combined our experience and knowledge with specialty fabrics, textile development, garment manufacturing and marketing to come up with a solution that proactively deals with heat stress. Actually, it's nature’s most effective solution for dealing with heat evaporation. Silver Eagle cooling products are made of a unique composite fabric that represents the first real breakthrough in personal cooling technology. Because of the lightweight functionality, easy activation, and respectable pricing of our products, anyone who experiences the discomforts of heat and sun exposure can benefit from our cooling apparel. Because they also offer an effective barrier to the cold when worn dry, our customers wear them even in the coldest of winter. These are truly year-round performance products.

What began as a small array of cooling vests and headwear specially designed for motorcyclists has evolved into a broader selection of products created to serve outdoors adventurers, people living with MS and other diseases that effect the body's ability to regulate temperature, industrial workers, and a few of our animal friends. Our continuing growth, in part, is the result of our efforts to understand the needs of our customers. Additionally, because we design and control the manufacturing of all products, we are able to provide quality garments at a fair price -all wrapped up in dedicated customer service.

Cool Champions K9 Cooling Vest
Add another level of protection for your dog when the temperatures are high with the
Silver Eagle Cool Champions K-9 Vest. Designed initially for greyhounds, the K9 Cooling Vest is ideal for all dogs with its form-fit design and lightweight cooling.

Activated in minutes with water and cools for hours

Creates artificial perspiration that actively pulls away excess heat to help maintain the dog's body temperature

Protects dog against heat stress, acidosis and dehydration while reducing the heavy panting that otherwise distresses the dog

Effective for post-activity recovery, cool-down, and traveling

Limited weight gain when activated -- preserves the normal loft of the dog's coat

Precision-fit design ensures comfort and freedom of movement

No refrigeration required

Durable, quality construction for year-round use, year after year

Machine washable

CoolChampions™ Cooling Canine Crate Mat
Offering cool comfort for sleeping, traveling, or just lying around, the Silver Eagle Outfitters cooling dog mat is a convenient and effective product for ensuring canine contentment and health. Sized to fit most crates, from the standard 22.5" x 34.5" to large, 42" x 60" size.

Provides Heat Stress Protection for your Champ

Simple, easy, comfortable: more comfortable and effective than phase gels, beads, or fibers, no refrigeration is required, and it does not swell, change size or feel slimy

Tap water activated in minutes, the mat cools for hours

Outer shell is quilted for protection from rips, snags

Can be placed on top of normal kennel mattress or used alone

Durable, quality construction for year-round use, year after year
Machine washable

Do You Offer A Guarantee?
Silver Eagle Outfitters offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on each item we sell with the exception of the items listed below. We request that you please try on your product to verify the correct size prior to activating the product for cooling. If the item is not the correct size or does not meet the needs of your application, we will either exchange your product or refund the cost of your item. If the product is activated prior to returning it for an exchange or refund, we must charge a 25% restocking fee. Additionally, if you find any defects with the make or function of your product within one full year of purchase, you may return it to us for an exchange or refund.

What Do Customer’s Say About Our Products?
I purchased a K9 cooling vest early this year, and have used it this season at the coursing, not only on my dogs, but also on 2 other runners. Both of the trainers that I lent the rug to were very impressed. I am looking forward to using it again this summer, as I believe it (Cool Champions t K9 Cooling Vest) is an important asset to any trainer.
I would like to order another royal blue rug.
Wendy Sebastyan

I have seen many fads over the years and was a bit skeptical at first. Because I live in Queensland and the humidity is so high, I decided to try the Coolweave greyhound rugs for my dogs. This is a remarkable product for the Australian climate. The dogs are extremely contented and lay down for hours keeping cool, despite our high temperatures. The rugs also give the added advantages of protecting them from flies as well as UV rays. They are simple to use and the rugs stay cool for the whole day. Any serious trainer or owner of horses and greyhounds needs this for their animals. I am extremely impressed. These cooling vests are sensational.
-Robbie Byrnes Multiple Group 1 Harness Racing Driver

Order Your Silver Eagle Cooling Products For Dogs Today!
Don’t let your pooch suffer in the heat, when you can provide your dog when you can provide your dog cool contentment at an affordable price. Our stylish vests will keep your dog cool during play and our canine crate mat will keep him cool at rest. So what are you waiting for? Order Now!

Contact: Silver Eagle Outfitters Contact Our Friendly Staff
917 Willowbrook Dr Suite F
Huntsville, Alabama 35802
Phone: 888-672-6963
Email: nancy@coolingapparel.com
Website: coolingapparel.com

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