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Quality Dog Ramp, by Ramp4Paws LLC.
Dog Ramp

At Ramp4Paws we offer 10-link and 18-link ramps, which will be perfect for most vehicles and dogs.

About Our Company
Located in Potomac, MD, Ramp4Paws was founded in August 2004, to design and manufacture a one-of-a-kind dog ramp for the safety and convenience of dogs and their owners. Ramp4Paws is a patented roll-out, roll-up dog ramp, which assists dogs getting into and out of most vehicles. In 2007, the first full year of sales, Ramp4Paws was recognized with three awards: Best in Show out of 454 new dog products exhibited at the 2007 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL; Society of Plastics Engineers 2007 Product Design Award (consumer category); and Silver Medal for Product Excellence at the 2007 H.H. Backer Pet Industry Christmas Trade Show in Chicago, IL.

Ramps are manufactured by Quality Molding, Inc., in Somerset, WI. They are made of a series of links, constructed of durable polypropylene strengthened with glass fibers. The links are held together with hinges made of impact resistant polycarbonate. Textured strips placed on the links give added traction for dogs' paws. Rubber footings on both ends of each ramp provide stability. Every ramp comes with a washable nylon storage bag and an Instruction brochure, for using the ramp and training a dog to use it.

What Sets Ramp4Paws Apart From The Competition?
Unlike other dog ramps, Ramp4Paws rolls up for easy, compact storage so you can travel conveniently with it in the car. It is lighter than most other dog ramps. Each ramp comes with a set of textured strips, which can be applied for extra traction. In addition, every ramp comes with its own washable nylon storage bag and instruction brochure, for using the ramp and training your dog on how to use it.

Which Ramp Should I Choose?
At Ramp4Paws we offer two types of ramps, an 18-link ramp and a 10-link ramp. Which ramp you choose depends on your unique situation. Our 18-link ramp is designed for station wagons, most SUVs and small trucks. From the ground to the top of your car bumper/tailgate, the height should be no more than 31" in order to ensure that the slope of the ramp will be manageable for your dog. Our 10-link ramp is designed for vans with sliding side doors, two-door cars and small sets of stairs. Ground to vehicle entry should be no more then 17”. Both of our ramps come with the following great features:

Patented roll-out, roll-up design
Lightweight and deploys easily
Stores conveniently in cylinder form
Engineering and manufacturing of uncompromising quality
Constructed of durable glass-filled polypropylene and
impact resistant polycarbonate
Ribbed rubber footings on both ends provide stability
Textured strips, packaged separately, give added traction
Comes with washable nylon storage bag
Training instructions for both owner and dog are included

Is Ramp4Paws Right For My Dog?
Ramp4Paws is designed for dogs weighing 160lbs or less, when they enter and exit vehicles. And, after surgery, injury, or with advancing age, a dog with limited mobility may need help climbing a few stairs. Experience shows that medium to large size dogs can injure their legs and backs jumping in and out of vehicles. Through all stages of life -- from a young, enthusiastic pup to an older, less agile dog -- RAMP4PAWS can help reduce this kind of stress on a dog's body. Dog owners risk injury to their own backs when lifting dogs into and out of vehicles (especially SUVs) or helping them up a few stairs.

What Do Dog Owners Say About Ramp4Paws Dog Ramps?
What a wonderful ramp -- so much lighter than our old one and storage in the car or motor home is wonderful. Seamus goes right up and down as though he invented it!! Thank you for the great product!
Jane K.
Loudon, TN

Winston is one-year old, but, being a very large dog (120 lbs), shouldn’t jump down from the car and put so much weight on his front legs. The ramp works really well. I use it regularly for Winston and he feels secure on it.
Babette L.
Lancaster, PA

Order Your Ramp4Paws Dog Ramp Today!
Getting in and out of cars can be tough on your pup, so why not make it easier? With a Ramp4Paws Ramp you’ll receive a quality lightweight ramp that will make life easier for your dog and your wallet. So what are you waiting for? Order Today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
9812 Falls Rd
Potomac, Maryland 20854-3963
Phone: 1-888-654-7297
Email: info@ramp4paws.com
Website: ramp4paws.com

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