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Unique pet stairs, by Puppy Stairs
Puppy Stairs

Puppy Stairs, which are endorsed by vet professionals across North America, help precious pets get up and down off of sofas and beds safely.

About Puppy Stairs
This company was formed because we at Puppy Stairs have a desire to help animals by enabling them to live a better quality of life. We are happy to present a product that not only helps pets that are injured, elderly or have developed bone and joint diseases/ our product helps prevent injury.
The idea for Puppy Stairs was born when our five pound Yorkshire Terrier, Raphael, became disabled, and required neurosurgery. Subsequent to his surgery, we searched for steps to enable him to get up and down from the couch and bed/ it was important to protect Raphael from further injury. We found that all of the available devices were made of rigid materials, which caused too much impact for the sensitive nature of his injury. In addition, an owner of one of these existing devices commented, “I get sick and tired of bruising myself every time I go around the bed or couch.” With this in mind, Puppy Stairs was born to provide comfort for both pet and owner.

Why Do I Need Puppy Stairs?
You need Puppy Stairs to help your dogs get off and on chairs, sofas and beds! All of our products help prevent injuries caused from jumping off furniture. Puppy Stairs help dogs prone to hip, joint and spinal problems get up and down easily. Our Puppy Stairs are great for all breeds, all sizes and all ages. All our steps and ramps are completely modular.

Individual cubes and ramps can be ordered.
ˇ Reduces Jumping
ˇ Prevents Injury - Promotes Healing
ˇ Puppy Safe
ˇ Lightweight, No Hard Edges
ˇ High-Density Industrial Foam
ˇ Washable, Removable Covers
ˇ Secured by Hook and Loop Fasteners

Standard Puppy Stairs
Our Standard Line is still our best seller and has been with us from the beginning. The covers, made from Beige Berber fabric, slip snugly onto the cube or ramp piece and are easily removed for washing. The ramps and stairs come in two heights, 14” high, perfect for placing by the couch or a chair and 21” high, the perfect height for the bed.

Designer Puppy Stairs
Our Designer Line, while the same height and width as the standard line, is made from upholstery fabric using the newest fiber technology, 100% pure microdenier polyester fiber. It was developed for easy spot cleaning and wash-ability and engineered for abrasion resistance. You can count on lasting color fastness. These tailored zip on covers and designer color choices add to the harmony of any room.

Wide/ Tall Puppy Stairs
We developed our Wider and Taller Line especially for large dogs but have found that families with two or three dogs or cats have use for the extra width and the height works well with the new high beds. They are presently covered with the Beige Berber fabric but we do plan to also offer the designer fabrics as a special order.

What Sizes And Fabrics Do The Puppy Stairs Come In?
Puppy Stairs ramps and stairs come in two sizes; our standard size and our large tall size. All of our covers are made of durable, top-quality fabrics, are easily removable and stand up to repeated washings for years of regular use. The cube and ramp sections are made from cushy yet rugged and durable, high-density foam that is rated for heavy use. We have not had one of our products returned in five and a half years because the foam or the cover didn’t hold up to steady use.

What Do Veterinarians And Customers Say About Our Puppy Stairs?
I recommend Puppy Stairs as a way for pets of all ages to get up on furniture without injuring themselves. These high quality foam cubes and slabs are easy on the joints and the wide variety of washable covers can fit into any décor.
Dr Phil Caldwell

I just have to write and tell you how pleased I am. The cubes are beautiful and work well for my poor ole dog. The packaging was absolutely magnificent and I love the product. I will tell everybody about it. Thanks again!
Happy Owner

Buy Puppy Stairs Today!
Don’t let your small, large, young or old pets suffer or be at risk anymore! Get your beloved pet Puppy Stairs that will help them onto your furniture without stress and strain. What are you waiting for? Order Today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
460 SW Normandy RD
Seattle, Washington 98166
Phone: 866-767-4551
Email: sales@puppystairs.com
Website: www.puppystairs.com

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