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Canine And Equine Coat Care By Pony Potions LLC.
Puppy Potion

Both horses and dogs will enjoy “Pony Potion Body Milk” or “Puppy Potion” for dogs.

About Pony Potion Products
Pony Potion was founded from a horse owner’s desperate attempt to cure her own horse. CEO of Pony Potion Products Tracy shares the success she has had with her products:

It’s been almost 2 years since the development of Pony Potion Hoof Spray and I am thrilled to announce that Cash is still White Line free! I am now able to turn him loose in wet pastures – something I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing 3 years ago. My son and I are so excited about getting to hit the trail every chance we get with Cash and Kane. I know that picking their feet and using the Pony Potion Hoof Spray after each long or damp trail ride, has been a major contributor to each of their improved health and happiness! With the Grapefruit seed extract working overtime to kill bacteria, and the tee tree oil warding off fungi in every bottle, I know that you and your horse will reap the same benefits. I am still in the workshop, creating new and exciting products to improve the lives of you and your companion animals. I would like to thank everyone for being so willing to try all of our new items and I’m confident that you will get the results that so many others have already.

Puppy Potion Body Milk
Similar to our Pony Potion Body Milk, but for dogs! This product is good for indoor dogs and water dogs with smelly coats. Puppy Potion Body Milk is ideal for the show dogs and any dog lover who enjoys a soft coat that smells good! Choose from “Labrador Lavender”, “Chow Citrus Mist”, “Mastiff Mango”, “Pug Peace and Calming”

How Does It Work?
Pony Potion Body Milk or Puppy Potion can be used every time you groom your horse or dog.  It’s especially great for that quick groom before entering the show ring and out on the trail. In just 3 easy steps, your horse will have people thinking you have groomed for hours!

Curry or hard brush all loose dirt
Spray body milk generously on horse
Soft brush for high sheen!

Total Time: 15minutes

Pony Potion Body Milk or Puppy Potion,  lifts the dirt to make it easy to soft brush away, leaving a high shine and a wonderful smelling horse or dog. Loaded with special conditioners, you'll love the way it leaves your horse's or dog's coat!

What Makes Pony Potion Products Special?
Pony Potion Products are special because our water-based products only use the purest essential oils from all over the world. We keep our ingredients all-natural so there are no harsh chemicals or odors in any of the items in our line, making them better for you and your horse.  Because taking care of the environment is just as important as taking care of companion animals, and ourselves all of our bottles and jars are recyclable.
What Other Products Does Pony Potion Offer?
Please visit our website to view our full assortment of products designed for your horse, dog and you!

What Do Customers Say About Body Milk For Horses And Dogs?
I have a Morgan and 2 Chihuahuas. Pony Potion Body Milk made my horse’s coat feel like “velvet” and smell so fabulous! What was funny was that even my horse seemed to enjoy the lovely lavender scent as she kept turning to smell her own coat! I loved using “Puppy Potion” on my Chihuahuas! Gone was the puppy smell that I tried to ignore—now I bury my nose in their coat to enjoy that fresh smell—it made their coats so soft too!
-Ann Pruitt   InfoHorse.com

Order Pony Potion Body Milk And Puppy Potion Today!
Whether you are looking make your horse or dogs coat shine, or just want a fresh scent, Pony Potion Body Milk and Puppy Potion will do the job. You’ll love using it and will never want to run out!

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