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PupLight Dog Collar Safety Light
PupLight Dog Collar Safety Light

Do you enjoy walks in the evening but worry that you and your dog are unseen by cars? PupLight lights a path of up to 15 feet ahead of you— PupLight lights your PATH... not just your pet!

Why PupLight?
We’ve all had the experience where you are driving your car and suddenly upon a dog or person walking at dog in the dark and worried because we didn’t see them. Or, you put your dark colored dog out at night to go to the bathroom, and you can’t see the dog in the dark and panic as you try to find the dog. Night time can be a scary time for dog owners who can’t see their dog or who want to enjoy a cool walk in the evening- but don’t want to be unnoticed by cars! PupLight is the answer!

The Original PupLight
The Standard PupLight is $19.95, comes with a two piece elastic adjustable collar, and lights a path 15 feet ahead. Our New Super Bright PupLight2 is TWICE AS BRIGHT as the Standard PupLight and comes with a two piece adjustable REFLECTIVE collar. PupLights use three AAA batteries which stay bright for over 150 hours.

Uses Three AAA Batteries
Weighs 2 1/2 Ounces
Adjustable Strap Fits Neck Sizes 6" - 26"
Visible Up to 1 Mile
What About A Brighter Light? PupLight2 Is The Answer!
The Puplight2 lights a path 30 feet ahead versus 15 feet for the standard PupLight. It also comes with a two piece reflective collar rather than a black one for the standard Puplight.

What About A Light For People?
People liked PupLight so much they took them away from their dog and started using the light themselves. So we made a people version of Puplight called NekLight. It can be worn as a headlamp or comfortably around your neck. Our New Super Bright NekLight has LEDs that are TWICE AS BRIGHT as the standard NekLight and comes with a two piece adjustable REFLECTIVE strap.
NekLight includes:
A three LED adjustable light
An adjustable neck cord with safety release
A two-piece adjustable strap

What Do People Say About PupLight?
We have two Golden Retrievers. We take them out for walks at night with their PupLights. The PupLights really light things up well. The dogs love them. They keep you safe because you can tell cars see you. People come up to us and tell how great they think the PupLights are.
David, Villa Park, IL

Love them! Best product I ever bought (for a pet), I mean they're great for safety. We walk almost every night. The PupLights are generating a lot of interest down here.
Julie, Mt Juliet, TN

If dogs could dance, that's what my Lhasa Aphso, Scooter, is doing when he wears his PupLight! He loves it.
Pam, Glen Ellyn, IL

I bought both my babies (Dobermans) PupLights! ..Hunters and wild animals are a real threat to pets where I live...These little lights protect them! I keep them on all night.
Karen, Helen, GA

My dog walker likes it because she can see dogs coming AT her dog ... people open front doors and let dogs out without a leash; the big dogs aren't a problem.. the small dogs are. She likes the fact that she can see them now.
Charlene, Denver, CO

Order PupLight, PupLight, Or NekLight Today!
Starting at only $19.95 why wouldn’t you want to keep you and your dogs safe at night. Even if your dark colored dog is just in the yard at night, he or she can be nearly impossible to see! Keep your dogs safe and order PupLight today!

Contact: Jacquelyn Simoni
Glen Ellen, Illinois 60137
Phone: 866-787-5444
Email: puplight@aol.com
Website: puplight.com

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