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PulsePaws by Innovative Products International, LLC.
PulsePaws Pulsating Water Cleans!

PulsePaws by Innovative Products International, LLC are designed as hydro therapy devices for your horse and dog, but their potential uses for bathing, around the house, planting make these products a must have!

PulsePaws is a terrific multiuse product that is great for washing your dog, canine hydrotherapy and its great for fun water play! Here are some great features of PulsePaws:
    Excellent for delivering pulsating water
    Easy to use
    Weighs less than 4.5 ounces
    Non-slip black handle
    Cylindrical shape for easy holding and handling
    Convenient shut off provided
    Shut off allows you to control how much water is delivered
    Connects to the end of your hose
    30 day satisfaction guarantee

Can I Regulate The Flow Of Water On PulsePaws?
Yes.  Attached to each nozzle is a complimentary shut-off coupling. You simply turn your hose on full at the faucet and then regulate the amount of water that comes through the nozzle with the shut-off coupling.

Is The PulsePaws Sturdy For "Around The House" Use?
Yes! The PulsePaws is made from high impact nylon. This extremely tough material will withstand many damaging forces. Your dog will enjoy Pulse Paws for many years to come!

What Do Customers Say About Hydro-T™ and PulsePaws?
My name is Ann Pruitt and I am the director here at InfoHorse.com. I was introduced to the Hydro T (equine version of Pulse Paws) many years ago. Since that time, my dogs have enjoyed the soothing, pulsating water that not only offers a deep down clean, but relaxes and soothes them after a hard day of play. When I go to the beach, Pulse Paws is perfect to get out that deep down sand that I don't want in my house. I also use it for those rare occasions when my dog injures his paw on a thorn or rough pavement. My dogs love it and will carry the Pulse Paws in their mouth to hand it to me!
-Ann Pruitt, Director InfoHorse.com

Great for bathing my dogs and my husband uses it for washing his painting supples!
Arleen M

I can't say enough good things about this product, our animals LOVE it!!!
Marti J.

Order PulsePaws Today!
The PulsePaws is a must for any dog owner, the pulsating massage and cleaning power of this product makes it superior to any other aqua messager on the market. For your canine and even around the house, make sure you have PulsePaws, it gets the job done and has so many wonderful uses! For more information about both products, please contact us today!

Contact: Linda Keene 'CEO'
1623 Logan-Trident Road
Three Forks, Montana 59752
Phone: 406-285-6667
Email: infohydrot@aol.com
Website: PulsePaws.com

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