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Precision EquiDerm
Precision Equiderm for Dogs

Precision EquiDerm is a revolutionary new wound gel- The combination of Benzalkonium Chloride and Natural Egg Membrane not only kills 99.9% of bacterial and fungus but increases the regrowth in healthy tissue at an amazing rate!

Summer Time Itches Are A Pain In the Tail
Precision Joint Solution knows that spring time means horse shows, shedding, clippers and mud. If you are like the majority of horse owners, you have suffered the wrath of mud fever or equine scratches more than once. If you are lucky, you have no idea what scratches are and how they might ruin you (and your horses) day. If you aren’t familiar, equine scratches or Mud fever are a bacterial infection that affect the horses leg, specifically the pastern area. This condition causes chapping, chaffing cracking and crusting  (Fun right?) Horses that are bathed and clipped often are more prone to scratches because the area is constantly damp and the bacteria has the perfect environment to thrive. Scratches are fairly easy to spot while picking your horses feet, but in the past have proven to be especially difficult to treat.

Scratches and Mud Fever In Horses Can Really Be Hard To Beat… Until Now!
Precision EquiDerm is extremely successful with alleviating equine scratches! If your horse has scratches, follow our protocol and you should see a difference in a matter of days! Read on to learn how Precision riders are clearing this pesky ailment!

Step 1. Purchase a tube of Precision EquiDerm.

Step 2. Wash your horses legs and give them a gentle scrubbing. Let them dry completely.

Step 3. Cover the entire affected leg in Precision EquiDerm Wound Gel. We recommend applying a light leg wrap but this is not required. Change the wrap or if left unwrapped, re apply the EquiDerm 24 hours later. Most of our clients report a noticeable difference by day three! If your horse has bad scratches, we would love for you to take pictures and send them to us with before and after results.

About EquiDerm by Precision...
Precision EquiDerm is a revolutionary new wound gel. The combination of Benzalkonium Chloride and Natural Egg Membrane not only kills 99.9% of bacterial and fungus but increases the regrowth in healthy tissue at an amazing rate!  What’s even better is that it works for all animal species!

What Are The Ingredients In EquiDerm?
Contains antimicrobial properties of Benzalkonium Chloride to kill bacteria and prevent the onset of infections
Natural Egg Membrane  that contains proteins that are essential to wound healing including:
Transforming Growth Factor
Hyaluronic acid
Aloe Vera: A foundation for all skin care needs, this ingredient helps promote healing through rehydrating and moisturizing the skin and has an antimicrobial  effect.
Is It True That A Clinical Study Shows Healthy Tissue Growth With EquiDerm?
Yes! A clinical study showed 75% of wounds demonstrated visible granulated tissue after just one week of daily use.

How Can Egg Membrane in EquiDerm Help My  Dogs?
Egg membrane is one of the most powerful new ingredients on the market today. Recent studies show that the proteins that are found in the egg membrane such as transforming growth factor-B, elastin, collagen, lyozyme, and glucosamines can induce skin healing on wounds of most size and severities.

Note: Nothing works better to eliminate 99.99% of all viral, fungal and bacterial pathogens while preventing future infections than Benzalkonium Chloride. Together these two ingredients create one of the best wound gels on the market today!

Week one
75% experienced an increase in red beefy granulation

Week two
Over 90% saw a measurable decrease in in wound size

Note: Precision EquiDerm Wound Gel is the first animal wound product to combine skin healing elements of egg membrane protein with the antimicrobial capacity of Benzalkonium Chloride.

How EquiDerm Can Help My Dogs...

Heals from the inside out
Speeds the formation of healthy tissue
Helps keep proud flesh from forming
Contains antimicrobial properties
Reduces the amount of scarring
Skin lacerations
Post surgical incisions
Skin Irritations
Rain rot
Safe to use on all animal species

What Do Dog Owners Say About EquiDerm?

Our dog Moose was run over chasing our truck. We started using the product a few days after the accident. It was amazing. After the very first treatment it started healing. Most of the redness was gone. The hair was growing back. The wound was totally healed in 11 days!

Precision Equiderm is great on hard-to-heal wounds. It reduced necrotic tissue and healed a very infected puncture wound in half the time I could have healed it with other products I have tried. It really reduced the scar tissue and healed flat, very little noticeable scar. Amazing stuff!

At Only $29.99 Why Wouldn’t You Have The Best For Your Dog or Horse?
Of course we have bulk discounts! When you see and experience the EquiDerm DIFFERENCE, you’ll never go back! EquiDerm is simply the best wound cream on the market today. Order now to have it in your tack box— before you need it— and never be without it!

Contact: Precision Joint Solution
2312 W 7th St
Austin, Texas 78703
Phone: 1-800-821-6921
Email: sales@precisionjointsolution.com
Website: precisionjointsolution.com

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