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Power Paws™ by Woodrow Wear, LLC

If you have a dog, make sure they have Power Paws !
Power Paws are specialty canine socks that offer a unique solution to many pet-related issues.

About Woodrow Wear
Woodrow Wear, a company founded by Lorraine Walston, was named after her beloved dog Woodrow who at 15, suffered from age related arthritis and other pains and ailments. She knew that with no viable solutions available, she had to help him and so she invented Power Paws. Lorraine shares more thoughts below on Woodrow and her company:
In honor of my puppy, I present Woodrow Wear. This business is his legacy, and is absolutely dedicated to the millions of older dogs that have traction and mobility issues, and to their owners, who like me, are unable to just sit there and watch them struggle!

Woodrow Wear is also dedicated to the younger dogs who may find a dog sock for traction helpful, to the dog owners who want to protect their hardwood floors from scratches, and to the fashion-conscious dog owners who want their dogs to be suitably dressed in attractive, cute, and fun clothes for dogs.

Power Paws
Power Paws are specialty canine socks that offer a unique solution to many pet-related issues. The products offer cost-effective solutions for issues from traction to fashion, incorporating comfort and style in ways that have not been done before. Power Paws have many uses… from helping older dogs (and younger ones too!) with traction on slippery surfaces, to paw protection, hardwood floor protection, and fashion. Here are some ways Power Paws can help your pet:

Traction:  Grips on slick surfaces, especially useful for dogs with hip issues, arthritis, long nails
Mobility:  Provides senior dogs, regardless of size/breed with freedom and easy movement
Fashion:  Cute, fun, and stylish.
Prevention:  Refinishing hardwood floors is expensive!  Power Paws will prevent dogs nails from scratching your floors.
Protection:  Vets and concerned dog owners are also using Power Paws as protection for foot injuries in place of traditional e-collars.
Specialty Uses:  On boats, RVs, and in moving vehicles of all types, Power Paws give dogs traction and stability.

How Can I Choose The  Size That’s Right For My Dog?
A size chart is available on the Products page.  Based on weight, and breed, you will be able to choose an appropriate site.  If you have any questions, please call us at 877-737-3545 for assistance.  There is plenty of elastic in the sock to ensure the proper fit for a range of sizes.  If the sock is too big, it will rotate, slip, or fall off – and provide no benefit at all.  If the sock is too small, you won’t be able to get it on.  If the size you choose doesn’t fit properly, no problem!  Call or return the purchased items to us with a note explaining what you need, and we will exchange it for the right size. 

Don’t Dogs Try To Take Them Off?
They absolutely don’t!  Even dogs with a history of removing shoes, or other clothing items tend to leave these on.  Every part of Power Paws was designed for comfort.   The socks are designed to fit the dog’s foot (not a human foot which is very different).  They are made of cotton and elastic, both very comfortable.  Even the grippy material on the bottom was made just for us with comfort in  mind… it will remain soft, and it contains no grit or sand.  Our belief is that if the dog is comfortable, they won’t be trying to take the socks off!  And Power Paws that stay on are beneficial to the dog. 

Are Power Paws Available In My Area?
There are a growing number of pet retailers, vets, boutique stores, groomers, etc across the US and Canada that are carrying the Power Paws line of products.  If your retailer or service supplier does not already carry them, ask them why not! Then visit our website to view the current list of locations in your area that carry the product, or order direct on our web!

Are Power Paws Waterproof And Can I Use Them Outside?
Power Paws are not waterproof.  If you choose to try them outside, and if water is an issue, we suggest spraying with 2-3 coats of a waterproof spray.  Obviously, walking a few feet outside isn’t going to cause a problem, but just as you would not walk around the block in your socks, if your dog walks outdoors with Power Paws they will wear out faster and get dirty faster.  However, even Woodrow with the gift of mobility, used to run outside faster than I could remove his Power Paws.  Take pride in the quality of life gift you have given your dog, and throw the socks in the washer if needed.

What Do Customers Say About Power Paws?
Angel is a very large, mixed-breed dog. She is 16 years old, and unable to get around the tile floors in the house very well. We put Power Paws on her, and couldn’t believe the attitude change. She showed signs of her “old self” again – perky, moving around frequently, and an overall good disposition. Thanks for giving her more good times.
Faye, San Jose, CA

The package arrived today!  Rosie, my 6 1/2 yrs. old Shepherd with hip dysplasia is normally very difficult to fit for shoes, but these fit perfectly.  They're wonderful.  The rubber traction keeps her from sliding on my laminate flooring, and they really make her tail wag!  (*_*)   - Sue, Fairbanks, AK

Danielle is my Dalmatian puppy. I have a lot of hardwood floors in my house that she likes to run across. The marks her nails leave in the hardwood floors trouble me – the floors look bad already, and I haven’t budgeted for resurfacing the floor. I put Power Paws on her, and we both feel better! Dani loves them, and with them on, there are no new scratches. Yea!!
Patricia, Milpitas, CA

I live in a motor home, and the floor is linoleum.  Every time I turn the corner, my poor dog Max slides from one end of the rig to the other, slamming into cupboards and cabinets along the way.  This isn’t good for Max OR my cabinets!  With Power Paws on, Max can stand still even with the vehicle moving, and both Max and my cabinets are better off.  Thanks!
Sandy, (Anywhere, USA)

Order Your Power Paws Today!
Power Paws can help a dog with mobility issues, or a dog that just wants to look great! For more information and to place your order, please visit our website.
Contact: Our Friendly Staff
1702-L Meridian Avenue, #161
San Jose, California 95125
Phone: 877-737-3545
Email: info@woodrowwear.com
Website: woodrowwear.com

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