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Pet Tents by The Persnickety Pet
Pet Tents

For Dogs That Simply MUST Have The Very Best, Pet Tents Offer a Dog Bed That Gives Your Dog The Royal Treatment!

About Our Company
Dick Mueller created Pet Tents long before pets became the huge market that they represent today. In 1962, with one simple thought in mind – “that animals like to live in dens” - Dick designed the original Pet Tent (then called a Pup Tent).  Even though the tents he offered at that time were a far cry from today’s high quality models, the original Pup Tents sold well through many of America’s finest department stores: Abercrombie & Fitch, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Hammacher Schlemmer, etc. When President Lyndon Johnson received a great deal of negative press for lifting his pet beagles by their ears, Dick dispatched two very special Pet Tents to the White House. He never heard from the beagles but the President’s daughters wrote to say “the dogs were very grateful for the tents.”
In 1999 Dick and his wife, Patricia, established The Persnickety Pet to market their new, much improved and, now, patented Pet Tents. Today, via the incredible Internet, their Pet Tents are available worldwide.  And, in 2000, proving that history can and does repeat itself, a very special, custom made Pet Tent was dispatched to Barney, the current canine-in-residence at the White House. Barney hasn’t written back either, though Dick and Patricia did get a nice note from his mom and dad. 

Café au Lait Tent
Fashioned from sumptuous, light brown micro suede fabric, trimmed in chocolate brown, the Cafe au Lait Pet Tent is stylish and contemporary. Accessories include a chocolate brown wood spire and a matching brown pillow.

Vive la Chocolate Tent
The Vive la Chocolate Tent is fashioned from sumptuous chocolate brown micro suede fabric and the five panels of its eave are trimmed with light brown, giving it a stylish and contemporary look. Accessories include a light brown wood spire and a matching brown pillow.

Sugarplum Princess Tent
The Sugarplum Princess Tent is made of white nylon mesh fabric and features a billowing eave of the same material. The eave is secured by five pink ribbons, which are tied in bows. Accessories include a white wood spire and a pink pillow that matches the pink bows.

Posh & Pink Tent
The Posh & Pink Tent is made of pink micro suede and features a sassy pink and brown feather boa as its trim. Accessories include a chocolate brown wood spire, encrusted with silver and pink jewels, and a matching brown pillow.

Why Should I Buy A Pet Tent?
You may be wondering why a Pet Tent instead of a “regular” pet bed? Have you ever noticed how cats gravitate to an empty shopping bag, snuggling inside, safe in a cocoon? How dogs love to sleep curled up in a corner or under a table? For centuries, dogs and cats slept in dens, small places that provided warmth and protection from predators. Even today those denning instincts remain strong and a Pet Tent provides the perfect environment for your pet. The raised floor protects from cold drafts, and the tent shields them from harsh lights and loud noises creating a sanctuary where your pet feels safe, secure and special. In addition to a protective retreat for your pet, Pet Tents fit beautifully into any décor, from outrageous to elegant. Crafted from quality materials, your Pet Tent is built to last for years, providing your best friend a stylish, fun and comforting place of respite.

What Do Customers Say About Pet Tents?
Amazing tent! Your tent is extremely beautiful and my Chihuahuas Chewy and Cujo took to it right away! This bed is a beautiful addition to my home and it is super easy to set up! I cannot say enough how impressed I am with my Pet Tent!
Ann Pruitt-- Director, InfoHorse.com

The tent provides a den like atmosphere for my puppy and everyone who sees it just loves it. Thank you for such a creative item.
 -Indianapolis, Indiana

Order Your Pet Tent Today!
Our Pet Tents are a beautiful addition to your home and your pets will love it! Don’t wait order today!

Contact: Pet Tents Friendly Staff
PO Box 4271
Omaha, Nebraska 68104
Phone: 402-556-3323
Email: salesinfo@pettents.com
Website: www.pettents.com

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