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Magician Curry Wash By Permirus Pets
Permirus Pets Magic Curry Wash

Stay dry while bathing your pet The Magician Curry Wash!

About Permirus Pets
Permirus Pets, LLC was started by biomedical engineer Jill Mari Embry. After moving to the country, in Somerville, TN, Jill was faced with many new challenges while adapting to country life. As a suburbanite, Jill had always walked her Norwegian Elkhound Charlie on a leash. When he was able to run free, he found that going in the pond, rolling in the manure pile, followed by the dirt arena and dead stinky animal was a great way to spend his days. Having never had to bath Charlie before, relying on groomers, Jill did not know what she was in for. It took over 20 minutes, she was soaked, she couldn’t get around his head, so he still stunk, or his belly, so he was still dirty.

After trying this a couple of times, she decided to go inside and design something to solve her problems. She wanted something that would allow her to stay reasonably dry, use whatever shampoo she wanted and would not shoot out a jet of water, since both Charlie and one of her horses Harley were afraid of the spray of the hose. That was how The Magician Curry Wash came about. Jill used money she made from selling medical device patents to a former employer to fund the company. She currently is the sole employee, handling everything from working with the manufacturer, quality, packaging, marketing, sales and new designs for new products.

Magician Curry Wash
The Magician Curry Wash includes a handle with reservoir and three curry heads: a fine tooth for short haired animals, medium tooth for medium haired animals and large tooth for longer coats, and tails. All components fit nicely in a mesh bag with drawstring for storage. Here are some additional features of The Magician Curry Wash:

The Magician allows for currying while shampooing and rinsing the coat of animals
The Magician allows for even distribution of shampoo in the coat.
The Magician allows for thorough cleaning and rinsing down to skin.
The Magician allows for the immediate loosening and rinsing of dirt, loose hair and dead skin.
The Magician conserves the use of bathing products
The Magician allows you to use your choice of shampoo
The Magician relaxes your pet throughout the bathing process
The Magician keeps water where you want it.

Why Should Pet Owners Use The Magician Curry Wash?
The Magician Curry Wash was invented by the CEO for her dog Charlie, a Norwegian Elkhound. When she first bathed Charlie without The Magician Curry Wash, he had been in the pond and a manure pile. After a long arduous battle, Charlie was finally clean but it was still far too much effort. Once The Magician Curry Wash was invented the process now takes less then 3 minutes for her to give Charlie a thorough cleaning and the brush also helps with shedding. The Magician Curry Wash is a breeze for horses too providing deep clean without the hassle.

What Do Our Customer Say About The Magician Curry Wash?
I have used The Magician Curry Wash at work and at home. With 14 dogs of my own, it has been a wonderful product It saves time, frees up one hand to safely hold pets, and it takes the chill out of water when used with an outside water source. I have dogs ranging from a 3 lb Chihuahua to a German Shepard. I would have to bath them over 2 days, 7 at a time. We did all 14 dogs, in less than 2 hours. I use The Magician Curry Wash at work also. I find it works great on Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernards, and other double coated breeds. The Magician Curry Wash is a great product!
Becky Hornsby
Owner Bolivar Groom Room
Bolivar, TN

Curry wash is outstanding!! Bathing a horse can be a daunting task not fully rinsed shampoo can leave the horse itchy, dry, and flaky and not to mention the allergic reactions that can take place. I used the Curry Wash on my 'big" mare and I used Vertolin Shampoo, suds her up and massaged her with the curry and she was in heaven! Any muscle stiffness was reduced by the circular action of the curry, while the soap, deep cleaned and rinsed to a squeaky clean finish!
Micki Picklow
Licensed Veterinary Technician

Order The Magician Curry Wash System For Your Horse Or Dog Today!
Washing your animal can be a daunting task, whether you are trying to bathe a horse or a squirmy dog, and can lead to animals not being groomed properly due to the hassle it causes. This is why The Magician Curry Wash System is such a great cleaning system for your equine or canine friend, its simple, effective and the animals actually enjoy the process! So don’t put yourself through another stressful bathing episode, watch the dog video and order today!

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