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Patio Park Dog Potty by Patio Park, Inc.
Patio Park Dog Potty
The Patio Park dog potty is the perfect way to housebreak your dog or puppy and we guarantee the quality of our product with a 30-day warrantee!

Patio Park Dog Potty
Patio Park is an adorable dog potty. However, the real beauty is not from the charming picket fence design and mock fire hydrant, but the fact that it uses real grass, turning your terrace into Central Park for your pet. No more frantic rushes home to take your dog out. (Cats love it too!) Puppy house breaking was never so easy! The Patio Park dog potty is the perfect way to housebreak your dog or puppy. Each dog potty unit is made of tough plastic and measures 56" L x 26" W x 24" H. Light-weight and easy to move from one location to the other, it holds a 2' x 4' section of grass sod with a water reservoir at each end. The self-irrigating system promotes even watering; just add water to the reservoirs and the irrigation strips absorb and distribute it for you.
Each Patio Park dog potty unit comes with (2) plastic liners and (3) irrigation strips.

Be Aware of Imitators Who Miss The Mark
Many companies have tried to copy our patented design by creating a mere "tray" with grass. The problem is that WITHOUT the "firehydrant" and backdrop, dogs can "miss the mark" and end up soiling the floor! ONLY the Patio Park Dog Potty can prevent "poor aim" and all the mess that goes with it!

How Does It Work?
The Patio Park has a self-contained irrigation system. It works by using a capillary action from reservoirs to grass.

1. It works by using a capillary action from reservoirs to grass

2. Next, you equally space three of (a set) Irrigation Strips lengthwise across the bottom of the tray, and dip the ends of the strips in the reservoirs.

3. Then lay your 2' x 4' piece of real grass sod down.

4. Fill the reservoirs full of water and put the lids on. The lids are thin to make it hard for puppies to get a hold of them to chew on.

When you first receive the Patio Park, you place a Plastic Liner in the bottom of the tray. That is used to keep the tray clean. (Dirt sticks to plastic making it hard to clean) When the grass is changed, roll your old grass sod up in the plastic and dispose of it.
Can I Put The Patio Park In Doors?
Yes, however, you will want to change the grass more frequently.

Is Patio Park Just For Dogs?
No, cats love it too. We have customers who have even purchased a Patio Park for rabbits, reptiles, turtles, etc.

What Do I Do If I Run Out Of Grass?
We sell Artificial Turf. The Deluxe turf has been lasting several months. It is a good idea to keep it in reserve for winter months, when grass may not be available. Because of the convenience of the Artificial Turf, many customers like to use it year-around.
You could also keep a few puppy pads in reserve for this purpose. They will fit in the tray. Do not water when using puppy pads.

What About Odors?
Spray the grass about twice a week with BacZymes urine neutralizer to eliminate odors, perhaps more often if used indoors. BacZymes kill any odor on contact; so it is a good idea to spray the backside of the grass once a week also.

What Do I Do If My Dog Wont Use Patio Park?
Most dogs and cats like Patio Park so much, when they first get it they roll all over it. It is natural for dogs to go on grass, so they take to the Patio Park like a duck takes to water. They will not roll on it after they have started using it as a potty. If they do not get the idea right away, you can buy a scented attractant, or borrow a neighbor's dog, to go on it, to get them started. Dogs are very territorial and they will want to cover up the odor of another dog.

What If My Dog Chews On The Grass?
You can purchase a product (bitters) at your local pet store that discourages dogs from chewing. However, grass is great for their digestion.

Order Your Patio Park Dog Potty Today!
If your looking for an adorable way to potty train your puppy, you need the Patio Park Dog Potty! So don't hesitate, order now!

Contact: Joanne at Patio Park
6304 80th St. E.
Puyallup, Washington 98371
Phone: 877-206-5946
Email: sales@patiopark.com
Website: www.patiopark.com

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