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Dog Steps For Travel By Otto Step
Otto Step Dog Step

Travel for pets just got much easier for dogs of all sizes, thanks to Otto Step!

About Our Company
Debra Rudzik, and Tim Rudzik co-founders of Otto Step explains how the Otto Step concept was born.

We came up with the idea after purchasing a GMC Yukon to haul around our dog"Otto"  who is a Saint Bernard/Newfoundland as well as our two young girls, Sarah and Becca. We were unable to get Otto into the back of our SUV without me lifting his hind legs. After trying many steps and stairs, we came up with the idea to build something that was portable, easy to use and one you could just insert it into the trailer hitch receiver. Thus Otto Step! Otto came before the step; it is all because of him that we even came up with this idea.

So thanks to Otto, dogs everywhere are able to travel more with their owners, which makes both dog, and owner happy!

Otto Step
Otto Step is an 18" wide platform x 16", and is made from strong glass filled nylon and is guaranteed to hold up to 200 LBS. Otto Step is so sturdy that we guarantee it! Otto Step makes the climb into most of these vehicles at least 50% easier and reduces the jarring effect of getting out as well. This will be a great aid in assisting dogs with debilitating conditions as well as preventing healthy dogs from showing premature signs of arthritis,
osteoarthritis, etc.

Why Should My Dog Use An Otto Step?
If we start out dogs out young when they are puppies, we can avoid many of the conditions that are showing up later in life, Otto Step is not just a senior large dog product, it is very much needed for a growing puppy as well.

What Do Our Customers Say About Otto Step?
We bought this step over a year ago and it is working fantastic! It took just a little bit of training for Nitty, our golden retriever, to pick up on it. I think now she wishes there was a step to get in the bed at night. Thanks for an awesome product.
Bob & Michelle

Otto Step works great! Its lightweight, sturdy design allows for quick set-up and removal. Otto Step is easy for Bear to use and for us to take along on trips. Thank you for making such a fantastic product!
Thank you,
Jamie Beilfuss

Order Otto Step Today!
Dogs’ big and small, old and young love going with the family in the car, but it can be difficult for them. Ease the strain and discomfort with Otto Step, an easy to use sturdy step that allows your dog to get in and out of your car with ease. Don’t let your dog become injured or discomforted when you can do something about it. Order Today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
35200 SW Riverside Dr
Albany, Oregon 97321
Phone: 1-888-311-6886
Email: info@ottostep.com
Website: www.ottostep.com

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