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"I Watch Here" Dog Signs By MelMar Creations, Inc.

At MelMar Creations we produce "I Watch Here" signs for real dog lovers and responsible dog owners.

About MelMar Creations, Inc
At MelMar Creations we produce "I Watch Here" signs for real dog lovers and responsible dog owners. Real dog lovers recognize and appreciate their pets as devoted, loyal, home loving, good with children, and very adept at watching and guarding. We know that real dog lovers display sensational admiration and pride for their dogs, and truly believe them to be authentic, genuine family members. It stands to reason that most people who feel strongly connected to family would never express anything undesirable about any family member. Hence, when referring to their dogs, the real dog lover and responsible owner would not post a notice of caution, warning, or danger; neither would they post a "Beware of the Dog" sign.

We sincerely believe that the "I Watch Here" sign provides the perfect option for real dog lovers. It inherently provides responsible owners with desirable features that give honor and merit to the good behavior of the family's canine member. It enables responsible dog owners to announce the presence of their canine member without expressing any intent of possible harm. And perhaps the most important feature is the subtle message of the canine family member, who succinctly informs all visitors that it is always on "WATCH DUTY"; a 24/7 task, a desirable characteristic, and a natural quality possessed by all dogs, both large and small.

About Our Dog Signs
We know you love your pet and that’s why we offer signs that dignify your beloved pet instead of instilling fear. While dogs are great guardians they are also loving members of your family and that’s why our signs offer a creditable alternative to “Beware of Dog” and dog warning signs. Here are just a few reasons why our signs are superior:

Our signs give feelings of pride, security and even humor.
Our signs notify all visitors that the family dog merely watches the premises.
Actual size is 5" X 7" and made of weather resistant .032 gauge aluminum.
Each dog sign is reproduced from an original pen and ink drawing from illustrator Chris Buck
Dog signs mount with adhesive backing and/or corner screw holes. We provide mounting screws.
Mount signs to home or apartment doors, windows, columns, or yard post.
We currently have 82 popular breeds available.
Each sign is backed by our unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, simply contact us via e-mail within 30 days for a full refund.

What Are Customers Saying About Our Signs?
For years I have been looking for a sign to alert visitors that I have a dog -- so they will close the gate behind them! "Beware of Dog" was too scary and also untrue! I love my "I Watch Here" dog sign. It looks like my dog, and is informative without being frightening. It lets visitors know that my dog is alert. The sign has attracted much positive attention, and I have shared your website with many dog owners. Thank you so much for your unique product, and your outstanding customer service.
Sheila, Phoenix, AZ

I received your "I Watch Here Sign" and I have to say the quality of the work is incredible! Not only do I have a sign that treats my dog with dignity but it looks absolutely amazing and I keep getting compliments from my friends and neighbors! Thank you so much for a truly amazing sign!
Catherine Swanson
Canine Marketing Director

Order Your MelMar Creations “I Watch Here” Sign Today!
Instead of the ominous "Beware of Dog" signs, our signs treat your pet with dignity. If you are looking for a fantastic sign that treats your pet with dignity, you need an "I Watch Here" sign from MelMar Creations. So what are you waiting for? Order Today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
3075 Edgehill Rd
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118
Phone: 877-799-1796
Email: iwatchhere@msn.com
Website: www.iwatchhere.com

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