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Dog Aromatherapy Products By Mellow Mutts

Our Aromatherapy grooming products help heal and invigorate your pooch in a fun and effective way.

About Our Company
Mellow Mutts was started 3 ½ years ago. It is this anticipation of the customer’s needs that has put Mellow Mutts products on pet-owners must-have list. The company strives to be on the forefront of customer service, and begins formulating its blends based on the problems or conditions that need to be addressed according to customer feedback. In addition, Mellow Mutt’s, provides a 2 or 3 day shipping turnaround so that you don’t have to wait to get your dog gone treats!

About Our Mellow Mutts Matilda, Paco and Bruno
The three of us are a tight knit pack of pooches. We’ve been buddies for about 3 ½ years, and are now known as the neighborhood puppy patrol. We keep watch to prevent animal cruelty and unwanted pets. We also lend our paws to help with adoptions and pet events. We swore on our favorite chew toy that we’d remain best friends and we are inseparable!
The three of us have a strict routine that we follow every day. Play, nap, and play some more!

On any given day, you can see Bruno scoping the area for the best mud puddles to play in, or looking for treasure in a garbage can. Matilda prances down the sidewalk, while her mother watches, showing off her new collar and princess pink pedicure! Close behind is Paco, walking calmly, as any debonair doggy will. He admires his ladylove as she struts her stuff, and secretly scouts for the new femme-pup on the block!

We, “MELLOW MUTTS”, are the best of friends and love clean, natural, and organic living.

Matilda’s Products
Matilda, our resident diva, has been called “prissy”, but prefers the term “delicate”. This pampered princess goes to the spa, drinks bottled water, wears rhinestone-studded collars, and gets pedicures. She “doesn’t do dog parks!” and spends her time debating wardrobe options from her silk doggie bed.

Matilda’s products are designed for the prissy pooch that loves to smell scrumptious and look fabulous in clean, healthy products. Matilda’s products are imbued with organic essential oils such as, lavender and other organic essential oils to make her line lusciously divine!

Here are some of Matilda’s Products:
·  Matilda’s Prissy Pooch Shampoo For the Lady of the House. Our scents are made from top graded organic essential oils. (Lavender helps relieve itching) Low sudsing calms the skin. The finest dog shampoo made by anyone in the world." Made with the mildest plant and vegetable based cleansers with basic natural ingredients & vitamins. Essential oils are then added to the formula to create the specific scents that help cleanse, refresh & rejuvenate the skin while shampooing the pet. Contain: NO SLS, DEA, TEA, alcohol, phosphates, pesticides, detergents, dyes, and animal by-products. Available in 2oz., 8oz., and gallon sizes.

·  Matilda’s Prissy Pooch Conditioner  For The Lady of the House. Our new all natural, organic pet conditioner will help make your dog's coat shine and eliminate tangles. The "leave in" conditioner is a "spray away". Combined with a natural nourishing base, our all natural, organic ingredients moisturizes, deodorizes and revitalizes your dog's skin and coat.

Paco’s Products
Paco is our suave Latin lover with a penchant for the ladies--especially Matilda.
This well-groomed and debonair ladies man has a secret potion that keeps him calm and mellow.

His newly improved relaxing spritz, with organic oils, helps calm nervous pets and makes the lady pooches swoon. A gentleman would be nothing without well-groomed paws! Paco has designed his own coconut flavored paw cream to help keep his clean and healthy. Suavecito! Here are some of Paco’s Products:

·  Paco’s Dawg Daze Calming Spritz Calming and Relaxing Spritz. Made to ease the Hyperactive or Nervous Dogs. Our product helps when traveling, or visiting the veterinarian. Our blend of natural ingredients & organic essential oils makes car rides & vet visits a snap. Just a little spray and he'll be ready to face anything. (spray on a bandana or handkerchief and tie around the pets neck, within a few minutes the pet will start to calm down) Or you can rub on his coat where it is absorbed into the bloodstream and begins its magic. Available in 2oz., 8oz. or gallon sizes.

·  Paco’s New Paw Crème Our all natural, organic paw crème' is formulated to protect, and moisturize tender, cracked paws. It is made with human-grade ingredients, which are safe if ingested. Great product for "happy feet". Ah, smells delicious! Dog owners will enjoy the same healing benefits.

Bruno’s Products
Bruno is our “player”. This rough-and-tumble bundle of energy, loves mud-football, garbage cans, and all things messy. He doesn’t care how he smells and patrols the neighborhood looking for lost or abandoned friends. This big-hearted tough guy is quick to defend his friends and is the neighborhood protector.

Bruno’s products are great for pooches that love to get dirty! Bruno even has his own “stinky butt” selections for your adorable little stinkers! Whether it’s a shampoo, conditioner, or an in-between bath spritz, the citrus fragrance smells fresh and clean!
Bruno is proud of his stuff! Here are some of Bruno’s Products:

·  Bruno’s Stinky Butt Shampoo For the Dog Who Plays Hard & Smells Bad. Our organic essential oils of citrus blended with vitamins and minerals give a fresh, clean scent.  (Eucalyptus which is a natural insect repellent.) The finest dog shampoo made by anyone in the world. Our all natural, organic ingredients are blended with vitamins and minerals helping condition the skin. Contains: NO SLS, DEA, TEA, alcohol, phosphates, pesticides, detergents, dyes, or animal by-products. (Low sudsing) Available in 2oz., 8oz., and gallon sizes.

·  Bruno’s Stinky Butt Conditioner Our mild, natural, organic pet conditioner will help make your dog's coat shine and eliminate tangles. Our "leave in" conditioner is just a "spray away"! Combined with a nourishing base, our natural, organic ingredients will moisturize and deodorize your dog's skin.

What Do Our Customers Say About Mellow Mutt Products?
We have a three-year-old beagle/Labrador mix. She is terrified of thunderstorms and hears them rolling in long before we know a storm is coming. Her shaking is a great weather predictor, but terribly unsettling to have to watch her. So, we bought some Paco's Dawg Daze Spritz. When she starts to shake we spray it all over a neckerchief and tie it around her neck. In about three minutes she has totally calmed down, and sometimes falls asleep in that amount of time! This spray is terribly effective. It won't put my cats to sleep (they could care less about storms) but they love to sniff it, sort of like catnip. If people have scaredy-cat dogs, I would highly recommend this spray.

When are your conditioners coming out? I love your shampoo! I have a very furry poodle mix and cannot wait for the conditioner.

Order Your Mellow Mutts Products Today!
Whether your dog is prissy like Matilda, spunky like Bruno, or suave like Paco you can be assured you will find the perfect grooming product to fit your canine’s needs. So don’t wait, order today!

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