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Manuka Honey USA
Manuka Honey USA Honey for Dogs

PURE Manuka Honey is well known for its soothing properties... especially for dog tummies! Manuka Honey USA offers the PUREST Manuka Honey at the BEST price in America!

What Is Manuka Honey?
Manuka Honey USA is the first and original Manuka Honey Company on the US East Coast, importing Authentic Manuka Honey since 1994, for 25+ years and counting. We have been helping tens and thousands of people and animals with internal and external ailments, to aid in resolving common issues, the natural way. We serve a small niche market with pure, raw, natural, un-pasteurized, Authentic Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil in the correct potency. Both the Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil are used for humans and animals for internal and external applications. Our Manuka Honey UMF® 16+ (mono-floral) is UMF® Lab Tested, UMF® Certified and UMF® Licensed, Lic. # 2238. MF Manuka Honey (multi-floral), is also lab tested for purity, authenticity and potency.

What is Manuka Honey, and Where Is It Harvested?
Manuka Honey is harvested from the flower of the wild, un-cultivated tea tree bush (leptospermum scoparium) in New Zealand . The more potent kind, Manuka Honey UMF®16 (UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor, which represents the natural anti-bacterial action in this honey, mono-floral), is typically harvested from the North Island of New Zealand. The less potent kind, MF Manuka Honey (mf stands for multi-floral), is usually harvested from the South Island. Both strengths of manuka honey are Lab Tested before packing, labelling and being shipped overseas to Manuka Honey USA’s Warehouse, located in Orlando, Florida.

Can Manuka Honey Help My Dog That Is Always Eating Something He or She Shouldn't?
Yes. Manuka Honey is well known for its soothing properties. Every so often dogs will get into something they are not supposed to eat, and can get ill very fast. The most obvious signs would be vomiting, diarrhea, sleeping all day, no energy, lethargic, glassy eyes, just not being him/herself. While calling a vet is important, don’t discount the benefits that Manuka Honey can offer!

So How else Can Manuka Honey Benefit My Dog?
Manuka Honey is well known for its soothing properties. If your dog is dealing with any gastro-intestinal issues, such as acid reflux, up-set stomach, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, then you could give your dog for example 3x 1 Teaspoon per day, attached to a dog treat. “Transporting” manuka honey on a piece of food, will help the manuka honey to linger longer in the gastro-intestinal tract, to be most beneficial for your dog. Always check with your local vet first, before giving any natural remedy to your dogs, as there could be other health issues involved…

What About Using Manuka Honey To Treat Wounds Or Skin Irritations?
Occasionally dogs will get hurt, anything from a minor cut in the paw, to getting hit by a car. Most folks will typically use antibiotic ointments, silvadene, cortisone etc, however, MF Manuka Honey from New Zealand is an all natural honey wound dressing, that a lot of people are still not familiar with. Its purity, potency and effectiveness has been widely researched, and proven to be very efficient in resolving any type of wound, usually faster than any other conventional man-made cream.

How Do I Apply Manuka Honey To A Wound Or Skin Issue For My Dog?
For serious wounds, make sure you have guidance from your local veterinarian. Most wounds your dogs will encounter, can be easily treated by conscientious owners. First gently cleans the wound with a sterile saline solution, or hose it with a soft water spray, apply some betadine. Spread some MF Manuka Honey onto a sterile gauze to the size of the wound, just like you spread a medium amount of honey onto a toast, not too much, not too little. Take the gauze with the MF Manuka Honey pre-attached, and apply directly to any opening in the skin (cut, burn, wound, sore, ulcer, scar, or on top of sutures of a fresh surgery scar.). Wrap bandages around the gauze, to help keep the manuka honey wound dressing in place. Change dressing once a day (or more), if the wound gets exposed to dirt, due to rolling in mud and sand.

Don’t Forget To Take “Before & After” Wound Photos!
We suggest taking photos “before”, “during” and “after” manuka honey dressing application, for your own records, so you can watch the progress. If you wish to share your photos with our readers, you may forward them to Elaine at manuka@manukahoneyusa.com, to share on their website and social media, in order to help other dog owners, dealing with similar issues. Once you have experienced for yourself, the natural beneficial properties of manuka honey, it may become your all-time favorite wound salve.

Is The Honey at Manuka Honey USA Tested For Quality and Natural Potency?
Yes! Manuka Honey comes in various strengths, less potent and more potent. The more potent kind, Manuka Honey UMF®16+ (mono-floral), is UMF® Lab Tested, UMF® Certified and UMF® Licensed, at one of the accredited laboratories in New Zealand, such as the Hills Laboratory. Our UMF® License Number is: 2238.

Is It True That Manuka Honey USA Has Turned Down Large Corporations? Why?
We have turned down millions of dollars, by not serving large corporations such as Wholefoods, Costco, GNC, Trader Joe etc. Why did we turn them down? Manuka Honey is collected from 2 small islands in the Pacific, and there is only a very limited amount of Authentic Manuka Honey available per year, per season. This is why we chose to remain a small family operated business, because we are not willing to “stretch” the product, dilute or miss-label it, to deceive unsuspecting customers, just to comply with the corporations price pushing policies.
If you see “cheap” manuka honey elsewhere, be aware that it has most likely been altered, and that it will not be as effective as UMF® lab tested, certified and licensed Authentic Manuka Honey.

So What Do Competitors Do To Their "Manuka" Honey That is Different?
Some companies are known to add clover honey into the mix, or kanuka honey, rewa rewa honey, tawari honey or any other type of honey that tastes “similar” to manuka honey, however it is not the real deal. The worst altered “manuka honey” is “produced” in Asia. They put water in a jar, a type of thickening agent, brown color, caramelized flavor, whip it up and label it as “manuka honey”. If you don’t know who you are dealing with, you have no clue what is in the jar. Invest your hard earned money wisely, and get the natural benefits manuka honey is world-famous for.

But I Can Find Cheaper Manuka Honey… Isn’t It All The Same?
Absolutely NOT! If you purchase manuka honey and manuka oil solely by comparing price on E-Bay, Amazon or any other online shopping channel, you will most likely be purchasing a diluted, altered, manipulated version of that product. When it comes to researching manuka honey, you need to focus on Product QUALITY. Manuka Honey USA operates their company with honesty and integrity, and does not make their decisions based on money and pure profits.

What Do Dog Owners Say About Manuka Honey From Manuka Honey USA?
“Our German Shephard got into something the other day, we are not quite sure what, he must have found something in the back yard. Whatever it was, it didn’t do well on his stomach, and it made him throw up. We remembered that manuka honey was good for an upset stomach, so we decided to give him some for a couple of days. It didn’t take very long for him to grab the leash, and ask to be taken out on a walk. He is back to his old self. Thank you for taking the time over the phone to explain to us in detail, how to give manuka honey to our dog”.  S.M. Seattle WA

“Unfortunately our large mutt (he weighs about 75 pounds), was hit by a car and was severely injured on his back right leg. His wounds and cuts were deep. The only thing our vet suggested, was to cut off his leg, and hope that he will make it. We see our pets as family members, and could not envision such drastic action, and the other “solution” would be to put him to rest. A nurse in our family heard about the incident, and told us to pack the entire leg with manuka honey, and wrap it up well. We reached out to your company, as we felt that your website and information came across as authentic and honest. We started packing on the honey, and the very next day, we could already see some progress, literally overnight. We saw increased circulation to the wound site, and some fresh blood, indicating new cells are being formed. We continued the manuka honey dressings on his leg, until he was completely healed, and even the fur grew back! But the biggest deal is, that he still has his leg! Thank you Elaine, and your team at Manuka Honey USA, for patiently guiding us over the phone, sometimes daily. We feel your love for animals, and our mutt Blacky is doing great today, because of your passion helping us”. K.J. Denver CO

Has Manuka Honey Been Researched For Its Natural Anti-Bacterial and Healing Properties?
Yes! The world-wide most well-known Manuka Honey Researcher is Dr. Peter Molan from the Honey Research Unit, at the Waikato University in New Zealand. Dr. Molan researched Manuka Honey, together with his students, for over 26+ years, and found that it seems to naturally help destroy staph, strep, helicobacter pylori (h. pylori), MRSA and VRE wound staph infection. He was as passionate about his research, as we are helping people and animals with gastro-intestinal issues (acid reflux, esophagitis, gastritis, up-set stomach, stomach ulcer, h. pylori, IBS etc.) and external natural wound care (1st, 2nd, 3rd degree burns, open bed sores, diabetic leg/toe/foot ulcers, amputation stomp wounds, or simply a natural honey dressing on top of surgery sutures, to help resolve infection. Manuka Honey is known as nature’s “natural antibiotic”. Unfortunately Dr. Peter Molan passed away September three years ago, and is no longer able to contribute his valuable research. Other scientists are continuing research on manuka honey in various countries around the world, in order to try to break the “secret code” of this mysteriously effective “natural anti-biotic”. We call it God’s miracle Honey…

Is It True That Manuka Honey USA Offers The HIGHEST Quality For the BEST Price?
YES! There are many companies offering altered, fake manuka honey at a lower price,  that is not true to label, in other words: “what’s ON the label, is NOT in the jar”. This is why you have to be very careful when researching and purchasing manuka honey, you literally get what you pay for it. You don’t want to loose your hard earned money, to a worthless product. So when you see these products being sold elsewhere, be aware that NONE offer the QUALITY, for the price that we do!

Where Can I acquire Authentic Manuka Honey In The USA?
Go to manukahoneyusa.com/shopYou and your dogs will enjoy the purest Authentic Manuka Honey at the very best possible price. To place your order over the phone today, or to ask any further questions you may have in your particular situation, our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will be happy to take the time, to answer any and all questions to your full satisfaction, before placing an order.
Note: Store Manuka Honey at room temperature, or a little cooler such as in a pantry, no refrigeration needed.

Contact: Elaine Schmid- CEO
8815 Conroy Windermere Road, Suite 229
Orlando, Florida 32825
Phone: 800-395-2196 or 407-271-8484
Email: Manuka@ManukaHoneyUSA.com
Website: manukahoneyusa.com

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