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Bottle Boot Nanny, by Lil Orphan Nannies
Lil Orohan nannies

Are you nursing your baby puppy or kitten and want to make it as easy as possible on your precious pet? If this is your situation, you need a Bottle Boot Nanny!

Do I Need A Bottle Boot Nanny Per Puppy (Or Kitten)?
We highly recommend that you have one boot per animal because each baby has its own scent and the fabric that the bottle boots are made of collects that scent. By having his or her own scent in the Bottle Boot Nanny your pet has a familiar place to return to time again to nurse. Your baby puppy or kitten is known to enjoy its own scent. If your pet has this opportunity to nurse from it’s own bottle boot he/she will be very reluctant to nurse from another baby's Bottle Boot. This is more with Kittens than puppies. Puppies will generally climb all over each other to get to any bottle boot available.

Another reason you should get a Bottle Boot Nanny for each is that often pets are hungry at the same time and if you have a Bottle Boot Nanny for each one it's extremely helpful. Our customers and even the founder of the company found this out the hard way, which is why we will be launching our Li'l Orphan Nannies Nursery Bag, which is not available now but will be soon. It's still in the developmental stages.

Are Bottle Boots Washable?
Yes! Just machine wash with detergent and tumble dry and they are good as new. The only part that cannot be put into water are the cords that wrap around the puppies bottle boots. The cords must be removed and just wiped with a damp washcloth to clean.

I Have A New Baby Pet; Can I Get A Bottle Boot Nanny Quickly?
Yes we can usually get them out the same day they are ordered or within a few days.

Do You Sell Replacement Bottles?
The bottles are not included. We use the PetAg 2 oz nursing bottle for the kittens and very small breed puppies. For medium and large breed puppies we use the PetAg 4 oz nursing bottle.

What Do Pet Owners Say About Bottle Boot Nannies?
Read our testimonials at our website!

Order Your Bottle Boot Nanny Today!
Nursing for your pet is so important to their development and we have sought to make the process as soothing as possible with our Bottle Boot Nanny! Our plush bottle boots lock in your pets scent and simulates the natural nursing process. So don’t let your beloved suffer needlessly! Order Today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
2618 Wolflin Ave. In Wolflin Square
Amarillo, Texas 79109
Phone: 806-355-7662
Email: karen@littleorphannannies.com
Website: lilorphannannies.com

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