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Communicate With Animals with Kristin Thompson
Kristen Thompson

Kristin can help you communicate with your animals in a way you never thought possible!

About Kristin
Says Kristin, "For as long as I can remember, I have adored animals. My favorite friends growing up were the dogs, cats, horses, hamsters and other domestic and wild animals that lived with our family and neighbors. I have always had a strong connection with animals, and have felt their feelings, thoughts, joys, pains in very real and deep ways. My life with animals has been joyous, healing and full of discovery.

Consultations In Person Or By Phone
A consultation whether in person or by phone is an opportunity for two-way telepathic communication with your animal friends. It can be interactive, enlightening and fun! Most animals are very willing and ready to communicate, and send information very quickly. They usually know when you made the appointment and are eagerly waiting for this opportunity as much as you are!
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Learn How to Communicate with Animals Basic Workshop
Several years ago, I had an incredible urge to understand and know my horse Woody on a different level, to better understand his personality and purpose in my life, and help him to be as happy as I could, since he brought me so much joy. I called an animal communicator, and was amazed at the information she shared with me from Woody! At that time I decided that this was what I wanted to be, what I wanted to do with my life...to bring animals and their people closer, with more understanding, love, hope and healing. I stu died with Penelope Smith in New York and California. I practiced, read and followed my own path, always with the goal to be a professional animal communicator. I thank all of the animals who have taught me so much, and continue to guide and teach me along my ever continuing journey."

What You'll Learn
Learn to find and develop the place inside yourself where you can connect telepathically with animals. Rekindle this innate ability to communicate with other species. Learn to be open to and experience animals' viewpoints, and the world from their perspective. Discover how you have already experienced telepathic communication with animals in the past and how to expand your experience and grow in these areas. Learn to center and focus your energy and send and receive communication with animal companions. Practice two-way communication with animal companions at the workshop and at home. Receive animals' feelings, thoughts and the essence of their being. Become aware of your successes and blocks to communicating telepathically with animals. Workshops are conducted in small groups with supportive and guiding energies. Relax and enjoy this unique experience that can open you further to share life and love with our animal companions.

What Do Kristin's Clients Have To Say?
"I am very pleased with your communicating with my cat Ginger. You were considerate of both my needs and those of Ginger. You took time to explain the theory and process of animal communication before you began. You really helped by interpreting the information and encouraging me to ask questions which made the process personal and individual. I was happy to know that she liked her new home."

"I have always been an animal lover. So when I had the opportunity to actually "communicate" with Charlie, my dog, I was thrilled and excited to do this. Though, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of having this done. However, Kristin was wonderful in communicating with Charlie. She was able to tell me things about Charlie that I would have never known. It was exciting to find out what Charlie had to say to me, and ask her questions of things that concerned me regarding her behavior and health. I can't believe she wanted her birthday party again! It was a fun experience, and it helped me to understand her so much better." Sylvia

"What a wonderful experience! The opportunity to communicate with Thunder truly made us feel closer to him. It made me realize he isn't just an animal, but more like a family member. Kristin, you made us feel comfortable with the experience and really made us understand our dog and what he went through before he came to be with us. It is nice to know he feels like a part of our family too! Thanks again."  Andrea

"Thank you, Kristin, for the consultation for my cat Charlie and I. Your abilities have heped us take our relationship to a new level! You told me so many things about his daily habits that my initial skepticism was instantly overcome. The information about his diet will add many healthy years to his life. I now feel like I really "know" Charlie, and his behavior towards me has become even more sweet and loving. He obviously feels much better now that he has made it clear who is in charge! (In case you were wondering - it isn't me!)" Nancy G.

Being able to have a 'conversation' with your beloved horse or family pet, is an experience the both of you will cherish for a lifetime. Working with Kristin is so reasonable, that EVERYONE can afford it!
Don't just "wish" that you could communicate better with your equine friend, pick up the phone and make an appointment with Kristin today and enjoy getting to know your horse better than you ever thought possible!

Session Prices
30-minute session - $45.00
60-minute session - $85.00
"In person" sessions - $95.00 for up to an hour - Plus reasonable travel costs

Contact: Kristin Thompson
PO Box 172
Newfane, New York 14108-0172
Phone: 716-778-6233
Email: kristin@communicatewithanimals.com
Website: www.communicatewithanimals.com

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