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KoolCollars, By Fill Me With Ice
Kool Collar

To often dogs are left to suffer due to heat either outside or inside, but they don’t have to suffer anymore thanks to KoolCollar a revolutionary dog-cooling collar.

About Our Company
Chad Watson founded Fill Me With Ice after a hunting trip with friends when there trip went tragically awry when two of the dogs succumbed to heatstroke. Out of that tragedy Chad was determined that the incident would never happen again and out of that tragedy came innovation in the form of KoolCollar. Chad Watson’s idea with his KoolCollar was to create a system that would actually simulate sweat for dogs. And, that’s just what it does. The collar holds ice that slowly melts, allowing cool water to drip down a dog’s chest across those large muscles and the heart. As the water evaporates, it cools the dog…keeping his core body temperature under control. And, the best news is…it works!

And, while every business owner dreams of their product taking off and being ‘the next big thing,’ what really matters to Chad Watson is that his collars are meeting a need and literally saving dogs lives. He and everyone who works with him are so committed to helping people protect their pets that he often donates collars to charitable organizations and disabled people who rely on service dogs in their everyday life. Their company vision is truly for the love of dogs. And, if Chad and his crew could share one message with dog owners and handlers everywhere it would be the company tag line…give your dog what he needs, but can’t ask for.

Our KoolCollar’s come in Small, Medium and Large sizes as well as various colors to suit your dogs personality. Here is some information about each size of our KoolCollar’s:

Small Kool Collar dog cooling collar comes in various colors. The cooling collar is adjustable 11" - 17 1/2" to fit most small breed dogs such as poodles and small terriers. Each small Kool Collar dog cooling collar purchase includes a pair of small Kool Tubes. Small Kool Tubes are used in pairs to maximize their cooling energy.

Medium Kool Collar in various colors. Adjustable 17 1/2" - 24" in length and fits most Working class dogs such as Labradors and Pointers up to about 75 - 80lbs. Each Kool Collar purchase includes one Kool Tube.

Large Kool Collar in various colors. This KoolCollar is adjustable 24" - 30 1/2" in length and fits most large breed dogs. Each Kool Collar purchase includes one Kool Tube.

Kool Tube
Kool Tubes are to be used anytime it is not practical to have your dog dripping water from using ice in the Kool Collar. Kool Tubes are perfect for traveling in the motor home, inside the house, car, truck, etc. The use of the Kool Collar and Kool Tubes in kennels and on puppies has also proven effective for reducing separation anxiety.

Each Kool Tube usually lasts about 30 - 50 minutes depending on the ambient temp, the dog's body heat and activity level. Kool Tubes are not intended for use outdoors. The cooling energy is enough to 'take the edge off' in reasonable indoor temps, but using ice inside the Kool Collar is the best way to thoroughly cool your dog outdoors. Using the Kool Tube that came with the original Kool Collar in addition to the 3 in the refill pack will allow for perpetual cooling (See Below). Simply cycle the thawed Kool Tubes back into the freezer after using. Your dog will love it! WE GUARANTEE IT!

How Does KoolCollar And Kool Tube Work?
The concept of the KoolCollar and the Kool Tube is simple and extremely effective. The KoolCollar has 2 different applications:

OUTDOORS when the KoolCollar is filled with ice. The melting ice runs down the front of the dog and not only offers a comfortable cool sensation, but also more importantly promotes evaporative cooling over the very vascular chest area of the dog. The action of the water evaporating cools the blood and the core temperature of the dog.

INDOORS with the KoolTube freezer tube. Use the KoolTube freezer insert anywhere you don't want water dripping from your dog as a result of melting ice. (As in the outdoor application) Common uses are inside your home, car, kennel, dog show applications, RV's, etc.

What Do Our Customers Say About KoolCollar’s?
I bought a couple KoolCollar’s for our two labs this past Jan. Last weekend (2nd weekend of April) it was in the low 80's and the dogs were laying in the shade panting away so I dug the collars and inserts out of the freezer (where they always are) and placed the collars on both our dogs. Within minutes the panting quit and both were cooled down. They really do work and will be used through out the Summer.
Bryan, Daisy and Gonzo

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! We have been looking for something that really works to keep our dogs cool for a long time. We bought 3 of your cool collars at the Portland Sportsman show and they REALLY work! We were not sure at first because we had tried those soak in water things before and they didn't work very good. The melting ice really makes our dogs happy to work in the heat. Thank you! We're telling all of our friends.
Linda M.

Order Your KoolCollar And Kool Tubes Today!
Your dogs should not be suffering in the heat when there is KoolCollar to keep your canine cool and happy. So don’t wait another moment, order today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
13504 NE 84th St. Suite 103-125
Vancouver, Washington 98682
Phone: 503-956-3784
Email: chad@koolcollar4dogs.com
Website: fillmewithice.com

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