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Kennel Deck For OUTSIDE Dogs!
Kennel Deck, Kenneldeck

If you have an outside dog, your dog needs a Kennel Deck. Dogs shown here with 2 Kennel Decks clipped together. Less than $65+ shipping makes the large deck above!

Kennel Deck
Kennel Deck is the perfect solution to providing a sanitary, yet comfortable surface for dogs who reside outside or  in cages, runs, and more. Kennel Decks flooring system for Pets provides a clean and proper solution for all types of dogs or other animals in a kennel or dog cage. Molded from high-density plastic resins, its unique construction allows for easy drainage and air circulation while maintaining a flat, non-skid surface for comfort. Kennel Deck is the excellent choice for raising your dog above less-desirable floorings such as dirt, or concrete, which can contribute to disease or bone problems.

What Are The Benefits Of The Kennel Deck?
Keeps dogs high and dry—and their dog bed dry too!
Prevents worn elbows
Helps prevent bone and disease problems
Cannot support insect life and keeps your dog away from burrowing ticks!
Resists mold, mildew and bacteria
Impervious to urine and feces
Will not absorb odors

How Durable Is The Kennel Deck?
Our decks are quite durable and last for years. The Kennel Deck also withstands dog chewing and is impervious to urine and feces. Our product also withstands extreme temperatures, will not fade in the sunlight and resists mold and bacteria.

Is The Kennel Deck Affordable And Easy To Install?
Absolutely! The cost a 2' x 4' section is $31.95 and increases slightly depending on amount and size. Our decks are easy to install and to clean! A doubledeck is plenty for a nice sized lab (as shown in the photos!)

The Kennel Deck Sounds Great! How Do I Order?
You can order right from our secure website, or contact us directly to order and address any further questions you may have.

Order Your Kennel Deck Today!
Give your canine friend something sanitary and comfortable to lounge on! The Kennel Deck is affordable, attractive and a must for any dog owner. So what are you waiting for? Order Today!

Contact: Kennel Deck
P.O. Box 1091
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48303-1091
Phone: 1-888-886-8801
Email: info@kenneldeck.com
Website: kenneldeck.com

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