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K9 KlearUp™
K9 KlearUp Dog Skin Care Products
K9 KlearUp™ is the natural effective solution for your dogs skin and coat problems!

What Are The Ingredients of K9 KlearUp™?
Current users of K9 KlearUp™ love how simple the ingredient list is. Many pet care products are filled with artificial preservatives (including parabens which have been linked to cancer), artificial chemicals to color, and even artificial chemicals to change product odor.

To save on costs, some companies even use substandard base ingredients that are banned in human products. And what's not good for us certainly can't be good for our best friends.

This product is pretty straight-forward - only six natural ingredients.
- Shea butter: Known for its ability to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, shea butter forms the base for K9 KlearUp™.
- Tepezcohuite: As the ingredient that does the real work, Tepezcohuite works with your dog's body to help build new skin and a healthy coat after injury.
- Vegetable emulsifier: This ingredient "smooths out" the Shea Butter / Tepezcohuite mixture, helping K9 KlearUp™ to absorb within about 10 seconds after application (really great for those lickers).
- Aloe Vera: Long-known for its exceptional skin-rejuvenation properties.
- Caprylyl Glycol: Tough to pronounce, but easy to understand, this ingredient has moisturizing properties that help soften and smooth the skin. It comes from coconut.
- Sorbic Acid: A natural preservative from the Mountain Ash tree.
Ultimately, it's these simple ingredients that make for a very effective product...

How Quickly Does K9 KlearUp™ Work and Is It Easy To Apply?
We know that it is tough to watch as your favorite pooch battles with annoying and uncomfortable skin problems. All your dog wants to do is spend time with you, play, eat, sleep a little, and if he's lucky, maybe get a special treat! But when skin problems come around, your pooch can't have fun because of the constant itching, scratching and painful irritation.

However, with K9 KlearUp™, your dog will be in a tail-wagging good mood back in no time. In fact, most of our customers report that their dog's skin is normal again within two to three days, sometimes even within 24 hours!

Also, what's nice about K9 KlearUp™ is that it is very easy to apply. All you need to do is rub a little bit of cream on the problem area a few times a day. That's it. Best of all, unlike some messy lotions, K9 KlearUp™ does not run, meaning less cleanup for you!

Will K9 KlearUp™ Help My Dog?
The more the word spreads about K9 KlearUp™, the more I get asked by concerned dog owners whether my product will help clear up their dog's problem. Now, it's important to note that I am NOT a veterinarian and do not have the ability to make any sort of diagnosis.

But what I can say is that, from what highly respected veterinarians, groomers, breeders and dog trainers tell me, not to mention the thousands of people who have used our product on their animal, when it comes to environmentally (food, water, air factors) or externally caused (cuts, scratches, burns, etc.) skin and coat issues, K9 KlearUp™ has a 95%+ success rate.

So will it work for every dog in every situation 100 percent of the time? No, of course not. K9 KlearUp™ has a 95%+ success rate. That's why we unconditionally guarantee that K9 KlearUp™ will work for your pet. Period.

Simply put, if your dog is part of that 5% that doesn't get any benefit from our product, simply email us and I will arrange to have it sent back - even if you've used the whole jar. We will promptly issue you a full refund of the purchase price PLUS the original shipping and handling you paid to get the product to you in the first place. That's something no other pet product company dares to match.

What Do Customers Say About K9 KlearUp™?
I recently treated a dog with a mild hot spot with a conventional steroid medication that was NOT working. I decided to try K9 KlearUp™ and with a few applications over three days, the hot spot disappeared. I then tried it on a cat with an acne issue. In this case as well, the steroid had no effect. K9 KlearUp™ did though. In about four days, the acne had completely cleared up. I like that the product really works, that it boasts a natural ingredient list and that it's very safe too.
Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM, Nelson Animal Hospital, Nelson, British Coumbia, Canada

Wow! Your product is really impressive. My little shih tzu had had a horrible rash underneath her chin for a few weeks. Nothing we tried worked. When I first found out about your product, I was a little skeptical but decided to try it out anyways... and I'm really glad I did. Within two days, the rash was almost gone. And funnily enough, on the third day, when it came time to apply the cream, she actually presented her chin to me as if she wanted to say, 'Put it on. It's so good for me'. I will definitely recommend your product to all of my clients.
Shane Morgan, Dog Trainer, British Columbia, Canada

I just have to say that this stuff is amazing. My dog Sasha had a spot on her behind that was a pretty good size. I debated on whether to take her to the vet or to order the K9 KlearUp™ product. So I broke down and bought the balm and am I glad I did. I really didn't know what she had but it didn't look good. I started applying the K9 KlearUp™ the minute I got it as she kept gnawing at her part which the spot was right next to. After a couple of days, I starting noticing a difference and at the end of 1 week, it was cleared up and no more gnawing. It didn't even bother me if she got any in her mouth from licking as I knew it wouldn't hurt her. Thank you so much for such a great product and I have been telling all my friends about this product.
Sheri Tyler, Binghamton, New York, USA

Order K9 KlearUp™ Today!
Taking care of your dogs coat and skin is vital to his or her health and well being. Make sure K9 KlearUp is on your shelf to tackle your dog's coat problems! For more information about our product and to place your order, please call us today!

Contact: Michael
PO Box 992, 600 Front St.
Lynden, Washington 98264
Phone: (604) 454-4277
Email: michael@k9klearup.com
Website: K9Klearup.com

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