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Earth Friendly Dog Gear By Jac Trac
Jac Trac Dog Collars and Leashes

At Jac Trac our dog gear encourages an active lifestyle for you and your dog.

About Our Company
At Jac Trac our dog gear encourages an active lifestyle for you and your dog.  The hands free leash assists you in gaining the confidence necessary for establishing your position as pack leader.  When we became consistent with our efforts, training was easy, fun and second nature.  We now enjoy an active lifestyle with our dog.  Uncontrollable behavior like pulling on the leash or dragging us around, are problems of the past.  Jac is still a challenge, however, we have confidence and control with him and that makes for a very exciting future.  

It was also important that our company maintain an active commitment to care as much for the environment as we do for our dog companions.  We use as many earth friendly materials as possible in our production process and constantly resource ways to ensure we continue to be environmentally responsible.  Moreover, our dog gear is handmade ensuring only the highest quality products.

Hands Free Leash
Now you can walk comfortably, run at your own pace and push a stroller with confidence because our Hands Free Leash allows you to engage in these activities and more, while establishing and maintaining yourself as pack leader.  The leash is designed to position your dog beside or behind you giving you the freedom, flexibility and control you want to have an enjoyable and worry-free walk with your dog.  The easily adjustable belt, fits snuggly around your hips for maximum support and strength.  The leash attaches securely to the back of the belt but can convert to a leash with a length of approximately 34" when disconnected. 

What Are The Benefits Of The Hands Free Leash?
Here are the benefits of the Hands Free Leash:

-Establishes your position as pack leader by walking consistently every day.  This will encourage a bond of trust between you and your dog.

-Eliminates pulling.  Your dog will have enough leash length to walk beside or behind you comfortably.  Pulling on the leash is not an option for your dog.

-You can choose the side your dog walks on depending on the safety of the situation and your comfort.

-You have free use of your arms and hands for other activities such as pushing a stroller, carrying groceries, taking photographs, or just having a coffee.

-The leash easily disconnects for times when you need or want to have your dog away from you.  This includes meeting and greeting other dogs as you want no leash tension in these circumstances.

Can I Use The Hands Free Leash With Multiple Dogs?
Absolutely! Just ensure that the dogs have each walked separately with the hands free leash so they understand the expectation of walking with you in the leadership position.You can walk with the dogs together on the same side, or position them on opposite sides, whatever is most comfortable for you and the dogs.  Be sure to adjust the leash length for each dog and allow for a little extra room for movement.  Make sure you check this before heading out with both dogs, as it is very important that the leashes remain loose.

Do You Offer Any Other Products?
You bet! Besides our Hands Free Leash we also offer the following products:

Natural Hemp Martingale Collar - An adjustable collar, which incorporates a section of chain gives, you control while training your dog or administering corrections. If you have ever struggled getting a martingale collar on and off, you know the frustration of adjusting it each time you use it.  Our collar offers you the unique feature of a buckle making putting it on and taking it off easy. 

Natural Hemp Collars - Your dog will love the natural comfort of this collar!  Completely adjustable and made with 1" wide 100% Hemp webbing and quality hardware, this collar goes from city streets, to back country, and always looks great!  Easily washable, these collars get softer and more comfortable with use, with the added bonus of being earth friendly.

Natural Hemp Leashes - Our leashes provide you with the comfort you are looking for in a leash along with the strength you rely on for safety and are available in various lengths.  Unlike nylon leashes, the handles will not cut into your hands making for a more enjoyable walk.  Available in the following lengths 6', 4' and an 18" traffic lead. Made with 1" wide 100% Hemp webbing and quality hardware, these leashes are washable and get softer and more comfortable with use, with the added bonus of being earth friendly.

What Do Customers Say About Our Hands Free Leash?
I use this leash to walk my 70lb black lab and it works much better then I thought it would. He is no longer in control of our walk, I am. As long as I'm moving he is at my side and he can't pull me over because he doesn't get my arm length when he lunges at every squirrel he sees. I highly recommend this leash for anyone who loves to walk their dog and not have their dog walk them.
Oregon, United States
I had to let you know that I used your hands-free leash on Emily's morning walk.  It is a revelation.  It only took her a few blocks to get comfortable with it.  By the time we got to the park, she was trotting right beside me, happy as a clam.  This is going to go a long way in saving my lower back and right arm from the strain of her constant pulling.  This is the best Christmas present every!  I will use it as a training tool to help re-establish myself as a pack leader and I think she will be more content with it.
Manitoba, Canada  

Order Your Hands Free Leash And Other Jac Trac Products Today!
Take the hassle and struggle out of walking your dog with our Hands Free Leash! Our selection of Natural Hemp Collars and Natural Hemp Leashes will allow you to pick a more traditional option, if you prefer, while being earth friendly! Made with 100% Hemp Webbing and quality hardware, our leashes are washable and get softer and more comfortable with use. So what are you waiting for? Order Today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
95 Sunmount Crescent S.E.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2X 2G3
Phone: 1-866-887-3647
Email: info@jactrac.ca
Website: www.jactrac.ca

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