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Quality Pet Portraits By Iconic Dog
Quality Pet Portraits by Iconic Dog

You know how much you love your dog and now, thanks to Iconic Dog, you can commemorate that love into a beautiful dog portrait.

About Iconic Dog
Gwen Rosewater of Iconic Dog, talks about her experience and her process:

I attended the California College of Arts and Crafts and graduated in 1987. Aside from thirty years as a portrait painter, I have an extensive background as a textile artist, and have shown my work in major galleries and taught classes in color and composition in that field. But portraiture is my first love, and being a confirmed animal lover, its seems natural to use them as my subjects.

In my animal portrait work, I like to bring my background in textiles to play by creating pictures that are boldly patterned and visually arresting. I don’t work by any formula-each of my painting is very carefully thought out so as to show the individual dog or cat to the most striking advantage I can think up.

The Portrait Process
Gwen explains her portrait process:
The first step in the process is to get good photographs for me to work from. We can discuss the painting in detail after I've seen your photos. I like to paint a stylized background, which says something about the personality of your dog.

When we speak, you can tell me about your dog's personality, and we'll think about how it might be reflected in the painting. I also want to hear about your tastes. What colors do you like? What sort of design motifs would work with your home? Are there any particular flowers or plants that you love?

Gwen’s process is a collaborative one; she makes sure that you are a part of the process right from the very beginning.

What Materials Are Used For The Portrait?
Gwen uses oil paints for all of her dog figures. She sometimes uses acrylic for parts of the background, sometimes oil exclusively. Gwen paints on high quality stretched canvas with deep, unstapled edges. The edges are painted, which allows them to be hung either framed or unframed.

How Long Is The Portrait Process And How Much Does It Cost?
How long it takes depends on Gwen’s schedule and the complexity of the portrait, but generally your painting will be shipped within two months. Prices start at $300 for a small (10" x10") painting and range up to $2000, plus shipping, for a 20" x 24" portrait with an elaborate background. For more than one pet in a single painting, the price will be approximately 30% higher for each additional animal. Gwen will be happy to speak with you to come up with something that works for your budget.

What Do Customers Say About Iconic Dog Portraits?
Thank you for the beautiful painting of my Guido. Your painting will be proudly displayed in my home and will be cherished. I have made a change in my will to state that at my wake the painting is to be placed in my casket along with Guido's ashes.
 Joe Lascola

The portrait of Fig that I have in my office has made several people actually weep from it's beauty. Your portraits are just amazing!
Fonda McClair

Gwen, thank you so much for putting your heart into the painting. It's better than I could ever have imagined!
Heidi Charest

Order Your Iconic Dog Portrait Today!
Commemorate the love you have for your dog with a beautiful portrait that will last a life time. As Gwen states,

My goal always is to create something truly beautiful that has lasting value not just as a likeness of your dog, although a perfect likeness is my guarantee, but as a work of art.
You won’t get dedication like that from anywhere else, so don’t wait any longer, order today!

Contact: Gwen 
Phone: 707-431-2204
Email: gwen@iconicdog.com
Website: iconicdog.com/

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