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The Horgan Dog Harness
Horgan Dog Training Harness

The Horgan Dog Harness is a veterinarian designed harness that utilizes the natural physiology of your dog to provide a safer, more effective way to leash train your dog for walks

How Did The Horgan Harness Come To Be?
Maddie is a loving 10 year old pit bull rescue and the inspiration for the Horgan Harness.
One evening back in 2008, Dr. Horgan saddled up Maddie in her standard harness and off they went for their daily walk (or maybe we should say that she was walking him!). At 60 pounds, Maddie is very powerful and Dr. Horgan was the only person in the family capable of even attempting to walk her. Collars were always choking her and a standard 'comfy fit' harness was the only option that would allow her to NOT gag herself when walking.

Suddenly, she saw a stray cat & decided to take off in its direction. Even though Dr. Horgan grabbed her leash to hold her back, the effort was pointless and Maddie was long gone down the street.
Five minutes later Maddie had taken out most of the neighbors ground lighting with the leash dragging behind her and the cat luckily got away...this time. As Dr. Horgan laid on the ground staring up at the stars with a shooting pain coming from his right shoulder (he has since recuperated), he realized what the problem was: dogs use their back legs for power. All of the products on the market today, that are designed to control pulling, attach to the front part of the body. This is like applying the brakes to a moving car. However, a harness that could prevent the power from being generated from the back legs would be like shutting off the engine.

So How Is The Horgan Harness Different From Other Harnesses?
The patented Horgan Harness is different from other harnesses in several different ways. Most importantly, the Horgan Harness is designed to control the dog from the back legs, rather than the front of the dog like every other harness. As many people do not realize, 70% of a dog’s strength come from the back legs. The Horgan Harness is designed to control pulling at the source, without choking or inflicting pain on the dog. Also, unlike most harnesses, the Horgan Harness was created by a board certified surgeon and critical care veterinarian extremely knowledgeable in the anatomy and physiology of the dog.


Great For Dog Training
Extremely Comfortable For Your Dog
Simple Design For Easy Application
No More Pulling or Jumping
Will not throw your dog off balance like front leg harnesses
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Is It Easy To Train My Dog To Use The Horgan Harness?
Yes, it is easy to train dog’s to use the horgan harness. Many dogs are trained off the Horgan Harness. In fact, we sell the horgan harness to many dog trainers world wide. Dog's adapt extremely well to the Horgan Harness.

What About Multiple Sizes --For Even Small Dogs?
Yes, you can get a Horgan Harness for your little dog too.  We understand that the Trachea of small dogs is particularly vunerable  The Horgan Harness comes in four different sizes. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. The small fits dogs as little as 5 pounds.
What Do Dog Owners Say About The Horgan Harness?
We have so many wonderful Testimonials, here are a few: 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this harness! I used it today for the first time and truly enjoyed walking my 5 year old Brittany, Marley. I have tried nearly everything to stop the pulling, with no luck. I am actually excited for our walk tomorrow. I will be a customer for life!
Ashley from New Jersey

This is the ONLY thing that has worked for my 95 pound lab and I think I had tried them all. My dog seems to like it too - he looks like a proud horse with it on! On a recent hike a squirrel jumped out close to him - he lunged for it and the harness immediately collapsed his back legs. Without this harness I would have been pulled to my knees. I am going to add a sleeve of lamb's wool or something to the leg loops since he is a shorthair and on longer walks his skin gets a little irritated. Thank you so much for this humane and effective solution!
Gloria from Centennial Colorado.

Awesome product! I have an 80 lb Belgin Malnois with turbocharged hind quarters. We didn't walk before the Horgan Harness, we wrestled our way up and down the road. I ordered the Horgan Harness out of sheer desperation, hoping that this would be the item that did what it said it would do. Sheila was excited when I opened the box. She knew it was for her and could not wait to have it put on. Making a long story short, she loved the harness at first sight (imagine!) and we merrily went for a w a l k. Amazing. Thank you for this wonderful product.
Marnie, North Carolina

Is The Horgan Harness Affordable?
Yes! Being in control is not only peace of mind- but it is freedom from the liability worry that your dog could get loose during a walk with tragic results! With affordable prices starting at $29.95- $39.95 and a small fee for shipping, there is NO reason why every dog and owner can't enjoy the peace of mind and safety that the Horgan Harness affords dogs and the families that love them. Call today-- you'll be so glad you did.
Contact: Our Friendly Staff
14220 SW 24th Street
Davie, Florida 33325
Phone: 954-789-9580
Email: HorganHarness@gmail.com
Website: HorganHarness.com

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