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HomeoPup Homeopathy Kit
HomeoPup Dog Homeopathic Kit

HomeoPup Homeopathy Kit- the affective, alternative health care approach for your dog.

About Karen Cohen, Founder of Horse Homeopathy...
When I was a small child I was fascinated with animal behavior and medicine. Karen graduated from Chiropractic college in 1981 but, having her first baby at home, she became involved with the home birth movement in Santa Cruz, California and worked as an assistant midwife, attending births for a number of years.

In 1988 Karen became interested in the study of Homeopathy and enrolled in the International Foundation of Homeopathy Professional course. This was to be a blessing, as her third child was born with a fairly serious birth defect, tracheoesophageal fistula; his esophagus ended in a blind pouch that was not attached to his stomach, which was corrected by surgery.

Still this infant was plagued with a terrible cough. Using her knowledge of Homeopathy, Karen was able to consult Homeopathic experts who were able to put together a remedy that stopped the terrible coughing and actually helped in the repair and development of her child. Since that time Karen has made Classical Homeopathy her passion and life's pursuit and she is sharing her expertise and knowledge to horse and dog owners throughout the nation. She has 2 wonderful businesses: HorseHomeopathy and HomeoPup serving the nation.

What is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a system of health care which concentrates on care of the whole person or animal by methods that are specific, gentle and sympathetic to the body's needs. Homeopathy is based on the utilization of specially prepared, refined dilutions of natural substances to trigger a healing response in the organism.The word "homeopathy" is derived from two Greek words: homoios (like) and pathos (suffering).

How Is Homeopathy Different From Medicines Or Herbs?
Homeopathy is a unique form of medicine, and homeopathic remedies are very different from herbs, vitamins, or drugs. The basic principal of homeopathy is that "like cures like”: that a substance that causes certain symptoms when taken in large doses can resolve those symptoms when taken in minute, specially prepared forms. Because the substances used in homeopathy are extremely small, there are no side effects, adverse reactions, or contraindications. The remedies are generally considered completely safe for all species of animals. The smallest amount of medicine is used to simply "initiate" healing.

Can A Small Dose Really Have Such A Powerful Effect?
Yes it can! Homeopathic remedies can be thought to have a resonant effect on the body. Similar to the way in which a specific note, played on the violin in a specific octave, can have an effect on the molecular structure of a wine glass, the homeopathic remedy which exactly resonates with the symptom picture of an individual will have a catalytic effect, triggering a systemic response in the patient. The response is strengthening to the individual from the inside out. Our testimonials leave no doubt!

What Sets HomeoPup Products Apart From Competitors?
The HomeoPup Kit is the only kit on the market that contains high potency professional quality remedies specifically chosen to be the most effective therapy for a large number of conditions commonly seen in dogs. These high potency remedies cannot be purchased over the counter at healthfood stores.  Dr. Cohen has integrated historical information from homeopathic veterinarians and combines that knowledge with her extensive clinical experience. The HomeoPup collection of remedies is clinically effective and unique.

How Are These Products Formulated?
The remedies in the HomeoPup kit are formulated at Hahnemann Labs and, thanks to pharmacist Michael Quinn,  are offered to you at a cost unavailable if you were to purchase the remedies directly. Leading Homeopathic physicians from the United Sates and around the world rely on the high quality of the homeopathic remedies produced by Hahnemann Laboratories. Following very carefully the standards established by the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS) and the regulatory requirements of the FDA, we exceed these requirements by using procedures we have designed to guarantee you that our remedies are the finest available. 

Is Karen Available For Consultation If I Need Help?
Karen Cohen, D.C. CCH is available for consultation for difficult cases.  Dr. Cohen is dedicated to the education of the dog owner and the booklet and website provide guidelines for effectively using the HomeoPup kit. In some cases the owner might wish to consult as treatment is specific to the individual puppy or dog and detailed information is often necessary.  Consultations can be scheduled for an additional charge.

Can I Use The HomeoPup Kit In  Conjunction with Other Supplements?
The remedies in the HomeoPup kit can safely be used with other horse supplements and will not interact or change the effectiveness of conventional medications.  The use of homeopathy is safe and fully compatible with veterinary medicine.?
What If My Dog Has Had An Accident or Injury?
Eventually most puppies or dogs will suffer a minor injury. High potency Arnica can decrease the severity of an injury decreasing bruising and swelling.  It is also useful for the shock that accompanies injury or trauma. It is used primarily for muscle soreness and bruising due to blunt trauma but also can be useful as a first approach to overstrain. Arnica prevents the development of bruises and hemorrhages, hastens healing and can prevent septic infections from occurring after an injury. The dog who needs Arnica will feel sore, might limp or resist approach due to anticipation of pain. Arnica can help to calm the dog that is afraid to be touched or vetted after an injury.
General indications or modalities:
        Painful to the touch and fear or apprehension about being touched
        The dog has a hard time finding a comfortable position
        Worse with motion but better after continued motion

Conditions that respond to Arnica:
Bruising; shock; accidents/mechanical injuries; fear of touch and being approached; over-exertion/sprains; mental trauma or grief; high fever with hot head and cold body.

Dosage: Give one dose. For severe acute conditions the remedy can be given every fifteen or twenty minutes. Stop when you see improvement and do not repeat again until symptoms recur.
Example: One canine patient jumped off a high ledge.  He was very sore and held one paw up and was unable to walk without a pronounced limp.  One dose of Arnica calmed him and he was able to get comfortable in the car on the way to the vet.  Thankfully he did not have a fracture and the swelling and bruising was minimal and he was able to recover in a short time without any lasting effects of the fall.

What If My Dog Has Allergic Skin Eruptions or Allergies?    
Apis mellifica is a remedy that is very useful in treating common acute skin problems in dogs
Apis is good for skin eruptions that are hot, red, swollen and itchy or burning such as hives and conditions that feature heat and swelling such as hot spots.

NOTE: The dog that needs Apis might be restless, and irritable or sullen and depressed.  Even though the condition feels hot to the touch the dog might not be very thirsty.  The dog might not be able to find a position of comfort and appear agitated.

General indications for the use of Apis for you dog include:

* Hot  red and shining spots, Swelling

* The dog feels worse with heat or touch

* the dog is more uncomfortable in the sun and heated rooms

* the dog might feel better from cold applications or cool fresh air

* The symptoms can come on very suddenly.

Conditions that respond to Apis:
Hot spots, burns, hives, insect bites and stings.  Swelling of the tongue, eyes, ears, or limb especially when the swollen part feels warm to the touch.  Apis can be useful in swelling of the mammary nipples or genitalia. Apis also treats edema and can be used in conditions of internal swelling.

Dosage: Give one dose.  For severe acute conditions the remedy can be given every fifteen or twenty minutes.  Stop when you see improvement and do not repeat again until symptoms recur.

What If My Dog Has Digestive (Indigestion) Problems?
Dogs are natural scavengers and often eat things that will cause indigestion, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Primary use: from bad food or water or overeating in dogs with an irritable temperament. Also very useful if your dog eats a toxic plant of food like chocolate or has a bad reaction from a drug.  A remedy for dogs that have super sensitive stomachs and get sick or have diarrhea any time their diet is changed.

Dogs that need Nux vomica have an irritable and sensitive temperament.  They might be overly sensitive to noise, light and other stimulus.  When in pain they are jumpy, angry, or they can be depressed and resentful and not want to be touched.  The type of colic that responds to Nux vomica is often brought on by overeating, or eating bad food or water.  Dogs that need Nux vomica will often have diarrhea with any change in their food.  You might see diarrhea after a change in the diet.  There might be strong spastic contractions, and urging without the ability to pass stool.  The bowels might be blocked and strong spasms and straining are the result.  In addition there might be intestinal rumbling and gurgling.  The intestines can also be bloated.  Constipation, nausea, retching, diarrhea and intussusception (the dangerous telescoping of the bowel) all are symptoms that might be helped by Nux vomica.

The dog that needs Nux vomica is often in a bad mood and is very sensitive to any kind of stimulus including touch, noise and light and strong odors.  They often walk around slowly, are restless. Think of this remedy if there is restlessness, sensitivity, and indigestion.

Note: Nus vomica is also a good remedy for exposure to toxins, poisonous plants or drugs.  Generally these exposures will result in the typical Nux vomica picture of spasms, sensitivity and irritability. Nux can be life supporting if your dog has ingested a toxic substance – it can be given immediately to your dog on your way to the vet.

General indications or modalities:
*  Indigestion or colic with strong spasms
* Constipation with straining
* Dull pain or violent pains
* Irritated and worse from touch.  Worse at 3-4 am.
* The dog is chilly and will seek a warm spot or improve with heat
* Better from strong pressure  Better after a nap.

Dosage:  Give one dose every 30 minutes or more frequently if symptoms are severe.  Reduce dosage to one time a day.  Stop when you see improvement and do not repeat again until symptoms recur.

If Your Dog Is Suffering From Any Health Issue or Concern, Be Sure To Order Your HomeoPup Kit Today!
The HomeoPup Homeopathy Kit offers an effective alternative approach to health care for your dog. It works with your dog's body to help overcome and alleviate health problems that can arise. Be sure to call and put in your order today!

Contact: Karen Cohen, D.C. CCH
1709 Seabright Ave
Santa Cruz, California 95060
Phone: (831)425-1422
Email: homeopup@gmail.com
Website: HomeoPup.com

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