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Heidi Wright  Critter Connections, Animal Communicator & Reiki Master
Heidi Wright Animal Communicator

Heidi is often referred by nationally known animal communicator- Amelia Kincade

About Heidi
Please be sure to have a peek at Heidi's web site for much more information, details about Heidi works, and to book a session.  Her web site is located at CritterConnections.net. .Heidi recalls having intuitive and telepathic abilities from childhood. Her first career was in law enforcement.   It was there she was told to listen to her "gut instinct".  She used her intuition to stay safe, and also to investigate cases.  She became aware of her empathic, telepathic, and clairvoyant abilities while working road patrol, and quietly worked to cultivate and improve those gifts.   In 1994 she studied and trained with Jack Schwartz of the A.L.E.T.H.I.A. Institute in San Francisco to improve her intuitive skills, and use them more consciously.

After more than 13 years as a California Highway Patrol Officer, she was injured on duty and retired.  After retirement she continued to read and study about alternative healing methods and psychic phenomena.  She received training in Huna techniques and the Silva Method from Dr. Latourrette at the Sports Training Institute in Medford, Oregon.  She later became a Reiki Master in both Usui and Tibetan Reiki, and has since received additional training and other specialized attunements.   She has had great success using Reiki on herself  for pain control, and doing Reiki sessions with animals.   Heidi also became an ordained minister as a part of her Reiki studies, and offers animal blessings following the teachings of St. Francis.

Heidi's desire to help a particular horse led her to attend an Animal Communication workshop with Author, International Speaker, and Celebrity Animal Communicator Amelia Kinkade. During the workshop she discovered the depth of her abilities, and with Amelia Kinkade's encouragement and endorsement, became a professional animal communicator.   She has since taken over Miss Kinkade's private practice, and consults with clients from all over the world.  In 2006, Heidi was featured in the book, 'The Language of Miracles' by Miss Kinkade (with forward by Dr. Bernie Siegel), and began making regular guest star appearances as an animal communicator on a hit TV show in Japan ("Genius! Mr. Shimura's Animal Land).

Heidi would love to help you connect with your animal friends to achieve understanding and communicate feelings.   While she welcomes testimonials and letters of recommendations, she will also maintain strict client confidentiality so you don't have to worry what someone will think if you talked to a "pet psychic."  She includes Reiki with each animal communication session.    She will help you identify the motivation behind animal behavior, can relate physical feelings the animal is having, helps with transitions such as moving or bringing a new animal into the home, and enhances relationships through assisting human-animal understanding.

While she is not a doctor and will not diagnose illness, by relating what the animal feels, you can tell your Vet 'where it hurts' so they can be treated.   She will also negotiate between human and animal to reach understanding and harmony in relationships.  She will happily refer you to books, tapes, and resources she has studied so you can benefit from her experience.   Heidi is now teaching her own workshops in which she uses all her skills to help students on the 'fast track' to tapping into and using their own intuitive abilities.

Heidi's Sessions
Heidi will do phone sessions, and will make house calls in her vicinity.  When Heidi works a case, you not only get the time spent together or on the phone, but prior to doing sessions she spends up to several hours of her own time to connect with the persons and animals, ask questions, and uses Silva methods and Reiki to heal the situation.

Because Heidi spends time with your animal before the phone session, there is more opportunity for information exchange and clarification during the phone sessions.  The phone sessions usually last up to one hour.  

With all the recent publicity in books, magazines, and TV, Heidi's time is in demand more than ever.  She triages cases based upon the order they came in, the urgency of the matter, and if fees have been received.  Heidi does not spend any fees before working on a case, but does require they be received before she will begin working.  While experience has dictated that fees be received before she will work on a case, you can schedule a session while you are waiting for payment to arrive in the post if you wish.

What You Get With Each Consultation
Reiki sessions for your animal to help with physical and emotional issues
Animal blessings (following St. Francis) 
Phone session (or house call) where we go over the information received.
One more reiki session for the animal after the phone session
Heidi's personal time spent with your animal(s) before the phone session. 
Heidi looks forward to hearing from you and hopes to help you and your animals reach a better understanding of each other so that you can have a more fulfilling relationship. If you don't the answers to your questions here or on her web site, please feel free to write to Heidi.  She will answer you just as soon as possible.  Don't hesitate to call today!   A better relationship with your animals is just one session or workshop away!
Give Heidi a Call Today!

Contact: Heidi Wright
PO Box 482
Malin, Oregon 97632
Phone: 530-640-0686
Email: heidi@critterconnections.net
Website: www.critterconnections.net

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