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Animal Communication By Heartwind Healing
Michelle Molotte, Heartwind Healing.

Michelle is an animal communicator, medium and a surrogate voice.

About Michelle Molotte
Michelle Molotte shares her story of how she discovered she had intuitive ability:

Since I was a young girl I have known that I could communicate with animals, I just didn’t know it wasn’t the “norm”!  I would have lengthy conversations with them and if any animal was hurt, I would see myself healing it.  I have always felt such compassion and empathy for people and animals I knew I was born to help people, I just didn’t know how.  I have studied psychology, metaphysics and science at the same time working as a dog and cat groomer and a horse trainer and horse owner, this has brought me many great conversations with animals!  I had known that grooming wasn’t my gift, I had more to offer and I couldn’t figure it out!  In 2003 the answers started coming to me and with some denial and a lot of excitement and wonder, my gift was presented to me (actually I paid attention) and I have been working with intuition to help serve and connect people and their pets.  After a session I find myself completely energized and grateful for the opportunity to share what I have been given, a gift of service! 

What Services Does Michelle Offer?
Michelle Molotte is an Intuitive Consultant, Animal Communicator, Speaker and Trainer.  As an Animal Communicator, Michelle has helped resolve pet performance and behavioral issues for all breeds of animals.  She conveys valuable information regarding training, medical and support needs.  Michelle can help you and your pet with:

    Clarification of your animal's feelings and behaviors
    Help with performance and show animals
    Opportunity to ask questions and get direct answers
    Enhance learning and training
    Information to provide to Veterinarians
    Assistance with wellness care
    A deeper relationship with your companions
    Comfort during difficult times

She works with you and your animal companions to see the link between their behaviors and actions and your behaviors and actions, creating a harmonious relationship! As an Intuitive Consultant, Michelle uses guided inner wisdom to help people step into the mastery of their life!  She helps bridge the gap between merely surviving to full out thriving!

Can Michelle Do A Reading On My Horse?
Absolutely! Michelle has been involved in the horse world for over 22 years.  Michelle’s passion for horses has her involved in the disciplines of: reining, western pleasure, cow sorting and trails.  She believes that the horse is as energetically tuned into the human energy field as a dolphin is, creating understanding, healing and a bond that undeniable.

What About My Other Pets, Can Michelle Help Me With Them?
You bet! Michelle has been involved in the dog world for over 35 years.  Michelle has owned a successful dog and cat grooming business for over 16 years this has allowed her to have great communication and an understanding of the pet’s behaviors and concerns.  While working with the pets and talking with their owners, she has discovered an emotional and physical link between them showing up as illness, disability, behavioral problems and much more.

Contact Michelle Molotte Today!
Whether you are grieving the loss of a pet or just need help with one of your pets, Michelle is here to help! Michelle uses her intuitive abilities to provide behavioral counseling and she can also help bring you closure by communicating with a pet that has passed on. So no matter what your communication needs, Michelle is there for you! So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Contact: Michelle Molotte
41812 212th Ave SE
Enumclaw, Washington 98022
Phone: 360-200-5884
Email: heartwindhealing@yahoo.com
Website: heartwindhealing.com

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