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Fundle®, By Gramercy Distribution Inc.
Fundle distributed by Gramercy Distribution Inc.

You love to take your furry friend with you wherever you go and thanks to Fundle® by Gramercy Pet Boutique, it is easy to carry your puppy!

About Our Company
Gramercy Pet Boutique is a retail section of Gramercy Distribution, Inc. Gramercy Distribution, Inc. was established in 2005 to introduce the most advanced dog supplies from all over the world to the US consumers. We are determined to keep our eyes open to search out innovative products that will make our beloved pets' lives comfortable. Pets are family. When they are comfortable and happy, it makes us happy! We are located in the heart of New York City, in the Gramercy Park district. We are a member company of American Pet Products Manufactures Association since 2006.
Fundle® is the most comfortable, safe and convenient hands-free pet carrier available in the market. Does your pet resist going into your carrier? Well, try Fundle®. Your pet will jump right into it. Fundle® is not just an ordinary pet carrier. It's an art!  As it is engineered to fulfill the physical and behavioral needs of your pet, Fundle® accommodates you and your pet with the superior comfort and style.  Its patented design and a wide range of colors and patterns satisfy the pets and owners who know the best. Stylish, affordable, and most importantly comfortable the Fundle® is a must for any dog owner!

What Makes Fundle® Unique?
Fundle® is unique because we have designed a product that will comfort your pet almost as well as you can. Fundle® holds your pet exactly the same way you hold your pet. The pipe shaped cushion pads surrounding the opening are replicated human arms in order to provide physical comforts as well as psychological security. Your pet feels like held by your arm while resting his/her chin on the pads.  As Fundle holds your pet close to your body, it not only minimizes the rocking which causes stress on your pet, but also gives your pet peace of mind.
The Science Behind Fundle®
Fundle®'s scientific design induces the most comfortable sitting position for your pet. Your pet has the natural tendency to stick his/her head out from a confined space to see the outside. This behavior causes your pet to stand up in most carriers and gives unstable position to your pet. Fundle® satisfies your pet's curiosity by providing an inclined bottom so that your pet can see the outside without standing up and keep the most comfortable sitting position. This patented design provides the ultimate comfort and safety for your pet!

Is Fundle® Easy To Take Care Of?
Absolutely! This product is easy to clean and take care of. To wash the Fundle® simply:
        Place Fundle® in a laundry net (turn Fundle® inside out)
        Wash in warm/cool water on gentle cycle with mild detergent with like colors
        No bleach
        Hung dry only -- No tumble dry
What Do Our Customers Say About Fundle®?
Our Chihuahua, Mr. Q loves Fundle!! I think he is very comfortable in it. Because the shoulder strap is very soft, I don't feel pressure and it is so easy to carry Mr. Q around the town. The stylish but less gender conscious design doesn't embarrass my husband carrying the bag. We love this bag so much. Thanks to Fundle, now Mr. Q comes with us all the places.           
W. B. (New York, NY)
Order Your Fundle® Today!
Don’t leave your pet at home when it is so easy to take your furry friend with you wherever you go. With Fundle® you can easily walk around with your pet with no strain on you and total comfort for your dog. So don’t wait another minute, order today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
PO Box 36
New York, New York 10159-0036
Phone: 212-505-0320
Email: info@gramercydistribution.com
Website: gramercypet.com

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