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Quality Dog Food By Good Dog Food Company
The Good Dog Food Company

The goal of The Good Dog Food Company is to make the dogs you love happier and healthier by giving them the safest and most nutritious food available.

About Good Dog Food
Jillian & Ian, a couple who met in culinary school, started The Good Dog Food Company. After realizing the lack of freshly prepared dog foods on the market, they combined their two mutual passions: exceptional food and their bulldog, Trucker. After collaborating with veterinarians, veterinary nutritionists, and a master herbalist, they developed a canine cuisine unmatched in quality, nutritive value, and taste. By sharing their professionally formulated and vet recommended recipes they hope to better the health of your dog with an incredibly nutritious diet that will get your companion as excited about mealtimes as you are! These are freshly prepared meals for the family member whose diet may be getting overlooked. 

Good Dog Food
Good Dog Food is made from scratch using only the best human-grade ingredients available and is prepared in a family-owned USDA facility run by a third generation butcher in Eagle Point, Oregon. In our original recipe, Trucker's Mutt-loaf, we use all-natural grass-fed USDA inspected beef sourced from small farms in Oregon. Our future recipes will always have a quality and locally sourced meat such as this as our primary ingredient, and we will always know all the farmers who supply to us. To this we add a variety of organic whole grains, such as brown rice, barley, and bulgur, as well as organic healthy vegetables. Finally, we mix in our unique blend of beneficial nutrients derived from natural sources. The ingredients of this blend include healthful oils, organic flax meal, almond meal, dried kelp, and trace minerals, as well as wild-crafted herbs. As important as what we include in our food is what we don't include. All Good Dog Food is made without byproducts, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and is corn free, wheat free, and soy free. The freshness of our ingredients is what we take the most pride in, and we welcome you to research any of our ingredients so you can see how passionate we are about quality.

How Do I Store Good Dog Food?
After the food is prepared it is vacuum-packed and frozen to maintain freshness. It will last indefinitely in your freezer or up to seven days in the refrigerator, once thawed and opened, but it is best to feed Good Dog Food as soon as possible after opening. Food can certainly be refrozen for later use without compromising quality. We are convinced that the benefits of our freshly prepared, hand-packed dog food are superior to those of canned food and kibble. With our processes we are able to lock in nutrients and retain freshness in a way that dry and canned foods can't match. We add all of our supplements after the cooking process so the beneficial nutrients are never exposed to heat and we have no need for preservatives because our food is perishable.

Why Is Grass-Fed Beef Better?
Grass-fed beef is healthier than grain-fed for many reasons. It is lower in saturated fat, is much less likely to be contaminated with E. Coli, and it has the proper ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids. Additionally, grass-fed beef has far more Beta Carotene, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A than grain-fed. Grass-fed beef is also better for the environment, because of the symbiotic relationship between cows and grass. Grain is a very unnatural food for cows, and is not digested easily by their systems.

How Should I Transition To Good Dog Food?
Good Dog Food is made fresh using only wholesome ingredients, so we have yet to see the food visibly disrupt any dog’s digestive system, even when making an immediate switch. It is generally recommended when altering you dog’s diet, however, to make the transition over about five days, since dogs can only develop one set of digestive enzymes at a time. By gradually incorporating Good Dog Food into his existing diet over this amount of time, your dog will have time to develop a new set of enzymes for the new ingredients. You should have no fears that no matter which method you choose your dog will quickly become well adjusted to his new diet, and will likely be demanding it!

What Do Customers Say About Good Dog Food?
Jillian! My dogs are going crazy over the your dog food!!! I mixed it with their dry food and I think they are going to lick a hole through the bottom of their bowl! They just keep checking back to see if more "good dog food" miraculously appears in there. It smells really good! By the way, what type of meat is in it? I was tempted to try it but I only eat chicken and fish so I wanted to check first =) Thank you!
Arica D., pet photographer

We’re very fussy about the food we let into our store. Being home-cooked fills a niche we didn’t have. We love the fact that the ingredients are what you’d find in any healthy kitchen, and processed minimally. It’s healthy, nutritious and dogs like it. People who take samples end up buying the product. It’s just a matter of people finding out about it.
Catherine D., owner of Scraps for Pets in Las Vegas

It’s been great. My English Bulldog Lucy has been on her new food for seven months, and she’s changed considerably. She doesn’t lick anymore, her paws don’t get pussy, she’s off the medication, she’s lost weight, and one unexpected plus – she’s not as gassy as she used to be. I tried all the expensive food at the vet and nothing worked. I was surprised that Trucker’s Mutt-loaf worked, but I’m really grateful.
Jaime M., customer  

My little Yorkie loves Trucker's Mutt-loaf! She has been eating this food for over six months and I have noticed a significant increase in her energy level since she started the diet. She is also the pickiest eater and she absolutely loves the food! I have tried at least five different types of food for her and Trucker's Mutt-loaf is the only food that she will eat on a consistent basis. Thank you, Good Dog Food Company!
Brian P., customer

Where Can I Purchase Good Dog Food?
Visit our website to find a location near you. If you live in Southern Nevada, California or Arizona you can place your order online!

Order Good Dog Food Today!
Fresh high quality ingredients are the hallmark of any of our Good Dog Food products. When you feed your canine pal our food, you can rest assured that your pet is getting the nutrition and energy it needs for a long and healthy life.
So visit our website today to learn more about and order Good Dog Food.

Contact: Jillian Plaster
801 S. Rancho Drive, Suite E4
Las Vegas, Nevada 89106
Phone: (702) 496-4006
Email: jillian@gooddogfoodcompany.com
Website: gooddogfoodcompany.com

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