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FurzOff, By AMV, LLC

Is pesky dog hair ruining your furniture and clothes?
 Now, with FurzOff there is finally a solution for bothersome dog hair!

About Our Company
AMV, LLC was founded in the State of Wisconsin in April 1998.  Chris Andersen, inventor and developer of the technology employed in the AMV products, is currently managing the company.  AMV manufactures a family of products made from finely ground, recycled glass, which is foamed in the process.  Formulated with a binder and a foaming agent, the mixture is extruded, dried, and heated to about 800oC (1475oF).  At this temperature the glass particles begin to melt back together into a solid body and the foaming agent is activated, which then fills the glass piece with tiny bubbles.  Once cooled, it will float in water.

FurzOff is our newest product and is designed to remove pet hair from the fabrics of our lives.  Whether in the home or auto, FurzOff, with its hair scaled raking action, removes pet hair faster and more easily than anything else on the market.  In use it rolls the hair up into a yarn like string, which can be removed by hand with ease.  FurzOff is not made of plastic and has no petrochemical content, has no electric cord, does not have any replaceable parts but will not wear out under normal use.  Water will not harm it nor diminish its functionality at all. 
Here are some of the great features of FurzOff:

    Lightweight and Safe for all ages
    Actually massages dog as it cleans
    Removes all pet hair from furniture, clothing, car seats, etc.
    Good for the environment because it's made out of foamed recycled glass
    Unlike natural rock, there are no pathogens...they've been sterilized
    Does not dig into dog's sensitive skin
    Leaves coat soft and sleek
    Made in the USA
    FurzOff are hypoallergenic
    Lasts longer than any stripping stone
    Works on all show animals, too
    Easy to clean by rubbing on rough surface or another FurzOff to expose new layer of pores
    Makes a great gift for the dog that has everything!

What Do Our Customers Say About FurzOff?
I run a canine search and rescue team and have search dogs in my vehicle all the time. When I saw how fast and easily the FurzOff cleared the hair out of the back of my Suburban I had to have one.
Erik, Onalaska, WI

I have a weight belt which attaches by Velcro to my ankle so I can do leg lifts.  Over the years the Velcro became so clogged full of lint and pet hair it wouldn't remain closed, so the belt kept falling off.  I stroked it with my FurzOff, and it cleaned right up in a few minutes and holds tight again.
AL, Glencoe, IL

Dressing for a holiday party I pulled out my full length crushed velvet party dress and found it covered in lint and other dusty closet things. I started trying to clean it with tape but it just wasn’t working. Then I remembered the FurzOff. I found it in the kitchen and took it upstairs. I took one giant sweep down the dress and it was like a snowplow through freshly fallen snow! The dress was ready to wear in a few minutes! WOW! Now I keep my FurzOff on the closet shelf ready at all times. Thanks for a great product!
Lisa, French Island, Wisconsin

Order FurzOff Today!
Don’t let your canines fur take over your house and clothes when there is a simple solution with FurzOff. This groundbreaking product removes pet hair with ease and will make your house and clothes fur free. So what are you waiting for? Order Today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
1100 Kane St
La Crosse, Wisconsin 54603
Phone: 608-785-0032
Email: amvjca@aol.com
Website: www.furzoff.net

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