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Hycel Canine By Foxden Equine
Foxden Dogs HyCel

There’s nothing worse for your canine friend than living with achy joints. Thanks to Foxden Equine, your dog doesn’t have to suffer any longer.

About Our Company
Foxden Equine was founded in 1996 by Melyni Worth, PhD, PAS to produce equine nutrition and health products.  At Foxden Equine, we are dedicated to research, development and marketing of high quality supplements that benefit the health and well being of dogs and horses. Every employee is committed to customer service and consumer education to provide the best results possible for you and your animals.
HyCel Canine®
Celadrin®, Hyaluronic Acid and Magnesium for membrane and joint health - now you can get the same wonderful benefits of HyCel EQ® for your dog! Helps restore joint mobility and supports skin and coat health. Get a new lease on life for your dog, give them HyCel® Canine! One HyCel® capsule contains 25mg of Hyaluronic Acid.

Directions for use:
Dogs less than 100 pounds: Give 1 capsule daily
Dogs over 100 pounds: Give 2 capsules daily
How Early Should I Start My Dog On Joint Products?
You should start as soon as your dog shows any signs of being stiff or appears to slow down. If your dog is very active or is large you can even give your dog the joint support as a preventative measure.

What Factors Or Disciplines Make My Dog A Target For Joint Problems?
A big factor that causes joint problems is your dog’s size because large dogs put more weight onto their joint. A few other factors are age, high levels of activity, past injuries and finally a family or breed tendency to joint problems.
What Do Our Customers Say About HyCel® Canine?
I can really see the difference in my guys since we started on HyCel Canine a month ago! Lucy has not even been able to jump onto the couch since she came here at a year old because of back and shoulder injuries. Now she zooms around with the best of them and doesn't even hesitate to jump up. Sam has always been a hard working dog, and now at age 8 he was having serious stiffness issues that were really worrying me. I am not seeing any of that now. He is back to his old self. So thanks. This has made a real difference for us!
Dana Greenwood
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Order HyCel® Canine Today!
HyCel Canine helps restore joint mobility and supports skin and coat health. Get a new lease on life for your dog, give them HyCel® Canine! Order Today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
P.O Box 480
Stuarts Draft, Virginia 24477
Phone: 540-337-5450
Email: savvy@ntelos.net
Website: foxdenequine.com

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