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Seizure Guard by Evolution Supply
Seizure Guard for Dogs

SeizureGuard has been shown to improve a dog's ability to guard against seizures and their damaging after affects by building up essential immune systems, neurological systems, and the vital organs.

About Evolution Pets...
Our goal at Evolution Pets is to create a natural product line for pet health care that is safe and effective for your canine.  We believe in using valuable homeopathic solutions to help your pet restore its natural balance.  Evolution Pets has helped canines around the world to live long healthy lives.  Our products are made with love and manufactured here in the United States and eco friendly.
Seizures Are Serious Business and Should Not Be Ignored!
Did you know that Seizures can shorten your dog's life significantly? The good news is that SeizureGuard has been shown to improve a dog's ability to guard against seizures and their damaging after affects by building up essential immune systems, neurological systems, and the vital organs. When your dog's immune, neurological, kidney, circulatory, and defensive systems are not performing at their peak and ready to guard against seizures, permanent and lasting damage occurs after an epileptic attack. SeizureGuard helps to build up these systems to optimal levels.
What Are Warning Signs Of A Seizure Attack?
 Overall body stiffness, circling around, agitated, excessive salivating, loss of consciousness, muscle twitching, tremors, leg shaking, uncontrolled urinating, un-expected bowl movement. There is no known cure for dog seizures.  So if you dogs on medication prescribed by your veterinarian we advise that you NEVER discontinue medication, or replace a prescribed medication with SeizureGuard. SeizureGuard is a supplement to any prescribed medication by your veterinarian to build up vital systems in the event of an epileptic attack.
So How Can SeizureGuard Help?
By adding SeizureGuard Supplement to your dogs diet when a seizure does occur, the chances are good that it will be shorter and cause less damage. One of the most critical benefits of SeizureGuard is that, when a seizure occurs, your dog will be able to recovery will be faster. The recovery phase and time it takes to recover is where the most permanent damage and life threatening effects occur.  SeizureGuard was Designed by veterinarians to be used in conjunction with prescribed medication.
SeizureGuard Plus is an all natural ground breaking enzyme supplement you must keep your dogs on throughout its life to continue to build a strong immune system and help build his or her resistance to Epelictic Seizures.
SeizureGuard re-balances and increases your dog's immune
Improves your dogs quality of life
Guards against the damaging effects of an epileptic seizure
Loaded with ingredients shown to support successful treatment of epilepsy in dogs

How Does SeizureGuard Work?
SeizureGuard rebalances and increases your dog's immune, neurological, kidney, circulatory, and defensive systems up to optimal performance. As a result your dog will be less likely to experience a seizure, and when a seizure does occur, chances are good that it will last shorter and cause less damage. And perhaps the most critical benefit of SeizureGuard is that, when a seizure does occur, your dog will be able to recover quickly from it. It is in this phase where most permanent damage and life threatening effects occur – when a dog cannot recovery from an epileptic attack. Designed by veterinarians to be used in conjunction with prescribed medication.
What Are The Ingredients in SeizureGuard and How Do They Work?
Protease: Protease acts as a catalyst to repair damaged proteins, reduces blood toxins after a canine epileptic attack, rebalances the immune system by modulating protein levels, supports increased blood flow essential after an attack resulting from epilepsy, and speeds tissue and muscle repair.
Amylase: Amylase is one of the best defensives against many diseases including epilepsy in dogs. After an attack, Amylase successfully works in muscle building and improving immune system in order to burn the calories and fight against those chronic diseases. Lastly it has great calming benefits that will help your pet to stop shaking during  seizures in dogs.
Chia Powder: Chia is a natural food source for added energy and endurance. High in omega-3 fatty acids Chia will help your dogs circulatory system and heart maintain peak levels needed in epileptic dogs. It also benefits a dog's joints after an attack, as well as supporting a healthy neurological and brain functions. It has a very high protective antioxidant value and is rich in vitamins, fiber and protein.
Cellulase: Cellulase is particularly helpful because the body is unable to produce it. It promotes healthy liver functions, and helps muscles and tissue to repair themselves quickly after an attack.
Seaweed Kelp: Seaweed Kelp provides so many healing benefits for epileptic dogs and does a great job building up a dog's immune, neurological, and circulatory systems. Kelp is supports stress reduction which is particularly useful during and after an attack

Hemicellulase: Hemicellulase does a outstanding job at helping cells establish and maintain optimal sustainability levels. Hemicellulase also plays a vital role in cell tissue repair so vital after epilepsy in dogs. As it has such strong benefits to cell layers, it also helps dog's joints and muscles maintain pain free movement and flexibility.
Lipase: works in conjunction with protease and amylase to promote a healthy liver and immune system. Normal digestion of dietary fat is accomplished by lipases with the assistance of bile, which is produced by the liver and normally supplied by way of the gallbladder. Incomplete digestion of these fats may cause a fatty acid deficiency which greatly weakens membrane structure in cells throughout the body. Without a daily supply of Lipase a dog prone to seizures may not be able to recover form even mild attacks properly.
Papin: Papin enzymes are used to reduce swelling and fever after an attack. These enzymes are useful as an anti-inflammatory and can also help to alleviate edemas and epilepsy in dogs. Papain also helps to regulate the bowels and helps to clean away dead tissues from the body which is needed to support optimal liver and immune system health. Papin enzymes may also prove beneficial to pets who suffer from hip and joint pain. It can also help boost immune system function.
Milk Thistle: Milk Thistle is a suggested nutrient to administrator after a seizure, as well as to help prevent after effects. It also is good at controlling muscle tremors and shaking. It helps the liver repair itself not only quicker, but more completely. In fact, Milk Thistle is gaining great popularity as a supplement for humans defending against seizures and cancer.
Belladonna: Belladonna has been shown to help to control and decrease muscle spasms, tightness of limbs, and uncontrolled muscle jerking.
Peony: Peony has been used for thousands of years for its pain relieving and tranquilizing effect on a dogs nerves. It also supports muscle cell repair, and relieves muscle pain after an epileptic attack. ,It also has a purifying effect on the blood. Bromelan. Bromelan has been shown to provide wonderful immune building properties. It also helps blood cells delivery needed oxygen to damaged areas of the body after  dog seizures.
and more!
What Do Dog Owners Say About SeizureGuard?
SeizureGuard Works Great - Our Labrador has been seizure free since we put him on it and we're much more at ease when he is alone knowing he'll be safe from an attack. Best Treatment for Seizures in Dogs. Thanks So Much!
Barbara & Brad, Oakland CA.
We've have really good success with this kit... Our Weimaraner has not had a seizure in over a year since we started her on Seizureguard. On our vets advice we also give it to our other dog for prevention and it definitely helps. Thanks again ....
Linda, Detroit, MI
SeizureGuard works so good - we now have peace of mind knowing we are doing everything possible for our dog. His seizures have decreased and his mood is so good. Our veterinarian is confident he'll lead a long life. Thanks again!
Sam and Lisa O.
SeizureGuard has made a big difference for our Dachshund. Once we started him on Seizureguard and Lifespan we noticed an immediate reduction in his drooling which was a sign of an upcoming epileptic attack. We are convinced that these products have helped tremendously in conjunction with his medication prescribed by the veterinarian. One thing we like so much is the fact the these products build up his defensive systems to protect against seizures in dog, something needed for epileptic dogs. I think SeizureGuard and Lifespan are a must for dogs with epilepsy
John, Hillsborough NJ.
Don’t Forget That Our Lifespan Omega 3 & 6 Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Can Help Too!
LifeSpan Omega 3 & 6 Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil with CoQ10 is a great addition to further build up your dog's defensives against epileptic attacks. Causes of epilepsy in dogs is often related to deficiencies in omega-6 (linoleic acid) and omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid). Studies show that a daily supply of these Omega Fatty Acids help build up the brains structural properties of the neoronal membrane, which is associated with dog seizures. Omega's and CoQ10 also improve circulation and immune responses after an attack. Call us today and tell us abour YOUR DOG!
Call Evolution Supply and Tell Us About Your Dog’s Seizures Today and We Can Help!
While nothing has been discovered to prevent a seizure, SeizureGuard is a tremendous help to dog owners. Each dog is a little different. We would like to talk to you about YOUR dog, his age, lifestyle and symptoms so we can get the right products, like SeizureGuard and Lifespan to help make a real difference in your dog’s life and well being.
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