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GWhiz And Dogonit By Millennium Lawns Inc.
Lawn Care Product for Dog Owners

GWhiz and Dogonit are the natural way to eliminate urine burns on your lawn to keep both your and your pet healthy naturally.

About Our Company
Earth's Balance is committed to developing and marketing unique, effective problem solving products for the Horse, Pet and Lawn/Garden Industries, utilizing natural and organic ingredients, along with cutting edge Probiotics and Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water technology that will help detoxify the earth and promote healthy growth of grass and plants.

G-Whiz For Dogs
G-Whiz for Dogs works internally to help prevent lawn burns and odors. This liquid blend of natural ingredients works internally in a pet’s intestinal tract to aid in the digestion of proteins. It’s easy to use and comes with a convenient pump that assures a trouble free way to add it to your pet’s food or water. Recommended by veterinarians and professional animal handlers, controlled efficacy studies have proven it effective in the reduction of lawn burns, waste odors, breath and gas odors.

Dogonit For Lawns
Helps heal lawn burns from dog urine and excessive road salt build up, and eliminates the need to re-seed or re-sod troubled areas.
Dogonit for Lawns is a Probiotics complex of natural enzymes that speed the breakdown process of pet urine to help grass grow back. Dogonit helps flush dog urine out of tight compacted soils and helps break down organic complexes in the soil to promote vigorous new growth. By making the soil less toxic, it stimulates more desirable natural reactions, which results in a healthier, better-looking lawn.

How Does Dogonit Work?
Dogonit will flush the urine salts out of the root zone and allow the grass to begin to heal itself. Dogonit also contains ingredients that will convert the urine nitrogen into beneficial nutrients and help regenerate grass growth.

How Often Do I Need To Use Dogonit?
You should be able to get results with one or two applications. If the dog continues to re mark the same spot, it will become difficult o heal the lawn. We recommend G-Whiz to be added to the dog’s food or water to neutralize the ammonia internally to prevent the problem of re-marking.

Why Does G-Whiz Work So Well?
It helps to understand that under metabolized proteins will create urea and uric acid in the dog’s digestive system, which is the urine ammonia that causes all the problems. G-Whiz works in the digestive system to help metabolize these proteins and reduces he volume of ammonia in the urine that is causing the burn

What Do I Do If I Do Not Get Control Of My Problems Right Away?
We recommend that you gradually increase the amount of G-Whiz until you do get control. Once you get o this level, you will be able to gradually reduce the amount you are giving and still get the results you desire.

Order G-Whiz For Dogs And Dogonit For Lawns Today!
At Earth’s Balance you get the best of both worlds, you not only get a natural product but an effective one. With G-Whiz For Dogs you are guaranteed a product, which will help your dog internally naturally, which will reduce those unpleasant odors. Dogonit For Lawns will eliminate the hassle of having to re-sod portions of your lawn that have urine burns. So what are you waiting for? Order Today!
Contact: Our Friendly Staff
7035 W 65th Street
Bedford Park, Illinois 60638
Phone: 1-877-364-6648
Email: info@earthsbalance.com
Website: earthsbalance.com

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