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Quality Apparel By Doggie Couture Shop
Doggie Couture Shop

Couture clothing isn’t just for humans anymore! Thanks to Doggie Couture, your dog can be just as stylin’ as their owner!

About Doggie Couture
Doggie Couture Shop has the best selection of doggie products to fit every breed. We provide a one stop shopping experience for your pampered doggie. Our Company takes pride in searching for all the latest styles from all the top designers in the dog industry.  We Provide Excellent Customer Service and answer any question you may have promptly.  We too are dog owners and we know first hand what your beloved dog means to you so we take every step to provide the best shopping experience for you. Once you shop from us, you'll never go anywhere else. We are also proud to mention that we donate to pet charities and organizations

Doggie Couture Apparel
At Doggie Couture we offer a vast selection of quality apparel for your pet! Other dogs will be envious when your pooch is sporting the latest fashions in the canine industry. Here are some of our favorite dog apparel products:

Christian Audigier Heart Breaker Harness Tee- Christian Audigier has been a well-known designer for all the A-list Celebrities and now has extended his line to the dog industry exclusive to only a select few boutiques. Your Dog will be trendy in this Tee as well as many others we offer.

Bullion Flower Sweater and Beanie Set-Dreamy blend of soft airy pastel tri-color knitted sweater. With baby bullion rosettes and sparkly sequins, this sweater comes with a matching pom-pom beanie with a pink ribbon to protect delicate ears. Perfect for those cold, chilly walks to the park. Comes in cotton-candy swirls of pink, green, and yellow

Get Comfy, But Still Stylin- Looking for a cool and styling outfit but still comfortable? This comfortable all in one has all the details that your pooch loves, but still STYLIN'!!
Comfortable all in one
Heart shape rhinestones on back
WOOFLINK logo in gold studs on back
LOVE in rhinestones and embroidery on pants
100% Cotton
Hand wash

More Peace Please Tee-This adorable tee is Made of 100% cotton, colorful fabric  appliquéd letters and adorned with Swarovski crystals.  Show your doggie’s personality and the world Peace thru them!! This is the perfect tee for any pooch who is seeking peace upon us all!
             Size: XS, S, M, L, XL

What Other Products Do We Offer?
Doggie Couture shop provides you with a one stop shopping experience for all your dog needs. We offer a wide variety of collars, leashes, carriers, beds, even heated ones. We have a huge selection of apparel, from tees, sweaters, jackets, dresses, hats and shoes for your beloved pet. Doggie Couture shop also has an array of treats, and dog bowls. We get tons of compliments on our selections and we work hard to bring only the best for your doggie.

Order Your Doggie Couture Apparel Today!
At Doggie Couture we know that you are chic and stylish and we want to help your make your pooch just as fashionable as you are! At Doggie Couture we offer the latest style, highest quality and the best prices to ensure your puppy stands out from the crowd! So what are you waiting for, start ordering today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
1 Hewitt Sq #145
East Northport, New York 11731
Phone: 631 338 8318
Email: sales@doggiecoutureshop.com
Website: doggiecoutureshop.com

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