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Canine Safety Reflective Products By Dog e Lites
Canine Safety Reflective Products By Dog e Lites
Safety and Fashion LED’s for Dogs

About Dog e Lites™
Dog e Lites™ and Kit e Lites™, proudly created and family owned, offers a whole new concept in pet SAFETY and FASHION. Born from the need to keep our own pets safe and gorgeous, our unique selection of new generation “high-intensity” LED pet accessories is exploding with new designs in lighted collars, lighted leashes, lighted harnesses, lighted bandana collars, lighted clothing, lighted hats and more! You can even find rhinestone and leather fashion there too!

There is a real need to keep our pets safer at night! Combining the powerful visibility of LED’s with sleek fashion flare, we help get your pet noticed. Dog e Lites ™ products are visible up to 1000 feet at in the dark! And being seen is being safe. With pet safety a real priority, we introduced Dog e Alert!™ loss-prevention technology making it easy to keep track of off-leash pets and adding yet another layer of protection for your precious pet.

Dog e Lites™ is a proud member of PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Counsel) and can be found at pet events and select retailers across North America. Dog e Lites™ donates a portion of every sale to deserving animal rescue groups across North America.

Sports Reflective Flashing LED Dog E Lites™ Collar / Leash
This sleek & simple Dog e Lites™ SPORTS Reflective & Flashing LED Collar / Leash Has multi-colored flashing LED lights and a thermally bonded micro-prism reflective strip for ultra high visibility. Comfortable, strong & soft, lightweight & water-resistant. Keeps Pet AND Owner safe! Fully adjustable & Batteries included.

Sports Reflective Flashing Led Step-In Harness
Dog E Lites™ SPORTS Reflective & Flashing STEP-IN Harness, sports a micro-prism reflective strip across all of its surfaces, with integrated flashing LED lights across the chest and to the sides. Glows from any angle, day or night, keeping pets SEEN and SAFE! Strong & soft, lightweight & water-resistant. COMFORTABLE & FULLY ADJUSTABLE to fit most dog sizes and shapes. Batteries included. Matching leash available. Recommended and used by T-TOUCH Professionals in their work!

Dog e Alert! ™ Pet Loss-Prevention Device for Dogs
The latest in pet safety technology, Dog e Alert! ™ is simple to use and completely harmless & safe. Attach the transmitter to any collar. The receiver beeps & vibrates when pet strays outside of set distance, up to 75 feet. Allows owner to refocus and bring pet back BEFORE he is lost. Includes a search mode option to find a lost pet. Emitter Transmitter batteries included.

Why Do I Need Dog e Lites™ Products?
There are a number of important reasons for owners to use flashing LED cat, dog or equine safety lights. Simply put, they are more effective than any other previous battery collar, safety or reflective device. Ensure you have at least one lighted dog collar, leash or harness with flashing LED lights built in so they can’t break off. Pet safety is critical at night when the risk of loss or injury is much higher, and high-intensity LEDs can easily be seen up to 1000 feet away! Another important safety precaution is using an electronic pet loss-prevention device like Dog e Alert™! When allowing your pet to roam in nearby parks, large open spaces or in the woods. This added level of security could mean the difference between finding your pet quickly and searching for hours with greater risk of injury!

Do You Offer Any Equine Products?
Absolutely! We have a brand new collection of equine reflective products and we apply the same high quality technology to our equine collection. Thanks to Horse e Lites, horse and rider can now venture out safely after dark.

Order Your Dog e Lites™, Kit e Lites™ or Horse e Lites Products Today!
There is nothing more important then the safety of your pet! Our terrific reflective products will ensure that no matter the time of day your animal is clearly visible to drivers and pedestrians to make sure you and your four-legged pal are safe. With our Dog e Alert! ™ Pet Loss-Prevention Device you can prevent your pets from ever becoming lost.
So don’t wait, order today!

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