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Pet Portraits By Deystudio LLC- Pet Expressions Art
Pet Expressions Art

Specializing in digital portraits of your pet which captures your pets true nature!

About Our Company
Deystudio, LLC is the professional illustration and design studio of illustrator Lorraine Dey who has over 30 years of professional design and illustration experience. She has illustrated several books for publishers such as Simon and Schuster, Rodale Press, Rockport Publishers and more.

In the 90's she exibited her animal & wildlife art paintings and drawings across the country in various shows and galleries. Lorraine was the 1990 winner of the NY DU "Artist of the year" award, as well as the NJ DU "Artist of the year". She is currently working on a children's picture book about a penguin named Duncan, to be published in the Fall of 2010 by Raven Tree Press.

Lorraine specializes in capturing the character and expressions of adorable animals. Pet Expressions ART is the Pet Portrait division of Deystudio, LLC illustration studio.  We hope you enjoy working with us on capturing the true character of your well-loved and favorite pet. Lorraine is offering her illustration abilities to capture the essence of your dog, cat, horse, rabbit, or whoever it is you call your most precious pet!

Pet Expressions ART
Our goal is to capture the true character of your pet. Markings and coloring of the breed will fit your pet but the image will not be an exact replication of your pet. It will be more of a humorous character version of your pet. Once you tell us what it is your pet is most famous for, we will create a detailed digital painting that can be output onto a photographic matt-finished print for framing, reproduced on greeting cards for your personal use, or printed on mouse pads, mugs or magnets.

What Is A Digital Painting?
The digital process is as follows: We begin with a traditional pencil sketch, scan the sketch into a digital file on the computer, and then work with the sketch file as a base layer in Adobe Photoshop, using a hand-held stylus pen on a Wacom tablet. The tablet allows for moving the pen around for free movement, similar to actual painting or drawing. The result is a totally digital image that can be printed or sent via computer. No actual paint is involved, ever!! Much cleaner!

Why Should I Choose Your Company To Do My Pet Portrait?
Our company is different from many other pet portrait art suppliers. The original digital painting commissioned through us will be crafted in a detailed image featuring your pet's silly-side, quirky, or bad side... it's your choice. Tell us how you would like your pet portrayed and he/she will become a finished full color digital painting. There are many pet portrait artists out there who are creating wonderful representations of a photo-realistic image of your pet. We have no desire to compete with that market... there are MANY! Our specialty is to capture the true character of your pet. Markings and coloring of the breed will fit your pet but the image will not be an exact replication of your pet. It will be more of a humorous character version of your pet.

What Do I Get With My Basic Custom Pet Image Order?
We will produce an original digital painting of your pet, featuring his or her most noted character trait. As an example: you may tell us that your pet loves to play with tennis balls. We may then decide to draw your pet's head peeking out of the top of a pile of tennis balls. We will send you an email, (if address is provided) with a rough sketch showing our idea before we do any final painting. Once we finish the final color image, we will send you a small digital JPG file to keep. You can have photo prints made or send the image to friends and family, use it as wall paper on your computer, or keep it on your cell phone to show as you go! We will also send you an 8 x 10" print of the image, matted in a single white matt, ready for framing. An added bonus that is included with your order is the ability to be able to go to a Shop link at any time to choose from a large selection of products that feature your new pet image on them. Items such as mugs, shirts, mousepads, greeting cards & more. You will be able to purchase these items at any time, as you choose, at your convenience and the Shop link will remain active for as long as we are up and running!

How Do I Place A Custom Order?
We need to know a little about your pet and we will need you to send or email us a photo of your pet in order to paint the color, breed and markings of your individual pet. Your photo will be sent back to you along with your finished print. Once you send us the photo and fill out our form, the process begins!

Order Your Custom PetExpressions ART Portrait Today!
We offer you a truly unique digital portrait of your pet that you just wont find anywhere else! We incorporate your pet’s unique features and create a humorous adorable digital image for you to enjoy! You can also get your unique portrait on a variety of products that you will be proud to show off to your friends, so don’t wait, get started today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
2435 Hwy. 34, B-176
Manasquan, New Jersey 08736
Phone: 732-539-5547
Email: info@petexpressionsart.com
Website: petexpressionsart.com

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