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DentaSure® by Natural Wonder Pets
Natural Wonder Pets makes Denta Sure for Dogs!

DentaSure® by Natural Wonder Pets removes harmful layers of plaque and tartar, strengthens gums and teeth, freshens breath and can help to reverser gingivitis.... and NO Alcohol!

What Sets Natural Wonder Pets Apart From Competitors?
At Natural Wonder Pets we make and sell only our own products so we know exactly what's in them. If the ingredients are not literally, totally, honestly natural, we won't make it or sell it. We use no GMOs, no fillers, no grains, no yeast, no gluten, no sugars, no binders, no excipients, no starches, nothing synthetic to cheapen the formula ... all products proudly made in America, all hand-crafted by our Master Herbalist and expert staff, all USDA Certified Organic or ethically Wildharvested, human grade, alcohol-free ingredients.

How Did Dogs Develop Such Potential For Dental Problems?
DentaSure® solves the problem! Thousands of years ago, before dogs and cats decided to befriend us humans, a typical diet consisted of about 65% protein, 30% fat, and 5% teeth-cleaning byproducts such as bone and cartilage.  Back then, eating was a vigorous activity that included thorough, automatic teeth cleaning as part of the process. Wolves for example, from which today’s dogs evolved, posses a bone-crushing bite force of up to 1500 pounds per square inch. So eating and brushing went hand in hand. Nature's own dog dental program.

But today’s commercial dog and cat food industry serves up the exact opposite menu, leaving the natural process of teeth cleaning back in the evolutionary past.
Go ahead, look at your dog or cat’s teeth. Do you see the warning signs of gum disease – bad breath, red and swollen gums, a coating of yellow-brown tartar around the gum line? You’re looking at periodontal (gum) disease, the number one diagnosed dog dental and/or cat dental problem in America!

Left Untreated, Dental Problems Can Lead To:
heart disease
kidney disease
liver disease
loss of jaw bone
problems during pregnancy
nasal infections
oral cancer
The Solution is Called DentaSure ® All-Natural Oral Care Spray!
... and it is truly an affordable, one-of-a-kind, revolutionary breakthrough in “brushless” dog or cats dental health care. NO ALCOHOL!

The first problem DentaSure ® solves is obvious. Now you can throw away the tooth brush. Forever!
Simply spray DentaSure ® on your dog or cat’s teeth twice each day for 2 to 4 weeks, then once a day for ongoing maintenance. It's best to apply at least 30 minutes before or after feeding. (Instructions for cats and dogs of different sizes are on the label.) Watch years of ugly plaque and tartar vanish before your very eyes. Now you can feel better about your furry friend's good health and positive future. You can even amaze your friends with how gleaming white your dog's or cat's teeth have become.

Here's How DentaSure® Works
DentaSure ® All-Natural Oral Care Spray contains a scientific blend of legendary, certified organic ingredients that have stood the test of time and clinical scrutiny. When properly combined, these active ingredients deliver a dog dental care cocktail so powerful, it will help:

Remove layers of harmful plaque and tartar
Strengthen gums and teeth for optimum good health
Freshen breath and Reverse gingivitis
Bullet-Proof teeth against harmful cavities

What Do Dog Owners Say About DentaSure®?
My vet was amazed!
"I just want you to know my vet was more skeptical than I was at first. One month later I took Fritzy back in... not for teeth cleaning, but to show her off! Thanks for saving me hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars." P.S. I use your DentaSure®, too!
Henry Claypool - Ocala, FL

Charlie had gingivitis- not anymore!
I am truly grateful to you for your DentaSure spray. Charlie's teeth and gums are strong and healthy now. He has more energy than I've seen in years! Thanks for everything. I'm telling all my friends. I love your natural products. I use DentaSure too and can't remember the last time I had a cold, sore throat or flu.
Kate Sawgrass - Scranton, PA

I had a toothache with an incoming wolf tooth. I put DentaSure on the incoming tooth that had been hurting me all day, the pain was gone in minutes and has lasted for weeks. I am excited to use this wonderful product on my own dogs and highly recommend it to everyone.
Ann Pruitt-- InfoHorse

Order DentaSure® Today and Enjoy The Benefits For Your Dog!
Dental Health is something that is achieved through products that promote dental health! DentaSure® is at the forefront of the best in Dental care for your dog or cat. Don’t let your pet suffer or go through the experience of ordering inferior products- or ones with harmful ingredients (like alcohol). We are excited to take your order and look forward to hearing from you -- Call today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
PO Box 1071
Green Valley, Arizona 85622
Phone: 800-614-1401
Email: naturalwonderpets@gmail.com
Website: NaturalWonderPets.com

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