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Canine Couture Products By Decadent Digs
Decadent Digs

Decadent Digs is the one stop shop for canine couture products!

About Our Company
Barbara Joyce, CEO of Decadent Digs, explains her inspiration behind her company:

I made some pillows to pamper my cats to match my décor. Their positions sleeping amused me and swelled my heart. In fact my heart sang trumpets like Chuck Mangeoni playing at the Super Bowl just looking at the furry love bugs sleep on them. They were so beautiful and comfortable! Daydreaming gave me the name Decadent Digs. The BEST digs. Truly DECADENT!  I took my first Decadent Digs® pillows to a local craft show December of 2004. People went nuts for my stuff! By the end of that day my first store picked my line up. Since then many of my clients continue to use my beds that they had invested in years ago because we made them so well and with fabrics I knew would hold up. My belief is if it worth doing it is worth doing well as well. I love exceeding people’s expectations delivering nothing short of over the top wonderful items!

Kennel Couture™
A showstopper crate cover you hide your eye sore crate and make you and your pet feel like a million dollars. Each ensemble is subtly adorned in genuine Swarovski crystals and other custom made surprises. But beware! Our bedding is so comfortable and love filled we have heard of people locking the crate to keep them out! Some dogs will want to be in their crate all the time! So look around your home at your décor then call us with your exact needs and we will exceed your expectations.  Do you want it tailored? Do you have many crates to tie together? Do you want it in leather? Do you want to recycle a fur coat or want us to use your fabric? Do you want outrageous designer fabric? Want a custom foundation instead of the crate? Call us and well make you dreams come true!

NEW  *We have raised the bar for class and panache and now offer a wooden frame when you are ready to toss out the crate to create a handsome Couture Cabana™.

D! Lightful Digs™
We recently stumbled upon D! Lightful Digs™ our newest edition, modern cocoon cozy, sofa style, bed by saving a not so great idea. It morphed appropriately into the shape of a D which Barbara says ”This bed is like a big HUG! It has a straight back and two love filled arms wrapping you in love and comfort!” Like most of our beds it has two fabulous useable, beautiful, sides that look magnificent when flipped over with the perfect amount of stuffing for maximum gushy comfort. We have received countless requests since 2005 for a sofa style bed and detest copying people. We believe in blind faith and allow ideas to be dreamt or stumbled upon or to come from our retailers and customers to create something custom for them. We are called often by our retailers to pick up their disappointing “other people’s” products to do what they call a “Decadent Digs Redo” to transform it into a genuinely, tactilely and visually wonderful product.

Bodacious Bucket™
Your heart will melt when you see your companion sleeping, preening, and cooing so comfortably in this generously overstuffed and extremely durable nesting bed. Combinations of the finest fabrics and faux fur shout over-the-top comfort and extravagance. Your companion will achieve maximum comfort and you will receive maximum joy admiring them FOR MANY YEARS. You may want an extra cover to change out with your mood, washings, season change or just because. . For as beautiful and intricate as this treasure is, keeping it clean is easy to maintain. Just pull off the elasticized cover and toss in the delicate cycle of your machine, then air-dry.

Stellar Stairs™
These elegant, yet very sturdy foam stairs will stylishly transcend your interior and will help your furry companion get to where he needs to go. Nothing can stop him now! Created with fabulous décor chenille and accented with regal high end cording, all handcrafted in USA to create a beautiful addition to any room of your home. We have 7 sizes to suit all your needs and of course if you need something custom just give us a call.

Treasured Tuffet™ Collection
Exquisite, versatile and unique, The Treasured Tuffet(tm) has pioneered the way for all of our ever-growing selections of decadent creations. A combination of old-world flair and a modernistic approach to lasting construction make for one lavish nest to lay tired paws. Pick your favorite fabric design combination or tell us your best selling colors and we will create you a spectacular statement of a bed with a designer touch. Here are our two products that we offer in this collection:

What Do Customers Say About Our Products?
Hi Barbara
They are absolutely gorgeous.  I would love to fill my store with these beds!
Leslie W. Rosenthal

I have had dog beds of all kinds for many years and have yet to see the equal for this! These beds are extremely high quality, large and so comfy that my husband watches TV on one next to our Golden Retriever (who is only too glad to share).  These are definitely HOME DECOR quality and just really nice. I  highly recommend "Decadent Digs" to anyone who wants something exceptional for their dog-- and their home!
Ann Pruitt

I just received my Bodacious Buckets and Blanket today and they are GORGEOUS!! I love absolutely love them! They are perfect in everyway and they completely surpassed my expectations!   You did a wonderful job customizing the look of the beds to match the decor in my house.   
Thank you so much for spoiling my dogs. I would recommend your collections to anyone who is looking for a bed that is made out of the highest quality materials and foam and  of course a complete eye catcher !!
Catherine Swanson

Order Your Decadent Digs Product Today!
Our luxury couture canine products give your home a couture look and your pets get the luxurious comfort they crave! Why settle for cheap imitations? Order Today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
1128 East Indian School Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85013
Phone: 602-287-9780
Email: customerservice@decadentdigs.com
Website: decadentdigs.com

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