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Healthy Dog Treats by Darford Industries
Darford All Natural Holistic Dog Treats

Good nutrition is vital for your canine’s health and now, thanks to Darford, even your dog’s treats can be both healthy and delicious!

About Our Company
Darcy Bomford, who is the current President, founded Darford in 1987. The company was born out of Darcy's love for animals, especially dogs. Seeing that the pet market was full of biscuits and treats made with sub-par ingredients, he decided to make a healthier more natural treat. Darford’s focus from the beginning in 1987 until today is quite simple; to be the Best at Baking! ™

To ensure that Darford is known as the top baker in the industry, raw materials are sourced from vendors as close to the production facility as possible and only from qualified North American suppliers or growers.  The company plant is Federally Inspected by the Canadian Government (plant # CD14), approved for export to the USA by the USDA, and registered as a Certified Organic manufacturing facility by OCIA / Procert.

The companies’ core philosophy revolves around the uncommon bond between people and their pets and how this unique relationship can become an integral part of human achievement. This is summed up in one sentence written by the founder;

“We can only hope to achieve as humans, what comes so freely from our pets: unconditional love, loyalty and true companionship”        Darcy Bomford, Founder and President.

What Sets The Company Apart From The Competition?
Our ingredients set us apart from any competition! Darford biscuits contain whole food ingredients. We prefer to spend more on quality ingredients, rather than cut corners by purchasing by-products. We take pride in knowing that our customers and their pets benefit from our standards. Darford biscuits contain human grade meat from federally inspected and dedicated suppliers. This human grade meat yields a superior product. We feel that it is not only healthier but that dogs will decide it just tastes better. Other ingredients like our smooth and creamy peanut butter for example, is the same peanut butter you use on your toast - and our old fashioned oats are the same oats you make oatmeal cookies with.

Introducing Organic Grain Free Jerky
Our newest product, Darford’s True® Jerky, is made with 100% natural products and over 95% Organic Turkey and Sweet Potato, ensuring that your pet receives a completely natural product that they will love.  No artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, just True® unconditional love! This product is USDA certified organic.
Package size- 3oz/85g

Darford Holistic Line
Darford biscuits contain human grade meat and added Organic Ingredients for a healthier and more wholesome treat. We feel that it is not only healthier but that dogs will decide it just tastes better. Look for recipes with Salmon, Chicken, Turkey, Liver, Cheese, and Peanut Butter in Wheat-free, Grain-free, and Vegetarian formulations!

Package sizing- The Holistic line is available in a 200g bag as well as the larger 400g/500g bags. Here are two of our favorite products from our Holistic Line:

Tater Treats w/ Salmon-
This salmon, grain free recipe was baked with wild Alaskan Salmon, rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids.  We also added a special blend of certified organic ingredients, including fruits & vegetables rich in antioxidants & ground flax seed containing additional omega 3 fatty acids.
Breath Beaters-
This recipe was baked extra hard with parsley & chlorophyll to help keep teeth clean and improve bad breath.  We also added a special blend of certified organic ingredients including fruit & vegetables rich in antioxidants & ground flax seed containing omega 3 fatty acids.

Darford Small Animal Holistic Line
This line is designed for smaller animals but has the same quality ingredients as found in our original holistic line. Wheat free recipes rich in powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, and are an excellent complementary food for birds and small animals.  We also added our special blend of certified organic fruits, vegetables, and ground flax seeds containing omega 3 fatty acids.
Package sizing- 100g & 300g

Darford Super Premium Biscuits
Let your dog enjoy a variety of Super Premium flavors including Cheddar Cheese and Charcoal & Peppermint. All of our biscuits are made with Brewer's Yeast, Yucca Schidigera and Garlic. Brewer's yeast is helpful in maintaining a healthy coat and is a good source of the B complex vitamins and the antioxidant selenium. Yucca Schidigera is a good source of vitamins and minerals. Yucca supports complete food digestion and can help reduce fecal (stool) odor. Garlic supports a healthy heart as well helping to repel fleas. Package size-454g/16oz. Here are two of our favorite products from our Super Premium Line:

Vegi Hearts-
contains hypo allergenic and low fat formulations.  They are wheat, corn and soy free.  Veggie hears are a great support for your dog’s skin and coat, as well as being an excellent treat for overweight dogs and if you like this product, check out the Holistic Veggie-Hearts with added organics!
Assorted Flavors- Give you Dog some variety with the Assorted pack.  Contains cheese, liver, charcoal, and Vegetable flavors!  If you like this product, check out the Holistic Party Mix with added organics!

What Do Customers Say About Darford Products?
I recently was recommended your Charcoal & Peppermint dog cookies after my dog had an upset stomach/diarrhea. I could not believe, first of all, how much she loved the cookies (she wasn't eating her food as she was not feeling well) but most importantly, how much better she got in only 24 hours! I was truly amazed. I was even happier when I read the ingredients and when I found out that they were made in Canada! Keep up the excellent work! I am definitely buying your brand of dog cookies from now on. I love them so much I even recommended them to all the members of the Jack Russell forum web site. Thank you again.
Patricia F. B. Montréal Canada

I brought the whole range of Darford biscuits home to England from a skiing holiday in Canada one year, especially for my little dog Bubu. She wasn't just pleased to see us come home - she was thrilled and delighted when I opened my suitcase and these delicious, healthy treats came out! She made short work out of all 9 packets, and now I'm thinking about booking another vacation trip to Canada so that I can stock up on her favorite treats! Of course, I might squeeze in some winter sports while I'm there....!
Adelina Miller, England

Order Your Darford Biscuits Today!
Give your dog some delicious treats that you can feed good about! To locate a store nearest you please email contact information and products of interest A Darford representative will be in touch with you shortly to complete your purchase.

Contact: Darford Industries
#102 - 1710 Kosmina Road
Vernon, BC, Canada V1T 8T2
Phone: (250) 545-4430 ext.3
Email: sales@darford.com
Website: Darford.com

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