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Critter Oil® By Naturals For Animals
Critter Oil

Critter Oil WORKS! Not only does it kill and repel fleas naturally, but it has so many uses- and improves the health of your pet’s skin and coat!

About Our Company
In 1987, Holistic Pet Care Consultant, Susan R Griffin, developed and began using in her grooming shop, The Clip Joint, a special blend of pure essential herbal oils, which she called Critter Oil®. She chose this name because Critter Oil® is usable on every kind of 4 legged and 2 legged “critter” including people, and because it helps eliminate all kinds of unwanted “critters”. Critter Oil was designed to be the ultimate, most versatile, and safest skin, coat, and environmental care product on the market today.

Critter Oil®
Critter Oil was designed to be the ultimate, most versatile, and safest skin, coat, and environmental care product on the market today. By combining Critter Oil's 100% natural, essential herbal oils, with common household ingredients, using the simple, "do it yourself" instructions in the package, you no longer are paying top dollar for 97% inert ingredients (the sudsy stuff, water and other carrier agents). Critter Oil does it all and replaces HUNDREDS of dollars worth of other products SAFELY and NATURALLY!! Here are the products Critter Oil replaces:

- Natural Flea & Pest Control Shampoo & Spray: Replaces toxic flea and pest control shampoos, sprays or dangerous spot on the back treatments which are currently under investigation by the EPA for harming, even killing, pets. Critter Oil is safe for yourself, your kids, and your companion animals.

- Medicated Shampoo & Spray: Several of the oils in Critter Oil have natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which help eliminate skin damage from insect bites, allergies, staff infections, fungal infections, mites, rashes, etc.

- Coat Conditioning, Color Enhancing and Whitening: Critter Oil absorbs into the hair (it doesn’t just coat it) making it beautifully conditioned by enhancing its’ naturally silky texture and making it absolutely glow in the sunlight. It eliminates the need to purchase medicated shampoos, color enhancing and whitening shampoos, and conditioners.

- Lawn and Plant Spray: No more buying dangerous, toxic pesticides or fungicides for lawns, trees, indoor or outdoor plants!

- Carpet Powder and Home Pest Control: Not only does using Critter Oil‘s carpet powder formula eliminate fleas and other pests in your home, but used in your mop water or steam cleaner, it will help clean and disinfect floors while deterring unwanted bugs as well as making your home smell fresh and clean. Many clients have discovered that when used in a refillable plug in air freshener bottle or in a reed oil diffuser, Critter Oil helps repel flying insects as well as freshen the air. It also removes grease, oil and crayon marks as well, clients have reported.

How Do I Make The Critter Oil Formulas?
Ok, each Bottle of Critter Oil can be made in to different formulas (yes, you make your own and it is SUPER EASY!) to help your dogs or cats. The recipes for these formulas are easy and most consist of using water, Critter Oil and Dawn Liquid Soap (in the Original “Blue”… not the Anti-Bacterial). Super easy to put together, Critter Oil can even be used to kill funguses on your plants or repel fleas in your yard. Just see our FORMULAS page and you will see how EASY it is to make one bottle of Critter Oil last for a long LONG time!
Is Critter Oil Safe?
Critter Oil was formulated with the help of a PhD Organic chemist who made sure that each oil was carefully selected for safety. All are considered G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the human cosmetic industry. When used according to any of the directions offered in the instruction sheet, the oils are used in levels well below any individual harmful level for people or animals. For that reason it is safe to use on babies, and pregnant or nursing mothers.

What Makes Critter Oil Unique?
Critter Oil's proprietary blend of 15 pure essential herbal oils was designed to be the most versatile and money saving product on the market today. Each of the oils has properties which serve an individual purpose. Some of them have naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, helping soothe and heal skin irritation; some have repellant properties; some are heavy duty degreasers which deep clean the skin and coat bringing out it's natural glow, and breaking down the waxy ecto-skeleton of fleas and ticks; and some absorb into the coat which enhances its natural texture and healthy condition. Several of the oils in Critter Oil are used in the practice of Aromatherapy for relaxation and meditation so its fresh, natural scent aids in calming pets during the grooming process as well as relaxing the energy of the grooming shop, barn, or home.

What Do Customers say About Critter Oil®?
I can't thank y'all enough for coming up with such a great product! I don't have to tell you how nice it is to finally have something that will get rid of fleas without being any danger to pets or yourself!
K. Womack, FL

Just a note to let you know how very pleased I am with your suggestion of using Critter Oil for our cattery. It is remarkable how much of a change there is in our pets. Not only do I have our flea problem under control, the coats smooth and shiny, but it has also cleared up a persistent problem we've has with ear mites!
L.J. Boyd, FL

Reba, a Rotweiler, one and a half years old, was itching and chewing, her skin was inflamed and she was nearly bald. When Reba was first washed in Critter Oil shampoo formula I realized she was standing still for the first time in almost a year. She wasn't itching or scratching. The results were instantaneous but it took her almost six weeks of baths and spray as needed and your good food to heal her completely. Reba is finally happy and healthy and so am I.
L. Anderson, FL

My little Chihuahua, Cujo, was plagued with fleas. Flea Shampoos dried his skin and fleas were hopping all around him while using the shampoo! With my Critter Oil shampoo formula, fleas instantly floated up to the top of his coat, and rinsed right off and, using the spray formula (water and critter oil) before he went outside, kept them from hopping back on. THIS STUFF WORKS… no one was more surprised than me!
Ann Pruitt- Director of InfoHorse.com

Buy Critter Oil® Today!
Instead of wasting money on a whole host of pet products, why not just buy one? Critter Oil is safe, effective and replaces many of your pet grooming products. For more information and to purchase Critter Oil, please visit our website.

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
514 37th St North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33713
Phone: 1-727-327-2356
Website: CritterOil.com

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