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Cool Vest For Dogs By Gramercy Distribution
Cool Vest , Cooling Vest for Dogs

Cool Vest will keep your dog cool and protect your pet from intense heat!

About Our Company
Gramercy Distribution, Inc. was established in 2005 to introduce the most advanced dog supplies from all over the world to the US consumers. We are determined to keep our eyes open to search out innovative products that will make our beloved pets' lives comfortable. Pets are family. When they are comfortable and happy, it makes us happy! We are located in the heart of New York City, in the Gramercy Park district. We are a member company of American Pet Products Manufactures Association since 2006.

Cool Vest ®
Simply soaking the adjustable, easy to wear, Cool Vest ® in water provides a protective layer from direct and indirect sunlight and heat. This stylish cooling vest contains no chemical gel beads. No refrigeration necessary. Easy activation with water within a minute and it remains extremely lightweight and thin after the activation. Its laminated lining contains no PVC still it keeps dogs dry. The Cool Vest® sporty cut provides cooling effect without interfering the mobility. It is perfect for summer out door activities from agility trial, fly ball, and mountain hiking to just for regular walks! Cool Vest® dries out before mildew starts growing with proper handling. It doesn’t become slimy on touch. The Cool Vest® is good for all kinds of dogs, from puppies to senior dogs. It covers vital organs, providing optimum cooling effects without the excessive coldness that would be harmful to a dog's health. 5 sizes in 2 colors.

How Does Cool Vest ® Work? (Video)
Cool Vest® is made with a special fabric that absorbs and retains water. It uses no toxic chemicals, or materials. The vest utilizes a simple scientific principle - cooling through evaporation! As water gradually evaporates, it takes the heat around it. The same effect happens when you soak a T-shirt in water and wear it to cool down on a hot day at the beach. From experience you know how effective this is in cooling you down. The differences between using a wet T-shirt and this product are 1: the liner is laminated so dogs don't get wet and, 2: this special fabric doesn't dry out as quickly as a cotton T- shirt would. The result is you don't have to deal with a messy, wet dog while trying to make them comfortable and you don't have to run for water every 15 minutes to retain the cooling effect.

How Do I Use Cool Vest ®?
Just follow these simple steps to use the vest:

    Wet the vest with flesh water until it is completely soaked.
    Gently wring out the excess water and dry the liner with towel
    Put your dog's head in the middle opening of the vest.    
    Make sure the upside down T shape part is in front and black dog logo is on back    
    Adjust the size around the girth with hook-and-loop fasteners and around neck with the strap.

On average the vest remains effective from 45 minutes to 2 hour. The effective time varies depending on the air temperature and humidity. Re-moist as necessary with fresh water when the vest becomes dry. (ex. Sprinkle bottled water from the top of the vest)
Never Place In Freezer -- It will destroy the material. If you wish to maximize its effect, use ice water and place the jacket in the refrigerator for 10 - 15 minutes after soaking.

Use Both Hand To Detach Hook And Loop Fasteners -- we use industrial strength fasteners. For the longer products life, please use both hands to adjust the girth size.

What Do Customer’s Say About Cool Vest ®?
The neat thing about the vest is that Moe KNOWS it will help him -- when it’s time to go out he goes and stands where it’s hanging on a hook and stares at it. Best money I ever spent, THANK YOU!!
Kathey, San Fernando Valley, CA
(Moe is a service dog for Kathey‘s son)

We love the cool vest. Dixie is a therapy dog and we often have service to do that is outdoors. This allows her to participate in a safe way to keep her relaxed and cool while making others happy.
Melody, Ohio

Pringles is such a big boned, big girl that she overheats so fast when we are walking in the 80-acre prairie. The Vest is perfect to make her worry less about the heat. “Thank you” for designing and offering the vests.
Joan  Monroe, WI

Order Your Cool Vest ® Today!
Over heating is uncomfortable for your dog and can even be fatal, so don’t put your dog in that position when you can give your dog a Cool Vest®. This vest is safe for your dog and eliminates excess body heat so you don’t have to worry. So don’t wait, order today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
PO Box 36
New York, New York 10159-0036
Phone: 212-505-0320
Email: info@gramercydistribution.com
Website: coolvest4dog.com

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