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Canine G.I. Support by MD's Choice by MD's Choice offers GUARANTEED RESULTS!Canine G.I. Support MD's Choice
Canine GI Support™

Canine GI Support™ provides highly concentrated, highly digestible nutrients in both a flexible and convenient manner. It is regularly used independently or in conjunction with other therapeutic or treatment programs. This product provides the concentration and flexibility to be used in both the hospital and ambulatory settings. From ulcers to antibiotic-induced diarrheas, feeding the cells and normal floral of the digestive tract will speed recovery times and will enhance existing therapies.
It also provides substantial amounts of the amino acids that are rate limiting for wound healing and primary energy source for enterocytes and renal cells. Indicated as an addition to your current treatment protocol in any GI disease such as (post-emesis):

May be used in all common GI conditions and can be used for ALL forms of Diarrhea!
(non-refluxing & non-vomiting):
Surgery cases
Inappitence (lack of appetite)
Bacterial (Canine & Feline)
IBD (Canine & Feline)
Pancreatitis (Canine)
Parvo (Canine)

Amino acids such as arginine, carnitine and glutamine contribute to glycogenisis.
Arginine, when provided orally, stimulates local growth factors and cell replication in the digestive tract.
Carnitine stimulates protein synthesis and accelerates fatty-acid oxidation, which lowers lactic acid production. It also reduces hepatic fat through lipoprotein production.
Glutamine is in high demand during metabolic acidosis.
N-acetyl-D-glucosamine is not absorbed from the digestive tract. It is heavily utilized locally when provided orally and is a structural component of all mucosal surfaces.
Prebiotics are non-digestible ingredients which selectively support beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

A proprietary blend of nutrients, specially designed to support the equine GI Tract. Provides large amounts of: L-Glutamine (direct energy source for enterocytes); L-Arginine (rate limiting amino acid in wound healing); N-acetyl-D-Glucosamine (a structural component of all mucosal surfaces); Carnitine (amino acid used in clearing hepatic fat) the pre-biotics Amaferm* and Yeast* (for support of the normal GI flora); Salt* (*only used in the Equine Formula). (FOS (Fructoligosacchirides) & Choline Bitartrate are used in the Canine, Feline, and Human formulas).

What Do People Say About MD's Choice Products?
Two of our nations top dogs (bomb & drug detection) were suffering from severe arthritic conditions. Our vet tried numerous treatments and supplements, with no outstanding results. With less than a month before a forced retirement of these dogs and the SE Regional K-9 competition (which we didn’t think these dogs could participate in, because of their pain and limited movement) we placed them on a double dose of MD's Choice's Arthrosamine™ Beefy Chewables™, to help relieve their suffering. This turned out to be incredible. We had to hide the supplements because the dogs loved the taste so much that one of them broke into the storage cabinet and ate six whole bottles! Luckily there are no toxic or overdose problems. Within a few days, of when these dogs were started on this product, we noticed drastic differences in both movement and actions. The pain was gone! They were getting around without any problems, displayed greater activity, and were eager to please their handlers! Because of the drastic physical changes, we entered them in the regional, where they placed 2nd & 4th! It is unbelievable! No joint treatment or oral supplement has ever helped out dogs more than Arthrosamine Beefy Chewables! After some officers noticed the dogs improvement, they began taking the people supplements.
 – Sgt. Bob Suarez, K-9 unit Trainer, currently based in Tennessee.

I am writing this letter to thank you for giving my dog the quality of life he so deserved. Bill was a handsome 100 lb Saluki / Coonhound mix with a heart of gold.  In 2000 when he was seven, he began having trouble getting in and out of the car and running on the field with his buddies just wasn't the same.  He had slowed down a lot. I went down to the local feed store and explained the situation.  Before I had finished my story they were pointing to a bottle of MD's Choice Arthrosamine [Beefy Chewables].  So, I bought a bottle. I was amazed to see Bill jumping into the car, no problem and tearing it up on the field in an extremely short period of time [ just a few weeks]. Hmmmm... I thought... if this could make such a difference in Bill, it just might help me ( I suffer form chronic joint pain).  So, back to the feed store for MD's Choice Human Arthrosamine.  Yes, good results for me too.  One month we both ran out and the feed store had just run out as well,  I could see the difference in both of us.  Once back on it again, we both bounced back right away. Last October 31, Bill was running and playing on the beach. November 1st he died at the age of 12 and a half.  Not bad for a dog that size, in fact most remarkable, I think for him to be in such superb shape up to the very end. Well, I continue to take my Arthrosamine and I know I am better 
- Carole Armstrong, Pebble Beach, CA

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Made in America, and maintaining the same prices, quality, and quantity since 1998! MD's Choice joint & digestive supplements are available through finer tack shops, feed stores, Co-ops, IGA, Purina Stores, and many veterinarians through out America. Also  KV Vet, ValleyVet catalogs! Contact us directly if you are having any trouble finding, getting, or want specific directions on optimum use of, our products.
Contact: Our Friendly Staff
2362 Airbase Road
Louiseville, Tennessee 37777
Phone: 800-581-5089
Email: infohorse@winnersuse.com
Website: mdchoice.com

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