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Aqua Comb by Mi-Way, Inc.
Aqua Comb Dog Washing Tool

Are you looking to clean your dog’s coat, right down to the skin? Do you have skin ailments that never seem to disappear?
The Pet Aqua Comb is the answer you have been looking for!

How Can Aqua Comb Help My Dog With Hot Spots and Itchy Skin?
The benefits of the Pet Aqua Comb for grooming are the same for most animals with fur. We have gotten feedback from users that the wound therapy and striping off the shampoo in the rinse cycle works the same for dogs as well as it does on horses. A lot of Pet Aqua Comb users who have medium and large dogs with longer fur tell us that many of the skin issues they were having with their dogs subsided or were completely eliminated. They also noted that drying them of was a breeze using only one towel and their coats were shiner. One note though is that a reduced wash time was not found as in the horse wash cycle but the dogs were healthier and happier with the Pet Aqua Comb washing. 

Is It True That Pet Aqua Comb Can Help Relax My Dog?
Yes, the deep Hydro Message works the same for your dog as it does on horses. Like horses many dogs dislike the wash process, running away when they see you go for the hose. I can tell you that this will all dramatically change for you and your dog. The water being sprayed directly onto their skin feels so good to them that they calm down and let you work. If you watch our dog washing video you will note that the dog is not being restrained in any way. This is important because he formally was the worst dog on the planet when it came time to wash. The owner said she spent more time chasing her dog than washing it!
We heard that Both Pet and Equine Aqua Combs Are Great For Rescue Animals— Is that True?
Yes, the two main issues that rescue animals have in common are one that they usually have skin wounds from mistreatment or poor hygiene and their nerves are shot from abuse. The Aqua Comb addresses both these problem at the same time; The deep hydro message calms them down and the wound therapy works to restore their physical external wounds. They work equally as well for both horse and dog rescue animals!
What Other Animals Benefit From Aqua Comb?
Well we have had many unusual applications— here are a few!

* We have a rancher that keeps his Aqua Comb in his pick-up truck. He claims that he washes his cows with it before he takes them to auction and believes that he get several hundred dollars more for them because they look so much better and they are more energetic; which makes for a better showing.

* We have a high school 4-H kid that started using our comb on his show pig. He claims that although he has not taken a first place yet that he now places in the top three consistently now.

* We have other 4-H kids that use our combs for Lamas and Goats as well as pigs! We believe that Zoos would benefit using our combs on Zebras, Chimps etc. any furred animal. Miniature horses are also a great application for our Aqua Combs.

What Additional Benefits Are Found Using Pet and Equine Aqua Combs?
If you follow our wash instructions going against the grain during the wet and pre-rinse cycles and wash your dog ounce a week you will greatly reduce both the dead hair and doggy odor in your home. Your dog will also benefit from having less dead hair build up in its coat! You will not need to strip comb out the dead hair as often. You will also greatly reduce your water usage even though you will be getting a far better washing. The powerful spray is both effective and metered so it works faster, better and controls the flow; less wash time metered flow means big water savings. Both Dog and Horse Groomers will find this saves time, enhances end results and makes washing difficult animals easy to handle.
Are Aqua Combs Made In the USA?
Yes, all our Aqua Combs are made in Bradenton , Florida USA; using only USA sourced plastics and components such as hose seals. 
Why Not Buy Your Dog The Pet Aqua Combs Today!
If you care deeply for your animals and want to see them thrive; the Pet Aqua Comb will do more for their health, welfare and appearance than any other product ever offered! You will see a marked improvement in their coat, enjoyment of bathing time, and skin condition when you use the Pet Aqua Comb regularly as directed… best of all, you and your dogs will enjoy bath time as never before! See our DEALERS and enjoy Pet Aqua Comb for your dog today!

Contact: Mark Schreiber
7642 Saddle Creek Trail
Sarasota, Florida 34241
Phone: 941-922-7786
Email: Mark@MiWayInc.com
Website: aquacomb.com

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